The Armed Republic of Meow Meow Hiss

The ARMED republic of a Meow Meow Hiss… What a… unique nation? Known for it’s interest in space, executing people via cat attack, and loving cats.

How (TAR)MMH get it’s name? Well, let’s quote the tiny factbook:

— Begin quote from ____

Hello! I see you’ve come to the factbook for ARMMH/MMH, or the Armed Republic of Meow Meow Hiss (or just Meow Meow Hiss).
We’re a republic obviously. We value the economy, and cats here. The cat is our nation animal! We value cats so much, we asked one to name our glorious nation!
The founder’s cat, Lucy, named the nation. Lucy was asked to name the nation. She said “Meow… meow”, then someone tried to pet Lucy. Lucy did not like being pet by
anyone but the founder, so Lucy let out a big “HISSSSSSSS”. So the Republic of MEOW MEOW HISS was born!!

— End quote

Some people say the president is sort of in the middle between a dictator and president. I honestly don’t care. Vista Kepp (current presidictator) is a quite nice guy. He lets people live freely, as long as they follow the law. We don’t do cat attack executions… as much… anymore, so yay!
Our 16.4 trillion hairball economy is quite nice, and we have a hefty population of 174 million. We are “known” for hiring the best manipulators psychologists to make our educational curriculims.

One of the most important government parts is the Cat Council. EVERYTHING that needs to be passed goes through them… Oh, no pun intended! SORRY! So, it’s simple. We place the paper in the Cat Council. If it gets mutilated/pooped on/peed on/disappears, it’s vetoed! A Cat Council veto cannot be appealed by anyone, not even the president.

And there’s also this hallucogenic w- I’m not supposed to mention the weed that sneaks into all the crops? Ok fine… I won’t talk about it!

Visit our glorious nation, or maybe move here!