Stromburg Times

20th May 2011

Parliament approved 2011 budget

Yesterday, the National Assembly swiftly approved 28 trillion strol Budget for fiscal year 2011-2012, with 302 yes vote and 220 nay vote. National Treasury Office estimated that the budget will created over 2 million jobs in the next 10 years and generates $300 billion in new revenue. Democrats has praised the budget that as farsighted which cares for the interest and well-being of the people. Conservatives criticised the budget as full of pork barrel spending, tax hiking and a vote-buying attempt for this year election.

Here is a summary of the budget:

  • Resources Rent Taxes will slapped 40% levy on all mining and ore extraction profits.

  • Introduction of tax surcharges on soda, alcohol and fats will reduce healthcare demands and spending by about 10% in the next 10 years.

  • 10% rises in Value-Added Taxes on luxury products such as private jets, yatch, branded wine, graves and jewellery.

  • 100 billion strol in workfare schemes, job trainning and income supplement to secure jobs, improve work productivity and raise wage for low income groups.

  • Taxpayers shall receive budget dividend of up to 1000 strol, depending on their household and income.

  • Defence spending raised by 3% this year. The new spending will concentrated on areas such as nuclear arsenal, missile defence system, aircraft carrier projects and a new generation of jetfighters. Recently, the armed forces had outline its goals for next five years is to pursue a blue water navy, expands military projection and seek better cooperation on security issues.

  • Increase employers contribution to employees’ personal NIF (National Insurance Funds), Stromburg’s social security by about 3%.

  • Allocation of 100 billion strol for public works and housing improvement policy.

  • Investing 500 billion strol on infrastructure project including high speed rails, strategic petroleum reserves, fibre optic broadband subsidies, nuclear power, water conservation, renewable energy, agricultural research and biotechnology.

  • Education, healthcare and social welfare will see an average 3% increase in spending.

21st May 2011

Former Admiral Dennis Chun appointed as Special Envoy To New Nabbers

Yesterday, the Prime Minister announced in a press conference that he appointed the former admiral and Chief of Naval Staff Dennis Chun as Special Envoy for New Nabbers. Jones D. Kenobi described the veteran as a tough negotiator with deep insight and experience in New Nabbers. During his military career, Dennis Chun oversaw intelligence operation in New Nabbers and had met with several top New Nabbers officials including the El Presidente Jonasz Bur. Despite his stature and experience, he does suffered from criticism and gaffes. During a 2007 live interview with Cheryl Watts, he joked about difficulties & stress in dealing with the Nabberians as he quoted " It will certainly be easier if we can dissipate New Nabbers into thin air just like the Alleghenian does it." Mr Chun apologised for the remark after it drews a fury of responses from the New Nabberian. Political analysts believe that by appointing Dennis Chun, Kenobi Administration is adopting a more tougher approach toward the issues and facilitating better cooperation with Serenitech. The new envoy is expected to leave for New Nabbers by tomorrow morning.