The 150 (AU)

The RP is set 97 years after a devastating nuclear apocalypse wiped out almost all life on Urth. Over 5,400 survivors live on a single massive station in Urths orbit called “The Ark”. After the Ark’s power systems are found to be failing, 150 juvenile prisoners are sent to the surface in a last attempt to determine whether Urth is habitable. They discover not all humanity or Vulpines were destroyed and some survived the apocalypse: the Grounders, who live in clans locked in a power struggle; the Reapers, another group of Grounders who have become cannibals; and Mountain Men, who live in Mount Weather and locked themselves away before the apocalypse. Under the leadership of Allison and Filldon, the 150 attempt to survive the harsh surface conditions, battle hostile Grounders, and establish communication with the Ark. The 12 international space stations that make up the ark are Asendavia, Kuthernburg, Free Syllvin, Xagrurg, Assowolf, South Hills, Celanica, Tivot… . The countries that are to be chosen does not mean your character can not be of a different nationality, the RP solely takes place in Gondwana.

The RP has a story line pretty much but how it would go about would be totally up to us, the story has 4 Arcs the first of which I mentioned in the paragraph above. There are 4 Default clans of grounders but there is the option to create 9 more clans. These are the Current Default groups for the RO :


[li] Mountain Men, or Maunon (Grounder Language), is a term used by the Space People and the Grounders to describe the group of people who resided in Mount Weather. The Mountain Men are descendants of South Hills Government and others who survived the Nuclear Apocalypse by seeking shelter within Mount Weather & another station in Celanica In Gondwana.

The Mountain Men are responsible for creating Acid Fog that has killed numerous Outsiders, as well as the Reapers who helped them capture Grounders for a blood harvesting program. Because of this, the Grounders and the Mountain Men have an antagonistic relationship.

[li] The Grounders or Outsiders (by the Mountain Men) is a term used to describe a person who was born on Urth rather than in space or Mount Weather. The Grounders alive today are descendants of humans who survived the Nuclear Apocalypse 97 years ago. Many of the Space People have negative views toward Grounders, just like a lot of Grounders have a negative view of the Space People. The Grounders maintain a hostile relationship toward the Reapers, Mountain Men, and Space People. The grounders have a Coalition Of 7 clans : Ice Nation, Tree Crew, Sand Nation, Moutain Clan, Lutrynes Clan, NCR Clan, Xagrumari Clan

[li] The Cerberus Project was the codename of the Mountain Men project to create subservient soldiers, known as Reapers. The process involved the use of the highly addictive Red drug in a brutal ordeal to turn the strongest captives acquired from Harvest Project raids on the surface. Once turned, Reapers were employed as outside guard and raiders to defending Mount Weather and bring back more captives in exchange for the Red drug. The Mountain Men control the reapers with a high frequency tone that they cannot stand.

[li] Space People, or Skaikru (Grounder Language), is a term used by the Grounders to describe a person who came from the Ark. They are also commonly known as Arkers and occasionally Arkadians. The Space People are descendants of humans who survived the Nuclear Apocalypse 97 years prior because they were already living in space or managed to escape in shuttles. With almost a century since the Apocalypse, the Ark merely needed to survive another two hundred years to ensure that the ground is viable for life. Little did most of the Ark population know that oxygen was running out, and soon enough, they would be forced to take their very homes through reentry, and begin life on the ground.

[li] Nomadic Grounders, also known as Wastelanders or Frikdreina, are Grounders who have no clan because they or a family member may have been seen as a “stain on the bloodline” due to birth defects and cast out. They inhabit the Dead Zone with some of them on their way to the City of Light in search of safe haven.

More of the Plot would be unraveled as we progress through the RP, when creating a character you should pick from 5 Listed categories when creating them. When creating a clan you can be choose from one of three catagories Nomadic Grounders, Sky People, And Grounders.


Important RP Information


[li] The Coalition, or Kongeda (Grounder Language) is the collective name for the four clans who reside in Gondwana. Each clan has its own chief, and is made up of multiple villages scattered throughout Gondwana. Each clan also has its own ambassador to the Coalition, who represents the clan’s interests before the whole.

[li] Osrkadian is a universal language, meaning most if not all Grounder clans know this language. Only the Warriors speak English (Codexian), which makes them bilingual.

[li] Nightbloods, also known as Natblida, are Grounders with black blood. When a Nightblood child is discovered, they are meant to be sent to Polis to begin training for the Conclave in hopes of one day ascending to become the next leader of the Coalition.

