Stories from Xagrurg

Eidenburgh, Xagrurg: May 26, 2018
While the streets were busy as usual and businessmen were roaming around, trying to catch a taxi or get onto the monorail, life was actually pretty good compared to the Auroran-Pacific War times. Franz was a young adult, enrolled in the University of Eidenburgh for architecture. After the destruction brought upon the heavy firefights between all forces in the Battle of Eidenburgh, there was a great demand for engineers and workers to rebuild.

Franz, after getting dressed up and a bagel from the local cafe, hopped onto the monorail stop near his apartment and began to travel to the University of Eidenburgh in Downtown Eidenburgh from his apartment in the newly created Projects set up by the city in last August. As he waited on the monorail, he looked out of the train’s window and observed the city’s skyline. The skyscrapers were mostly recovered, though some still had holes and the city’s limits sprawled far out into the distance, with construction cranes adorning the financial and industrial districts. With federal and private investments into the city, the industrial and tech sectors exploded in growth, attracting researchers and construction and business firms from across Aurora. After 30 minutes in transit, Franz finally arrived at his destination and hopped off the train, walking towards the building with his architecture class in the university’s campus.

Edwards Royal Estate, somewhere in the countryside of Laona Province, Xagrurg
Surprisingly, in a nation known (or formerly known, depends on how you look at history) to be an ancient and historical bastion of democracy and liberty, there is a king, queen, and their respective titles and inferiors in Xagrurg, albeit in ceremonial roles in the present day.
At the Edwards Royal Estate is a ball occurring in the large and opulent mansion, with aristocrats, nobles, and other royal family members and relatives attending the evening. As Laona was spared mostly from the attacks of the Auroran-Pacific War, it remained relatively intact. Important people attending the ball were especially the Xagrurgian king, queen, and his prince and princess. The ballroom was bustling with activity, with conversations between landed men filling the room. The prince, whose name was Steven, wearing his expensive suit, tailored by the best artisans in the nation, emphasizing Steven’s dashing and handsome figure. Prince Steven was supposed to be attendning a prestigious university overseas, though he hadn’t chosen one yet even though he graduated with top honors at his elite boarding school, a noteworthy feat for him. He was to be raised to succeed the king who made sure his children received the best education and opportunities. Unfortunately, Steven had to face the enormous political and social obligations of being the successor as a result.
Back in the ballroom
As other duchies and nobles conversed and danced around Prince Steven, the princess, and two other childhood friends (names of whom are David and Samson) from preparatory school, the group was discussing about recent events and other intellectual topics, Steven’s forte, taking a liking to history and learning about political ideologies.
Prince Steven: “So, what are your opinions on this rabble going on with our friends to the north in Yasteria? Valokchia is the name I believe of the nation,” sipping from his glass of champagne.
David: “Valokchia? Steven, how do you expect us to know every nation in the world you nerd?,” chuckling. “Not all of us are ‘Top 1%ers’ like you,” smiling.
Samson smirks at David’s joke and then says to the group, “My knowledge of Yasteria is a bit limited, as I tended to only listen to the parts of Ms. Gleason’s lessons where she discussed about Aurora and Concord, though I definitely know that the bloody Kalatian bar-bars are uncivilized savages,” grinning widely.
Everyone laughs at the stereotypical joke Samson gave about Kuthernburg’s previous infamous history of eating victims alive as Kalatianburg centuries ago. After a minute, the princess, whose name is Amber, finally speaks up.
Princess Amber: “Hey, am I the only one here other than Mr. Know-It-All that actually tried in class?,” sarcastically mocking David and Samson in a light-hearted way.
“Yes!” David and Samson yelled in unison at Amber jokingly, attracting the attention of a few nobles to their group.
Princess Amber: “Anyway back on topic about Valokchia; my opinion on our friends is that it’s an interesting situation to observe, looking at the rise of that new ideology Syndicalism I think it’s called.”
Prince David nods in agreement and then says, “Quite so, though the loss of innocent lives to the civil war is tragic.”
All four of them agree silently. Suddenly, David tries to break the somber mood by changing the topic. “So, have you guys heard the new album ‘Sheep’ by Nervena? It’s a fantastic album, probably even better than their Nivermind album, in terms of being more grunge anyway.”
Prince Steven: “Yeah, I’m a fan of them since my prep days, their music acts like a vent for me to relax from all these damn obligations.”
Princess Amber: “I’m not really a fan of Nervena or any of those rock bands. I prefer the classics with instruments such as the piano and acoustic guitar.”
Prince Steven: “You might find their ‘93 ME Unplugged album to be good Amber, it has a bunch of acoustics and none of the raunchy stuff in their normal albums.”
Princess Amber: “Alright, I’ll consider it. Anyway, I best be going now, I should discuss with Father about where I’m going to go for my university education. See ya guys!”
All of three of them wave at Princess Amber as she walks away, displaying her graceful movements and beautiful figure.
David: “She’s quite the young lady isn’t she?,” his eyes stuck on her.
Prince Steven: “She has grown up to a strong and amazing lady, I’ll give you that.” Noticing David is staring at Amber who is presently talking to her father, Steven teases him about this.
Prince Steven: “Look what we got here lads, someone’s got a crush!”
David snaps out of his trance and his face quickly turns red. “Shut up Steven. She’s charming, I’ll give you that. But she’s not my type.”
Prince Steven then says, “What’s is your type then? Men?,” smirking.
David again tells Steven to shut up and then suddenly a man gets on the podium at the middle of the ballroom who announces the dance has started.
“Well, we better get to our places then, see you guys at the tennis match on Saturday,” Prince Steven says to them.
“I’m going to beat your ass harder than our principal did on students with the slapper,” David says to Steven, still remembering the teases from earlier.
Samson then calms David down and hurries him away while Steven quickly runs to his place in the ballroom.

