Space Station 13- i mean OOC

OOC thread for our space station

my first thing is I think i’d like to timeskip it until after all of the major modules from nations are attached. Otherwise the first page or 2 will be a disorganized mess of rocketry and handshaking before we get to any substantive RP. What does thou think?

Sounds like a good idea. It’s not like I want to go into painstaking detail about how my airlock or whatever is packed into some protective shroud on top of my rocket.

I agree with the need to keep things compacted but I can’t help but think we’d probably miss out on a lot of inter-national hijinks as people try to assemble a massive space station with the associated differences in culture, linguistics, and personalities.

Why not role play a few more modules attaching, then time skipping? Meaning, we just roleplay a few of the modules (not all), then skip? I think two nations or three would be enough to roleplay that section out.