Starship and military tech order

A representative of the Govindian Ministry of Defence walks in.

“Sir, we’re looking for an order of ships based on designs we have on paper, but due to budgetary and technological constraints, cannot construct on our own without assistance from a nation that we are allied with like yours. Would you be willing to aid us?”

The Govindian Defence Ministry rep takes out a folder that says CLASSIFIED in big bold red letters and opens it up, showing various ship designs.

“We’ve had these designs in mind for a while, but due to early budget constraints, could not actually construct them. Would you be willing to aid us? Here is what we need,” he said, showing them the designs:

"Take a look at the tabs for each file, " the official continued. “They explain more about each design we had planned. Are you able to build this, and if so, how many of each type and what would be the cost for everything, in EP$?”

::bumping for pack, sorry to bother you::

::bumping for pax, as per our convo on yahoo last night ::

Bear in mind the amount of space based tech your nation can support,

I will let Pack make the decisions relating to that as he has the knowledge for such a thing.

I’ve informed him that hes getting roughly the same thing as Krech. He should know that me dumping our GOOD starships in his lap would be the same as dumping a laptop into medevil Europe.

yea i know…

and pack, i’m allowed to upgrade on my own after you deliver them?

uh… you prob wont have the tech to. your not gonna understand most of the tech you see on a Pax ship anyways.

if we had the tech to develop the starships for the clone army, surely we’d be able to investigate your tech as well? Doesnt hurt. And i’m not going to say like today we the ships and 34 hours later OMG WE UBER UBGRADEZORZ THEM!