Southern Tribe Island Agreement

Death Valli recently visited the tribal islands to its south. Upon arriving, they unloaded some goods and went to meet the chieftains with a proposal. Death Valli would Sponsor and protect the tribes if they agreed to be part of Death Valli with some exclusions. The agreed upon terms were that Death Valli has the right to host a single small military base non each land and patrol and protect that area via sea. Otherwise the government of the natives was to be left unchanged and not brought into the communist economy unless they voted to opt in but they could later vote to opt out. However, wether involved in the communism or not they each get one representative to represent their tribe in the senate. Also, all tourism there is not allowed, only government officials are allowed, along with the crew and men of the ships and navy nearby. Another thing was that Death Valli had to support the tribes with food and supplies when needed. This does not go both ways and the natives are exempt from the quota status required to vote and also have no quotas to reach. The reasoning behind this alliance was the cultures are similar, especially in history, and Death Valli can be counted upon to protect the rights of these rare native people. Also it helps provide more land and water for Death Valli and increases the control in the southern point of Godwanna. All parties involved signed on this date.

The land added includes or five islands to the south.