Silfa National News Broadcast

Silfa Constitution Finalized and Ratified
presented by Talia Sinclair, SNNB Nightly News

After years of unregulated rule, Silfa has finally drawn up and ratified its National Constitution. The new regime, referred to as The Confederacy of Silfa, is to abandon its current Oligarchical leadership, in favor of a unicameral parliamentary republic. Elections are to be held within the year.

Experts believe that the majority of the parliament’s representatives are likely to come from the Silfa Populist Party (SPP), Confederate Socialist Party (CSP), and Protestant Reform Party (PRP). We will keep you updated as the electoral process progresses.

Presented by Talia Sinclair, SNNB Nightly News

After recent elections, the majority of the parliamentary seats were taken by Confederacy Socialist Party candidates (60%). However, much of the parliament’s legislation was halted in it’s tracks, due to the Prime Minister’s rather draconian, conservative views. The chairman of the Protestant Reform Party, the current super-minority, had this to say on the subject:

“We should applaud the Prime Minister’s bravery. He has stood by his convictions, in spite of an overwhelming majority of the parliament’s dissent. He has made it clear that he is willing to work with the socialists and populists, but only on his terms. He is clearly trying to assert a forceful personality on the arena, so as to prevent being strong-armed in the future.”

Socialists disagree, believing that the Prime Minister should do less to impede the democratic process. It has been stated, by several key party members, that the current state of affairs is unacceptable. Their intent is to hold out, and not change the direction of their agenda. “It is up to the Minister to stop this madness.” says an anonymous CSP official. “We were elected to give the people what they want. Now, all we are getting is the whims of a relic from the Dark Ages.”

Only time will tell if the policies of the Prime Minister will change for the account of the will of the voter.