Sort of Retirement

Going to keep this short but sweet because I’d feel guilty if I vanished without saying anything, but I’m going to be (sort of) retiring from NS.

I’ve been in an executive positions in a variety of regions and organisations since October 2019, and now that IRL has ramped up (and will do so for the considerable future), I just need a short break. I probably will be back to NS when things wind down, and I won’t be totally gone, I’ll still be around to do stuff (I’ll still be reading pings every day and responding to them >_>), but I won’t have as much time, so I probably won’t take on any executive leadership positions for the near future.

It’s very frustrating when you have ideas but don’t have the time or energy to implement them, therefore this is the best course of action: I don’t want the EPSA to become dead especially as we have a pool of competent candidates and will have for the distant future. Therefore, I’m signing off as OO for now, and leaving the organisation in the competent hands of Vor. Please feel free to bully him in this thread.