Shatterhorn Nation Creation Claim

Nation Name (long): The Federation of Shatterhorn
Nation Name (short): Shatterhorn

Motto: Salt the Earth
National Animal: Grey wolf
National Flower/Plant: Anemone
National Anthem: N/A

Capitol: Kovak
Largest City: Anders

Demonym: Shatterhornian
Language: Codexian (American English) and Staynish (British English)
Species: Human
Population: 4,000,000 (2021 Census)

Government type: Federalism
Leader(s): Naomi Simmons (Prime Minister)
Upper House - The Council of Shatterhorn
Lower House - The Assembly of Shatterhorn
Formation: 2022

Total GDP: $140 Billion USD
GDP per capita: $35,000.00 USD
Currency: Shatterhornian Quartz (SHQ)

Calling Code: 3-digit code.
ISO 3166 code: SHN and SH
Internet TLD: .shn

Historical Summary:
Shatterhorn, initially a diminutive island, thrived through its strategic survival strategy of engaging in robust trade with neighboring kingdoms, gradually evolving into a minor regional port. Over the course of centuries, the island faced successive waves of colonization by influential players in the region, each imprinting its own cultural and economic influence on Shatterhorn’s landscape. Despite these transformative periods, the resilient spirit of Shatterhorn endured, and in August 15, 1952, the island finally achieved independence, marking a pivotal chapter in its history as it emerged as a sovereign entity with a rich tapestry woven from the threads of its varied past. However, this primetime was short-lived, as in January of 1953, a widespread riot erupted around the tropical island, casting a shadow over its newfound freedom and challenging the delicate balance of its nascent independence.

Nevertheless, this resilient nation not only withstood the challenging chapters of its history but also persevered, transforming into a highly developed manufacturing and trading island nation. Undeterred by the trials it faced, the small nation forged ahead, emerging as a powerhouse in not only information technology but also in the field of arms manufacturing. This dual expertise catapulted it onto the global stage, solidifying its reputation as an influential player in both the digital and defense sectors.

In October 1972, Shatterhornian discovered oil reservoirs just offshore of Anders, the capital with the highest population. Subsequently, Shatterhornian Petronium Corporation was founded to oversee the management, extraction, and sale of the oil extracted from the surrounding region.


Following a vote on 1st December 2023, your claim has been accepted by 7-0. Welcome to Urth!