Tálek Védi: XXXIII Cukish Song Festival

Welcome to the 33rd edition of Tálek Védi, the Cukish Song Festival from which superstars arise and where the upcoming Cukish entries on Urthvision will be chosen!! Fifteen artists with their respective original songs will enchant the audience with astounding performances live from Porósin, Privétia Tauríllien.

Brought to you by LLNTV and hosted by Sartóvo Dáno and Pétra Méde, this edition brings substantial changes to the voting system. In the thirty third edition, a 34% will continue to be decided by direct votes from all around the Commonwealth; however, another 33% will correspond to a territorial vote, subdivided in 8,25% for each of the three archipelagos together with PríTau, while the final 33% will be asigned to the international audience. This is how this edition will represent the diversity of the Commonwealth’s public, and will for the first time give a voice to the wonderful Urthvision fandom around the globe in one of the most important national selections for the international contest.

The qualification for Urthvision will be determined in the same way: the top five positioned artists will have the option to represent the country on the upcoming Urthvision editions, and they will be able to negotiate both their qualification spot and their entry order with the broadcaster and with the other artists.

Very soon, LLNTV spectators will get to know all the candidates in a show very different from the usual. We’ll be waiting for you, beloved fans!!

Disclaimer: all the songs listed below correspond to the competing entries in the XXXIII Tálek Védi. I do not claim any of them for Urthvision until they have effectively been submitted to their corresponding editions.

Song no. 1: Where Are You Now by Domiri

Song no. 2: Po nin area by Mítreda

Song no. 3: Consígna by Póra Zhenéva

Song no. 4: Stained with Blood by Stozh-Lok

Song no. 5: Mi razón by Áme (song ends in 4:45)

Song no. 6: Se Anómi Hálek by Oceanica

Song no. 7: Your Love by Nezhita

Song no. 8: Anqálida by The Mornar

Song no. 9: Mítrele by Areuína Stórne & Kólva

Song no. 10: Scared by Tshomirk

Song no. 11: Waiting for You by Peonia

Song no. 12: Silencios by Los Oídos Tronantes

Song no. 13: No Air by Mikkel & Mathias

Song no. 14: Your Halo by Luminiscentes

Song no. 15: Toda la noche entera by Biko

OOC rules for voting:

  • No country limit
  • Point order: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12. The minimum amount of votes are three (8, 10 and 12 points only)
  • Votes may be casted on this thread or via DMs