Laona, Federal Republic of Xagrurg
At some random rock bar with a local rock band playing on the small stage in the bar, there’s a couple of patrons sitting inside. All from different classes of society: a few bikers, a man in work overalls after a day at some construction site from a job working on a new skyscraper in Downtown Laona, and some random businessman winding after a stressful presentation over some portfolio for the rest of the quarter. There is the one other person as well, dressed in a flannel jacket and ripped jeans, enjoying the local band and getting a couple drinks. “So, what brings you here?” The bartender asks the young man at his counter. “Just enjoying myself from the stresses of college.” He replies back. The bartender nods and wipes down a glass. “Slow day?” The man asks the bartender. “You’re correct. Too many people busy nowadays,” the bartender answers him, putting the glass into a cabinet with other glasses of various sizes. “So, what’s your opinion of the affairs of the world?” The young man asks randomly. The bartender is thrown slightly off by the random question by then answers. “Pretty nice for once that everybody isn’t killing each other. Aside from that sad situation up north in Yasteria with those poor techs. Hopefully good ol’ James will take care of them poor sods and 
kill the bastards that did the deed.” The young man then continues to sip from his beer, content with his answer. Looking out the window, he sees the sun is gradually setting, the skyscrapers of Laona apparent in the background.
kill the batards the

September 16, 1894: Imperium, Federal Republic of Xagrurg
As the various important guests varying from physicists, scientists, chemists, and even politicians and royals visit the technology fair in Imperium and enjoy themselves, examining the various contraptions inventors have come up with and see the pinnacles of technology of the era, President Sam Mckindley is conversing with his Vice President, Samuel Thompson in his office at the Presidential Palace, discussing policies, diplomatic events, and other political intrigue. After a indeterminate amount of time of discussion, Vice President Thompson then suddenly asks Sam: “You think the Morst are going to become so powerful one day they’ll be able to unite with Packilvinia of Yasteria?” Sam then laughs at his V.P.’s suggestion and then says to him. “I think you had a bit much to drink Samuel. There’s no way in hell the Morstablyisan Empire will ever unite with Packilvinia. It’s simply impossible. They’d never accept the offer to unite into one nation simply due to cultural and social differences.” Samuel then smiles at Sam and then says, “Perhaps you’re right. I think I had too much wine. Let’s head out and visit the fair. The paperwork can wait. I could use some fresh air anyway.” Sam agreed with him and then grabbed his coat and bowler hat and left the room with Samuel, hopping into a horse carriage outside the Presidential Palace, waiting at the front door of the palace and then drove out of the courtyard and into the city.