The Akuanist Republic of Ny’Natrotomi

(Joint claim between Ben and Cowlass)

Flag: See below
Nation Name (long): The Akuanist Republic of Ny’Natrotomi
Nation Name (short): Ny’Natrotomi

Motto: Together in Family
National Animal: Jaguars
National Flower/Plant: Kale
National Anthem: Three Island Mystery

Capitol: Ny’Tažriby
Largest City: Ny’Tažriby

Language: Nys’tat’en, Tavari
Species: Kemonomimi (90%) Orc (10%)
Ethnic Groups: Paratani (97%), Tavari (3%)
Population: 1.3 Million

Government type: Akuanist Republic
Shrinekeeper: Ny’Krekkian
Legislature: Assembly of the Natrotomi
Formation: 1610 AD

Total GDP: 663,000,000
GDP per capita: 510
Currency: Red Krone

Calling Code: +478
Internet TLD: .NAO

Historical Summary:

The Paratani orcs settled into the three islands in the early iron age, primarily around the central island of Tažri and built bridges connecting to the other two islands. The settlements was mostly based around the fish trade in the region, with each winter a large celebration was held in the central island of Tažri. Construction during this time was mostly made from wood with any other material having to be imported from the mainland of Tavari. An Akuan migration fleet arrived around the 520s, with more migration fleets on the way. Ballooning the once previously sparsely inhabited islands. They mixed and intermarried with the native orc population, as well continuing the Akuan tradition of mixing together local faith into Akuanism. Eventually the native orc population converted to Akuanism while the Kemonomimi migrates became more Paratani culturally. The mixing of the culturals formed together to make a new Paratani culture with Akuanism as the primary and sole religion of the islands.
First of the Akronist missionaries arrived in 1515 AD establishing schools and temples within the Tevri island, which is the closest island to the modern day Acronis state. They were met with less than satisfactory results in conversion, as the native people simply tried to include Akronism into the Akuanist canon. Which was considered a heresy by the missionaries. When attempts were made to explain the grievest to the natives, who was at a loss why it would be considered heresy.

The second and third wave of Akronist missionaries was met with the same amount of religious resistance. No new schools were built during each time as it proved to be a net loss, with very few students going to the school in the first place. The Paratani native favored the Akuan schools over the Akronist education, despite the newer Akronist schools having more funding and resources at its disposal compared to the older, more established Akuan schools.

The repeated failure to convert the masses of Paratani led to no more further attempts to convert. The akronists that was sent on the island to convert it settled down on it and mostly kept to themselves despite the Paratani frequent attempts

The preexisting confederation of islands formed a Akuan Republic with universal suffrage for everyone up above the age of sixteen in 1610, which is still ongoing to this day. While healthcare coverage was also universal, it was designed more for the traditional side of Akuan medical practices rather than the modern healthcare service due to the cost. Though with great efforts in 1930 the country’s first three clinics were established on each of the islands, with assistant from Tavari private interest groups.

Through the late 18ths to the early 19th century. The island for the most part was completely ignored by the mainland of Tavari outside of morally questionable Tavari businessmen taking advantage of the strict, hard working culture of the Akuan-Paratani. Having them work far more hours than they would on the Tavari mainland, mostly working in the rubber and fishing industries. Later a cannery was established on the Tažri island, to further develop the fishing industry there.

In more recent times, the country joined the Red Crown Economic Union in 2022. Mostly due to concerns from the newly existing theocratic Acronis across the bay and wanting to drastically improve itself after two centuries of Tavari business exploiting the country without giving any benefit to the republic by any reasonable metric. Switching its preferred trade partners from Travai to Bana and the Southern Coast. The country has no standing military, like most Akuanist countries do, however it’s close ties to the Federation of the Southern Coast and as well its entry into the Red Crown Economic Union provides a defensive shield around it.

Ny’Natrotomi relations with Acronis have been extremely tense and awkward. As a diplomatic conflict has begun to arise between Ny’Natrotomi and the new country of Acronis, with the Akuan country raising concerns about the rights of the small Akuan minority in Acronis—while numbering only in the few thousands, Akuans have been present on the island of Avnatra for centuries. There are dozens of Akuanist shrines in the country, but Acronis has declined to say if it will recognize the traditional property rights of the Akuanist shrines in the same way it has for Tavat Avati shrines. Deeply concerning the small Akuanist republic.

Following a vote on the 7th of September 2022, this nation claim has been APPROVED by a vote of 6-0-0. Further votes will be amended to this post as they come in.