Surprise turn of Events!

President Warren Keith McCue the 2nd, Prince of the Nation of Warre, declared after a meeting with the Warreic Senate that the nearby Isle of Locui, and the waters within a mile around that island, where henceforth the territory of Warre. The Locui will be allowed the choice of existing upon a reservation upon the island as a semi-sovereign region of the nation, or have their head be given an automatic seat upon the Warreic Senate.

No fights broke out in the time of this declaration, and an unit of the Warreic Defense Forces arrived upon Locui to deliver the message, and situate the island. Warreic Defense Forces Navy Division is on standby.

The following news message was sent across the radio waves, the television, and in Newspapers in a ‘special edition’ format. Nearby nations would easily find this knowledge, and would possibly find it perturbing as the nation had just requested and been admitted into the Eastern Pacific Regional Alliance.