South Migration (Danburrow Claim)

Nation Name (long): Serene State of Zelenostrovia
Nation Name (short): Zelenostrovia 
Motto: Nikdy se Nevzdavej (Never Surrender)
National Animal: Gondwanan Black Hawk (Spizaetus tyrannus)
National Flower/Plant: Southern Pine (Pinus sylvestris
National Anthem:  Svatostepansky Pribeh (St. Stephen’s tale)
Capitol: Petropristav
Largest City: Petropristav
Demonym: Zelenostrovian, Zeleni
Language:  Zelenostrovian (Petrovian, Ottokarian), Floresian, Zemeprievadain, Staynish
Population: 11,232,650
Government type: Unitary Crowned Republic
Leader(s): Stanislav Krajany
Legislature: Velky Strom
Formation: 1329, 1919, 1979
Total GDP: $611 billions 
GDP per capita: $54,395
Economic System: Free Market Ecomony, Export-Oriented Processed Product, Trading and Transport Hub
Currency: Koruna (ZOK)
Largest Exports: Vehicles, Jewelleries and Electronics
Largest Imports: Foodstuffs, Materials and Fuels
Calling Code: +301
ISO 3166 code: ZO,ZOV
History: Humans first settled these islands from Southeast Gondwana since ~10th Century CE, mainly from Kaskada and Fodlan regions. The “Forest people” then made the first city states in 981, used to be called Zeleni (Southerners) by the Mainlanders. The change of political situation in the Kaskada region and foundation of Cascadii in 1267 forced the then peaceful Zelenia to strengthen their fortification against the growing Cascadii. Chief Stanislav the Deceiver, the leader of Zeleni city states, decided to weaken the newly formed country by spying and using Devide et Impera against each other and successfully ended the hegemony of Cascadii on the Kaskada region. The prosperous era of Zeleni ended when the weaken Cascadii decided to unite with Zemeprievadai, and with its quite strong navy, declare war against all of the remaining city states in 1325 led by the young yet brave Zemeprievadain Prince Peter the Fearless, son of King Wenceslaus of Zemeprievadai and Princess Catherine of Cascadii. The young prince successfully destroy Zeleni forces and kill their leader Chief Samo. The prince refused to go back and instead befriend the local and married the chief’s daughter Eliska and proclaim himself the Prince of Zelenia, the new name for the new realm. The islands remained on the Zemeprievadai possession after the dissolution of the Dual Monarchy. The Great War and its impact on Kaskada and Fodlan raise the tension between the two states again after Cascadii fell into Military Junta. The then deposed monarch, Ottokar III, and his families ask for refugee on the nation, thus gained some support in Zelenia, especially from the Cascadii descendants who lived on the east island of Smaragdovo. Prince Wenceslaus IX of Zelenia offer the deposed King not just a support but the right to rule both Zelenia and Smaragdovo. The two realms united as Zelenostrovia on 1919 after the war ended. A referendum in 1979, led by democratic partisant, decided to change the government system to crowned republic with the Councillor as leader and King and the Prince as advisors. The Democratic Zelenia leader, Marek Rybari, appointed as the first Councillor.

Following a vote on 4th February 2022, this nation claim has been DENIED by a vote of 0-0-6. Further votes will be amended to this post as they come in.

This claim was officially rejected by a vote of 4 NAY to clarify an unofficial rejection on Discord. Please get in contact with a Cartographer if you would like to discuss this further.