hey, sup?


Welcome to The East Pacific.

cool =)


heyy sup! lol

well you could start by applying for Citizenship in order to vote for delegate, and be more involved. :slight_smile: The RP here is also fun, if you’re ineterested in that. Hmm. and watch out for owls!

I eat owls for breakfast and aight (about the citizenship mumbo-jumbo).

Hey, welcome to TEP forums!

Like Harmonia said, citizenship is a great place to start, then you get to feel all spiffy with the word “citizen” pasted under your avatar. (should you choose to put an avatar up, that is. :slight_smile: )

Just so you know, we are going through delegate elections right now, so as a saftey measure against rigging the elections citizenship is suspended until after the elections are finished. Once they are over though, I’m sure you’ll be swiftly handed your passport.

Role Playing certainly is a lot of fun, and I know it looks intimidating, but if you are inclined to join at all please jump right in! Ongoing storylines, newly started ones, whatever. We’re pretty easy going.

Plus there is always the fun time waster of Lounge topics ( is an interesting read) and forum games.

I look forward to seeing you around, and again, welcome!

Are there departments or places where I will be able to get involved in the day to day workings of this place? I mean like fa, ia, etc.

uh okay, are those elections done so I can apply for citizenship?

In answer to your last two questions: yes and yes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Aight, if I feel I’m bored enough I just might apply.

Thanks bud.