Tennabroch Free Embassy

The Tennabroch Embassy in Eisenstadt was a large bastion of politics, diplomacy, and intrigue. The size of the building was merely that of a multi-story skyscraper but it was functional and blunt, it got the job done. However, on the morning of June 7th 2017 a former Tennabroch Infantryman of the Stratocrat forces after the rebellion in 1990 walked toward the building in silence. Said Soldier was a Lupine and worked as a security consultant in the Embassy but also had diplomatic clearance to work as an aid for Diplomat Akira Sarazii, she was only 23 and damn was she rising into her position quite well.

As the male walked up the steps he was greeted by Police Officers and Embassy Security and he produced his identification tags.

It read:
Herman Felyx
Age: 56, Date of Birth January 30th 1962
Rank: Captain

“You’re clear to enter Captain Felyx. Welcome to the Embassy, sir” one of the Officers said curtly and Felyx nodded grimly before he turned his cheek against the wind and walked inside. His trench coat billowing and holding down his hat.

It began to rain after he entered the building and the wind was kicking up. Various folks went on slight alert before going back to their respective jobs. Herman proceeded through the main lobby which had brightened the lights in response to the sudden weather turning awful. The main lobby was comfortable and cozy with actual fireplaces lit and heaters on, an office aid approached the battle-scarred war veteran.
“Captain your coat?”

“No need” the 55-year-old replied with a gravelly voice. He waved her off. “I happen to like this trench coat” he gave her a warm smile before showing the red band with a sword embedded among a rifle denoting him as an insurgent fighter during the war.

“O-oh…of course, sir.” She said quietly and stalked away while Herman continued. He scanned his ID at the check-in counter and proceeded to head to Diplomat Sarazii’s office.

The halls were quiet but well lit and were hushed due to rules governing tone in the embassy. It was a proper place, a soft place. Definitely an absolute shift from the cold and harsh life of the Military. He found it somehow loosening on his guard and he felt more comfortable. Herman passed some portraits of former diplomats and politicians and the Tennabroch Coat of Arms on one wall. Could he really leave the military behind and take up protecting politicians and corporate heads? perhaps he thought to himself. Perhaps. Once he rounded the end of the hallway he came upon a room 3 doors down and found Sarazii herself opening her office door with a key.

Akira could see Herman still had his gun in its holster, that got checked prior and allowed entrance. 
“Morning Felyx!.” she said happily “Doing well?”

“I am in good health yes ma’am. I assume you’re ready to start the day?” he said tiredly.

“Of course, of course. Come on in I’ll need help sorting files.” she said. “I can’t do it all alone, there’s a lot of paperwork to be done.”

“Oh joy” he bit out sarcastically and she rolled her eyes

“Lighten up Felyx!” she said grinning and her tail swished side to side jovially before she opened the door and they both went inside.

From there they began to work on their paperwork in the room.

Official Communique of Packilvania
Lukhaman Lumalayka aluBakhilfaniya
Dear Minister of Foreign Affairs,
The Sultanate of Packilvania humbly requests access to the archipelagic territorial waters of Tennabroch for the safe passage of both civilian and non-civilian vessels to the Sea of Tennabroch as highlighted in the attached image. In line with the significance that access to your waters presents, we would like to present a non-aggression pact with your nation as well.

Blessed Assimilation,
His Imperial Highness | BuWaluf BuShultanishme
Prince Alawadun a-Jibrael Bedon
Minister of Foreign Affairs | Luvazeer aleZaynavida