Shadow's Birthday Tag Run

After Action Report: Shadow’s Birthday Bash Tag Run

Lance Corporal Shadow sat in their office getting set up for the new month, when they say a big red circle over August 5th: it was their birthday. Shadow came up with a brilliant idea. The first phone call they made was to Godfather Ambis of the Warzone Trinidad Mafia.

“Is the Mafia busy on August 5th? No? How about a fun little celebration for my birthday? My treat?” Shadow said on the phone.

After getting off the phone with Godfather Ambis, Shadow walked down into the Command Room and approached Overseeing Officer Dremaur if he would like to have EPSA participate in a fun little tag run to celebrate a soldier’s birthday

“Hey Drem,” they said, giving a small knock on the open door.

“Yes Shadow?” He responded, not looking up from the paperwork he was in the middle of.

“It’s my birthday this Saturday, and I was wondering if EPSA could come on a tag raid with me? The Mafia’s coming, and I think Ambis said something about inviting Thaecia?”

Drem paused a second, considering it, then nodded.

“Sure,” he said, “go right ahead.”

Shadow gave a fist pump and left to go announce it to the rest of EPSA.

Slowly, the time ticked down until their birthday, and the tag raid. Ambis put out the Mafia announcement with about thirty minutes to go, and that’s when the confusion started. Shadow lost communication with some of their battalions, and miscommunication had occurred. Ambis poked his head in the EPSA headquarters to confirm they were hosting at the Mafia’s mansion. Drem paused.

“Shadow said here…”

“Oh,” responded Ambis, “well, we have some peeps waiting back at the mansion. I don’t know if you want to move them here, or you go there.”

“No, we can move there. Just give me a second. I was going to have help with my triggers, but I’ll just do it myself.”

Once they got back to the mansion, Ambis retreated to his office, needing sleep, and wished them good luck. From there, the fun started.

They ran from region to region, smashing down doors, taking presents, and trying to evade the defenders. When all was said and done, they managed to hit 9 regions, and cake was shared between the participants.

Regions Hit: 9

Special Borfday Boi

Lance/Henchman Eastern Alksearia EPSA/WZT

[u]Friends Who Came to Celebrate:[/u]

OO Dremaur, EPSA (trigger)

Gold General vor. EPSA

Henchman Rosacorp, WZT

Tagus Snowflame, Thaecia

Senior Assassin Volstrostia, Merc

Bishop The Atlae Isles, EPSA

Underboss/3rd Class Rook Warzone Arstotksiano WZT/EPSA

Consigliere Texico, Moral Support

Godfather Ambis2, Moral Support

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