[li] The Council is the governing institution that makes executive decisions for The Ark. It is headed by the Chancellor. Through Project Genesis, the Council planned for the eventual return of the Space People to Urth via Genesis ships. They also created the Revelation Charter, which contains the laws for governing once the Space People returned to the ground.

[li] The Acid Fog officially known as The Veil is a virulent Weapons utilized by the Mountain Men. When deployed the toxic fog spreads through an area paralyzing, burning and killing those caught within.


List Of Weapons

There are many weapons on Urth and The Ark, which are listed here.

[li] Axes are common, and can serve as utilitarian tools. As weapons, they are generally relatively easy to use for the amount of damage they can cause.

[li]Knives are useful tools, that despite their small size can still be effective as deadly bladed weapons.

[li] The Grounders use swords in close quarters combat, They also use these weapons in the battles.

[li] Machetes are also used by Grounder warriors as weapons.

[li]A spear is made of wood while blade tends to be discolored iron or steel.

[li]Used by Grounders, all bows are short bows made of wood.

[li]Sniper Rifles are only used by the Mountain Men. They have very good scopes and are suppressed.

[li]The Mountain Men have grenades containing a knock-out gas. Knock-out gas is a strong general anesthetic.

[li]Flash Bangs are Used by Mountain Men as a form of crowd control.

[li]The Mountain Men have a limited arsenal of guided missiles which home in on laser designators.

[li]The Ark is in possession of nuclear missiles and warheads left behind from the Nuclear Apocalypse.

[li] Poison is used on knives/arrows/ spears. The toxin is natural and derived from plant life similar to manchineel tree sap. The antidote comes from the beetles that feed on the river moss.

[li]A shock baton or a stun stick is a short-range melee weapon. As an electrically powered stun baton, it is essentially a high-tech club that can also immobilized targets with a powerful electrical shock. It is used by Ark Guards.

[li]A Tone Generator is a hand-held device that generates a specific tone that incapacitates any nearby Reapers. Used by Mount Weather Guard to disarm Reapers during harvesting.

So feel free to give feed back or post your character &/or clan the RP is in the works so feedback is appreciated. One final thing Moutain Men can’t breath the air outside… yet !

NPC Default Characters

These are the Default characters of the RP :


[li] Alexa-

Titles : Heda (Commander in Osrkadian)
Axlea kom Trikru (Lexa of the Tree Crew)
The Last True Commander

Age: 21

Background: As the Commander of the 12 Clans, Alexa is the reason the twelve clans united to fight against Mount Weather and without her, the Coalition would fail.

[li] Allison Banks-

Titles: Princess
Prisoner 319
Allson kom Skaikru (Allison of the Space People)
Wanheda (Commander of Death)
Mountain Slayer
Skaikru Ambassador
Fleimkepa (Flamekeeper)

Age: 17

Background: Allison is part of the 150, a group of Young Adult delinquents from the Ark who were sent to Urth. Prior to being locked up, Allison was a medical apprentice and uses those skills to serve as the medic on the ground.

[li] Filldon Casinae-

Titles: Bell
The King
Big Brother

Age: 24

Background: Filldon was manipulated into attempting to assassinate Chancellor Baha at the behest of his political enemies, an action he later showed remorse for. He only did this because in return for shooting Baha, he was promised a position on the dropship that would be sent to Urth with his younger sister Hotivia on it. By posing as a guard, Filldon was able to sneak on the dropship unnoticed. Filldon was not part of the 150, although he quickly established himself as their leader once the dropship landed on Urth.

[li] Hotavia Casinae -

Titles: H
Grounder Pounder
Sky Girl
Hokavjn kom Skaikru (Hotavia of the Space People)
Hokavjn kom Trikru (Hotavia of the Tree Crew)
Skairipa (Death from above)
Heda (Commander in Osrkadian)

Age - 18

Background: Hotavia often helps Allison as a medical assistant and collects information on Grounders for the Delinquents. She is part of the original 150 and was sent to juvenile lockup for being a second child.

[li] Chancellor Colonius Baha-

Titles: Baha

Age: 47

Background: Baha is the last Chancellor of the Council that governes the Ark. As the Chancellor, Baha has a major role on the Ark, that brought on many hard decisions and challenges, such as ending the lives of hundreds of people in order to save thousands.[/li][/ul]

this sounds like an awesome movie scenario, and it would be interesting to see how things pan out and what happens.
I would be happy to join, and I would perfer to be one of the persons who was send to Urth to bring back civilization. I don’t know if I have to play as one of the default persons you noticed, but I might have an idea for a person.

also about the weapons, wouldn’t it be logical the people who were sent back to Urth had like modern weapons? didn’t see that, so that’s why this question.

