Six Contentions

Originally posted as a Delegate Campaign in the October 2023 elections, “Six Contentions” represents a call for government reform from the platform of the elections spotlight. Although “Six Contentions” represent serious ideas, the point of my candidacy was simply to spread these ideas, not win the election, and so I withdrew from the race before voting began.

  1. The passive, reactionary appointment of Ministers needs to change. Informal staff structures only work with a driving force behind it. News has this. Outreach has this. No efforts have been made to acquire this for Culture or Education. As such, Culture is a sagging weight and Education is completely non-existent. This, I must note, is contrary to the Executive Act, if not explicitly against it. If we keep waiting around for someone to turn Culture or Education into powerhouses completely on their own without any prompting, we will wait forever. In Education, we already have two people, God-Emperor and myself, who have lobbied for educational reform. Neither have the power to enact it on our own. Neither have been offered the Chancellorship. It doesn’t have to be us, and it certainly doesn’t have to be me, but it has to be someone, because no one will do it unless the Delegate lets them.

  2. The RMB and the Forum RP need official ambassadors. After I was implicitly fired from the former position, all representation of the RMB community has been informal, through the advocacy of myself and Merlovich. Merlovich, of course, was the only one ever actually consulted. I simply continued to insert my opinion where it wasn’t solicited, because that’s the only way the RMB has ever been represented in the past. The forum RP hasn’t been considered in anything in a long time. Shadow has been fulfilling this unofficial duty for a little while, through their contribution to EPNS. There needs to be institutional representation. If Merlovich, Shadow, and I became too busy to act in these capacities, there would be no replacement. This needs to change.

  3. We need to stand in support of our diplomatic relationships. When The Communist Bloc and The Brotherhood of Malice violated the sovereignty of The North Pacific, we made no official statement. When The North Pacific and its defender allies griefed our embassy region, Warzone Trinidad, we made no official statement. This is not about legal obligations. This is about a duty to our allies, formally allied or not, and a respect for their sovereignty. We must stand in support of those who violate the sovereignty of our allies. We must stand in opposition to the poison of extremist ideology in raiders and defenders alike.

  4. We need a reconsideration of the Executive’s relationship with the other branches. We need more structure from law. We need a skeleton of law with which our Delegate can layer the muscles of tradition and the skin of revolution. We need direction. We need formal Executive Orders. We need formal transparency requirements. We need a more interconnected government.

  5. We need to project more influence in the World Assembly. We need to support and lift up fledgling resolution authors. We need to push for activity in the Heroes of Valhalla project. We need to contact allies to gauge their propensity for supporting our resolutions and their misgivings with them. We need an environment within our region where new authors can rise to prominence. Many TEPers remain uncommended. Staynes. Libertanny. Zukchiva. East Malaysia. Packilvania. They deserve recognition. Our region deserves its place in the annals of great deeds alongside the defender titans and the UCR region builders.

  6. We need to recruit from frontiers. Our Magisterium and our citizenry has supported this initiative, and our Executive has fallen short of implementing it. It is true that we are pursuing close relations with Frontiers, however, this should not bar our survival. We are declining in endorsements and WA members. We are declining in government participation. We are declining in fresh faces in the Executive. If we can maintain relationships with the Strongholds that recruit from us we can maintain relationships with Frontiers while sending out general recruitment telegrams. Nothing targeted, and certainly no poaching of existing members. API- and stamp-based tag:new and tag:refounded telegrams.