Sibling Shenanigans

In the quiet halls of the royal palace, Ancil and Alexandria, the younger siblings of Queen Adriana, found themselves surrounded by the grandeur of their newfound royal status. Ancil, with a cheeky grin, turned to his sister and said, “Hey, Queenie, do we get special privileges now?”

Alexandria chimed in with a mischievous glint in her eyes, “Yeah, like, do we get a secret passcode for the royal ice cream stash?”

Adriana chuckled at their playful banter, “You two, being royalty doesn’t come with secret ice cream stashes. But we do get to attend grand ceremonies and meet important people.”

Ancil, feigning seriousness, responded, “So, does that mean I get to knight my toy dragon, Sir Fluffington?”

Alexandria burst into laughter, “And I shall dub my teddy bear, Sir Snugglesworth, Defender of the Royal Bed!”

The trio continued to exchange playful titles and imaginary ceremonies, momentarily setting aside the weight of their royal responsibilities. In those moments, the bonds of siblinghood and shared laughter transcended the regal titles they held, bringing warmth and joy to the halls of the palace.