Clan Information


[li] Clan Name: Xagrumari

[li] Location: Celannica and Daneelmark

[li] Clan Size(1-600): 600+

[li] Background Info:
The Xagrumari are a clan of people located in Northeast Celannica, descended from hundreds of Xagrurgian sailors and marines stranded on the island when they were forced to beach their ships and carriers after the EMPs knocked out most of their systems other than navigation. Many of the sailors died enroute, but the ones who survived gained an immunity to the harsh radiation and passed that immunity onto their descendants when they made landfall and created a enclave. Longing for a way back to their home of Xagrurg, they made sure to preserve their culture and to never forget their roots. This resulted in a fierce tradition of martial prowess and honor being embraced the clan’s people. Due to being former military personnel of a pre-war nation, they are among some of the only people in Gondwana, possibly all of Urth even, to have known how the world became to be and what were the devices that turned the planet into a harsh wasteland. Also, they are in possession of firearms and the knowledge to create them, making them a potential rival to the clans of Gondwana. However, this came with a downside: due to hogging all the technology they can find, believing the natives if they came to possess such dangerous weaponry would pose a threat to themselves and others, resulted in the creation of a rather xenophobic and aristocratic attitude toward their neighbors, remaining relatively confined to their borders. However, if need to be, they will retaliate harshly and swiftly.

[li] Closest Ally: New Cerdani Republic

[li] Closet Rival: Night Stalkers Clan

[li]Grounder Coalition Rank(See Me): #3

[li] Most Commonly Used Weapons: Firearms and katanas


Clan Information


[li] Clan Name: Night Stalkers Clan

[li] Location: Along the Eastern Coastlines of the Gulf, former Astrania territory

[li] Clan Size(1-600): 458

[li] Background Info: Following the eradication of the Confederate States of Astrania, the surviving Astranian Felines banded together and formed the Night Stalkers Clan, one of the deadliest and, perhaps, only Feline Clans in Gondwana. Mainly inhabitating the coastlines and forests of Astrania, the Night Stalkers have used their physiology, such as night vision, to its fullest extent to gain an edge over their human neighbors. Usually hunting solely at night, the Night Stalkers are famed for their intelligence, speed, and agility, but they are also infamous for becoming excellent theives and assassins and being employed as such by various clans. The Night Stalkers, while forgetting some history regarding Gondwanan Felines and Astrania as a whole, have preserved some fundamental aspects of Astrania such as electing a Clan leader titled ‘President’ for a term of 5 years, having a “capital” named Astresa, and honing their technological abilities. However, the Felines have continued to maintained a specist view of Feline Superiority and Human Inferiority as they rival against their ‘corrupted’ human neighbors. Despite this, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they hold ill views toward other non-Human or Feline species as they lacked history or interaction with them as evidenced with allying with the Tree Clan.

[li] Closest Ally: Tree Clan

[li] Closet Rival: Xagrumari Clan

[li]Grounder Coalition Rank(See Me): #6

[li] Most Commonly Used Weapons:

  • Bows and Arrows
  • Machetes
  • Knives


Clan Information[ul]

[li] Clan Name: Ohsapu

[li] Location: Lapimuhyo and portions of Andromes and Rijelv

[li] Clan Size(1-600): 550

[li] Background Info: Long after the devastating nuclear war, hundreds of Lutryne families, many of them stricken with poverty and disease, reverted back to the savage lifestyle of their ancestors, building floating habitats on lakes, rivers, and on the ocean near the coast. Renowned for their agility in the waters of Gondwana, the Ohsapu clan is known as the “River Monsters of Gondwana.” This stereotype, although great for scaring off their adversaries, is pretty far from reality; most Lutrynes are a peaceful bunch, often sharing their agricultural and fish hunting techniques with passing strangers. Then there are those who perfectly fit the stereotype of the River Monster, and those lutrynes are the de facto protectors of the numerous villages of the Ohsapu clan. Often on the outskirts of villages and typically hiding in the shadows, they are known as the Vuklygi. A sinister and elite group of killing machines, they are defined by their red-tipped tails and their signature V-shaped scar on their forehead. It would be best to avoid the Vuklygi at all costs, and if approached by a Vuklygi, they expect the utmost respect and humility. Answer their questions in a formal manner, or you will be either killed on the spot or brought to the head Vuklygi for a trial by combat.

