Talamh an Èisg - Scottish-Gaelic Augustia? - Featuring the talents of I'm Dead and Ewan "You in a bad movie" McGregor

Joint claim with I’m Dead

Flag: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/the_east_pacific/download/file.php?id=603949
Nation Name (long): Prionnsabal Talamh an Èisg (Principality of Newfoundland)
Nation Name (short): Talamh an Èisg (Newfoundland)

Motto: “Rugadh ann an saorsa, bi beò ann an saorsa, bàsaich ann an saorsa.” (Born in freedom, live in freedom, die in freedom.)
National Animal: Newfoundland Wolf
National Flower/Plant: White Orchid
National Anthem: “Between Heaven and Earth”

Capital: Prìomh-bhaile a Deas (Capital of the South/Southern Capital)
Largest City: Cathair a’ Chala

Demonym: Talamh
Language: Gàidhlig Alba (Scottish Gaelic), Tafod y Llygad (Welsh), Codexian (English)
Species: 55% Dwarf, 25% Half-Dwarf, 20% Human
Population: 4.7 million

GDP (nominal) 2020
Total: $72.5 billion SHD
Per capita: $15,425.53
Currency: Unovian naria (₦)

Largest Import: Trades and Services
Largest Export: Trades and Services

Government Type: Unitary parliamentary semi-constitutional monarchy
Lord Prince: Douglas II
Prime Minister: Peter Willson
Legislature: National Council

Historical Summary:
Talamh an Èisg (called Na Creagan (The Rocks) before 1475) was a series of uninhabited islands that the nation of Llygad Duw had claimed over a hundred years prior, but never outright sat foot on the islands. In 1476, a faction of the Llygadian, the Talamh, saw the corruption that the Llygadians were forcing in the Talamh to integrate as one people. The Llygadians, meanwhile, were sick of the Talamh complaining about every single thing that wasn’t going their way and wanted a way to exile them off the island and to Na Creagan. By October of that year, the call was put out to exile all Talamh people from the island and ship them to Na Creagan where they can do their own thing.

Fast forward to 1627, an Augustian merchant ship got lost in a storm in the Sea of Gondwana and found its way to Talamh an Èisg. The crew had never seen this land and saw it as their duty to the King of Augustia to lay claim to the land. Never did it cross anyone’s mind that there was already a civilized community deep in the heart of the island. The crew took measurements and wrote about this unfamiliar land as other crew members fixed the ship. When the ship was mended, they left, leaving a pole with the Augustian flag on it, some broken wood planks, a hammer, and leftover bones from fish that the crew fished and cooked for meals.

In 1700, what was known to the Augustians as the Southern Islands, were given to the newly independent nation of Nagato in exchange for naval access when the time came to exercise power outside of the Sea of Gondwana. By this time, Augustia never set foot on the islands since 1627, and Nagato, seeing an opportunity right for the taking, developed a military with both decommissioned ships from the Augustia Navy and newly made ships by Langley Industries, Nagato’s oldest company. After the victory against The Southern Front in early 1718, the Nagatoian Navy made a detour to the Southern Islands in the hope to find signs of life. To their surprise, they happen to sail into a small coastal town called Baile an Iar (Western Town). There were met with the inhabitants of the small town, who were in awe to find out they had new arrivals that weren’t other dwarfs.

[There is a ton of other information regarding this, but most of it still needs to be ironed out before it is carved in stone, I mean most of this information might be as well, but this is already too long.]

Then in 1938, after Mizore became independent, the islands ask for independence, but Nagato declined to lose its hold on the Strait of Entry. However, during the Nagatoian Civil War (NCW), due to infighting in Nagato, the people ask for help from Cascadii for help, they help liberate the islands and something like that and after the NCW, Nagato being slightly destroyed allowed the islands to be independent, but they have to join the Unovian Commonwealth and allow Nagatoian, Augustian, and Mizorian trade and commence to flow through the strait.

Drives on the: Right
Calling Code: +12
ISO 3166 code: omit
Internet TLD: .tlg


Capital of the South/Southern Capital = Prìomh-bhaile a Deas -> Capital
Harbor City = Cathair a’ Chala -> Largest City
Western Town = Baile an Iar -> Metropolis
Inner Land City = Cathair-bhaile a-staigh -> City
Lower Sea Villiage = Baile na Mara Ìochdrach -> Town

Following a vote on 16th February 2022, this nation claim has been DENIED by a vote of 0-1-2. Further votes will be amended to this post as they come in.