Space capabilities

Could everyon pst their space capabilities-
Just curious as to how far out the East Pacific is-
Packilvania is entirely space based REALLY far away-

We have One station Adama Station
Three Battlestars (spame Aircraft carriers basically)
as well as our fighters and we have a civilian transport being readied for passenger service to Home. (note it is a 50 year round trip in Cryosleep)

our nation is completely planetside. civil war has delayed any attempts at space exploration, though a few private citizens and secretive gov’t agencies may well have gone spaceside with other nations.

The majority of The Library of Codex’s spatial deployment is classified, and advanced shrouding capacity hides the majority of our fleets. However, declared Codexian outposts span roughly 13 star systems; most being industrial complexes and shipyards. Our secondary habitat is at Atalante, although the spatial location of the Atalante system is classified.

It seems as codex would be the only real EP rival for Packilvania in space :stuck_out_tongue:
Was curious…
May use this in the “upcoming RP I have already started…”

we’re all friends here so i say this in kindness but you might want to be aware that some of your tech might be considered godmodding on the main NS forum. around here it’s probably not as big a deal.

in any case, i would be careful. i don’t think all the cards are on the table. :wink:

I’m slightly beyond the US in RL space wise. I’ve reached the moon, and am not far from mars currently, and regularily launch space shuttles.

I not be godmodding!!
I NUKE JOO WITH 928395927891324793247329 NUKES!!!11ONE


but really I am going to keep things fair, after the space fold, I probably won’t grow to much more.

I added a pinned tech thread to the inwardly angled hostilities,

Loops tiec level comes form the lizard invasion in '41