[li] Closest Ally: N/A

[li] Closest Rival: N/A

[li]Grounder Coalition Rank: N/A

[li] Most Commonly Used Weapons:

  • Atlatl’s
  • Spears
  • Axes


My character:
Name: Antonio di Sabatino
Age: 9 years old
Caracter: Is a smart but very shy boy. You really need to earn his trust before you can have a normal conversation with him. He is not keen of fighting, he doesn’t even have the skill to fight. He also is very quickly scared and isn’t keen on staying in the same spot for a long time.

My characters:
-Sam Pipua-
Titles: Scientist
Sam kom Skaikr (Sam of the Space People)
Age: 20

Background: Sam is not part of the 150; he posed as a guard and snuck onboard the shuttle after discovering it in secret and boarded it to find out more about Urth in its current state. Prior to being on the shuttle, Sam was a intelligent biologist and chemist and uses those skills to take data measurements of the planet and find out more of the people.
Ancestry: dates back to Luke Pipua, as a son; Luke Pipua, after completing his education at Shiro, went on to attain a job at the Xagrurgian National Space Program as a spacecraft design engineer, guaranteeing his spot among the chosen people to be allowed refuge on the ark when the war broke out.

-Ginhet Pipua
Titles: Captain
Age: 24
Background: part of Xagrumari clan, leads a elite team of warriors; a bit hot-headed but a good strategist
Ancestry: Ginhet draws his roots back to the Pipua family, specifically Erwin Pipua. His father, Tinihet, was a great chess player and good rugby player, so he decided to join the military and get an education at Fort Wahington, which he passed with flying colors. Tinihet eventually gained a command as a naval commander and was assigned to a Xagrurgian carrier task force transporting goods to Celannica. Unfortunately, that was when the war broke out and his fleet was stuck in the gulf as a result. He gave the order to land at Celannica and set up camp, leading to the present-day.

My Character: Jineto Senve
Age: 14
Background: Born on the Ark and one of the original 150. He was thrown into the slammer because he killed a man who was plotting to kidnap his brother. Due to his interest in trying to kill the man, Jineto became proficient in using an ax in cutting wood and as a weapon. All his fighting skill lies with the ax, without one he is defenseless. He is normally calm, though when seeing something he believes to be wrong can cause him to loose his temper and attack. He is prone to revenge and vengeance, and will go great lengths to pay back to those who harm him or those who he cares about.

Clan Information
[li] Clan Name: New Cerdani Republic (NCR) or Neue Deutsche Republik (NDR)
[li] Location: Areas of former East & West Cerdani
[li] Clan Size(1-600): 600+
[li] Background Info: The NCR is a large clan based primarily in the ruins of East Berlitow with small cities and towns scattered across the remains of the former BRD and DDR. They maintain a capital in the ruins of Berlitow and use the decrepit Palace of the Republic as their headquarters for the government and military. The NCR considers itself a new nation and is dedicated to restoring law and order to their cities and surrounds along with the improvement and development of infrastructure and the economy of their nation. The NCR continue to uphold the old world government and values of the former DDR, going so far as to use their flag, emblem, anthem and constitution. Although pacifists by nature, the NCR will not hesitate to take up arms against attackers and those who threaten their ideals.
[li] Closest Ally: None
[li] Closet Rival: None
[li]Grounder Coalition Rank(See Me): 2
[li] Most Commonly Used Weapons: Firearms, Crossbows, Bladed Weapons

My characters:
-Ameer al-Shad-
Species: Ar Ait Aurian
Titles: Engineer
Age: 18

Background: Part of the 150, Ameer was jailed for stealing various equipment and then tampering with the Arks power system at the age of 16 in an attempt to “fix the problem”. Prior to being on the shuttle, Ameer was a self-taught engineer who was highly interested in working around the stations multiple systems, but due to being impatient and somewhat arrogant, Ameer never finished his formal education and thus was never taught the required skills he was forced to learn himself. Although not entirely an introvert, Ameer does have trouble socializing with other people due to being uncomfortable around strangers and has serious trust issues.

-Marie Neal-
Species: Feline
Titles: President of the Night Stalkers
Age: 25

Background: Leader of the Night Stalkers, Marie was elected President early on due to her charming, charismatic character that not only outwitted the rest of her competition, but was able to go to extreme lengths to seal her victory. Wielding with the same hatred as the rest of her people, she has butted heads with other clans leaders on more than one occasion and thus does not contribute much to the Coalition itself nor help maintain the peace. It has also been noted that she is currently selling her people’s abilities off to any interested party for various jobs of either assassination or thievery.