Snap Revolution

Ever since the GXE first rose from the corpse of the former republic, and the continent had been viscously cleaved in twain by the Auroran Union, the constitutional founders party had been doomed. Being one of the figureheads when the global, collaborated exercise in non-necessity formally known as the Auroran-Pacific War broke out had given endless ammunition for opposing parties, left and right, to mow down their remaining credibility. Finally, after numerous reports and protests condemning the actions of the CFP and Leon Jolva during the crisis’ of the past few years, a snap election was called by the national assembly in April. Despite the best efforts of the fractured, dwindling party, on the morning of June 12th, after the votes were counted and processed…

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Major CFP Losses! Huge gains by Labour-Second Commune coalition and Conservative party!

Leon Jolva Out Of Office As Diego Corbinn Takes The Axdelian Presidency!

The last constituencies of the country have revealed their vote counts, with greater numbers of left-wing voters than exit poll predictions. Unsurprisingly, the constitutional founders party suffered the greatest loss, losing their majority by a large margin. The Labour-Second Commune coalition now holds the majority in the national assembly, and Diego Corbinn has been confirmed as the new president of Axdel…

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The press proceeding wasn’t going to be a long one. Poised, neat, and wearing a freshly pressed navy blue suit, Leon Jolva smiled with acceptance as he walked toward the small podium. When he began his first term in 2015, he knew the odds were against him for reelection. The CFP had been steadily losing populariy since its conception and the conversion from dictatorship to democracy had been completed. His father had pessimistically once said he did not imagine the party would last long as those whom had banded together in crisis naturally translocated over new parties that better suited their world philosophies. As he mentally ran through his leaving speech, he saw Diego Corbinn, the man that would replace him in leadership, as well as Ivan Solaka, whom he’d never seen in a suit, instead contrasting everyone else in the room with his blazer. The Corbinn-Solaka coalition would the first non CFP government in Axdel’s short electoral history, and many feared the massive loss of economic liberalism that had loosened the leash over the private sector for the past couple decades, especially with Solaka’s own plan to reintroduce the worker councils. Leon took his place at the podium, being greeted by a small flurry of shutters snapping, before delivering his final presidential speech…