Talvinaran Factbook


Motto: “And So We Burn To Ashes”
Anthem: WIP
The Diarchy of Talvinaran
Map of Talvinaran

Middle of the Road but not

The Diarchy of Talvinaran is primarily an island nation, conquering local continental lands earlier in it’s history during the ‘Dragoni Fierage’, a war that last two centuries in a fight to eliminate or purge the Dragons that infected the island. Today, they remain tamed and there are only two Grand White Dragons in existence, these two belong to the two Monarchs of the land called the ‘Talvos’ meaning ‘ultimate one’ or ‘gifted one’.The nation has remained largely isolated contributed to the issue of taming the Dragons and essentially enslaving them, the people are stoic, tall and agile in manner, similar to elves but with a dark grey-ish skin, they are sometimes deemed as ‘Dark Elves’. All of them come with the similar trait of red eyes.

Talvinarian is an open, cold and swampy land, bare mountains and dead landscapes cover the landscape, which is constantly darkened by the overcast of the low hanging clouds. Economically, Talvinarian has recently begun exploiting it’s vast oil resources, being one it’s top export oil has been a major proponent to the Talvinarian economy.

Talvinarian derives from the root word in the Talvi language ‘Talvin’, referring to the people of the Talvi dark elf culture. Talvi has various metaphorical meanings but in it’s simplicity it means dark ones, legends also point to it meaning ‘Blood Eaters’ or Kin Eaters due to the observation of drinking blood in old Talvi culture and the common cannibalism. Though the it’s no longer a ‘hobby’ in modern Talvinaran life, it stick with the historical culture of the nation.

Population: 31.5 Million
Capital: Lustamal
Largest City: Lustamal
Official Languages: Talvi, English
National Language: Talvi
Demonym: Talvinaran
Government: Absolute Diarchy
- Talvos Empa: Katran Muthal
- Talvos Emto: Elmeana Dokta
Legislature: Primus Council
Establishment: From Talvinaran Kingdom
Independence: ???
Highest Point: Mt. Eeloo 18,720 ft
Lowest Point: Mt.Tomen 3,882 ft
Drives on the: center right
Calling code: +91
Internet TLD: .tl[/spoiler]



  • Protestant: 60%
  • Vasmiric: 40%
  • Atheist/Agnostic: .8%


  • Dark Elf: 100%


  • Talvi: 60%
  • Vasmiric 40%[/spoiler]