The Atlantian Alms

-Printed and Distributed From Drop’d’derp Center, Longhand Lane, Dropdatderp-
12/27/2016 A.D. — Issue #0
Introduction to the Alms

The Atlantian Alms is a Mexregiona-based newsletter specifically tailored to the international newscast of the Urthly continent of Atlantia. Unlike most newspapers, advice and news from other countries around the continent, and even the world itself, may be used in the paper, although most of it will be printed by the government-funded offices that have been set up in Dropdatderp, capital and largest city in the United States of Mexregiona. Unlike previous endeavors in newscast from the USM, the Alms will be sent out regularly, as in, at the longest, every 7 (seven) days. We, the editors of the Alms, wish for this knowledge-flooded pamphlet to be in continuous use for as long as possible. We will strive to give viewers the most up-to-date and relevant news there is to offer, and do so with no mindset of monetary gain; this is a non-profit office, therefore, it would be ghastly and hypocritical to ask or bribe money from loyal readers. So, in conclusion, look forward for a truly spectacular broadcast of data, statistics, and more from The Atlantian Alms.

The first official issue of The Atlantian Alms is to be sent out tomorrow, December 28th, 2016 A.D.

-Printed and Distributed From Drop’d’derp Center, Longhand Lane, Dropdatderp-12/28/2016 A.D. — Issue #1
Colonialism Becoming Mainstream in Atlantia
As expansionism all throughout the world skyrockets into a severe phenomenon, The Atlae Isles has pushed into the mainland of Atlantia, putting many countries on edge. Talks from all ends of Mexregiona have considered the efforts for increased amounts of land, which is causing debates within the seat of the government and between politicians. Many say that the cause of expansion is the want for power, as every nation requires and has. This leaves states throughout the continent with a historical choice to make. For example, the USM is looking at the ripe inner workings of the Atlantian landmass for possible future, capitalist endeavors. Also on the list is Northern and Western Gondwana, which have been a great locale for these lands, and promise massive profits, once one gets through the natives and disease, of course. Even some point toward the northern end of Yasteria Major, as, in the recent past, the country of Asendavia has opened up to diplomatic relations with the USM. Anyway, The Isles’ thrust into the mainland is sure to cause change in the future, since the collection of archipelagos has never, until now, had a considerable jurisdiction over Greater Atlantia. Few people are sure what exactly the new land claims will be used for; it has been agreed, however, that military and resource-related adventures into the landmass may take effect if funds are sent into the claim’s development. Other powerful and influential countries, specifically Tretrid, have yet to officially comment on the Atlaes’ actions, although the claim has serious capabilities of becoming a political pain-in-the-butt. More information on the scenario will be released as the story continues to unfold.

-Printed and Distributed From Drop’d’derp Center, Longhand Lane, Dropdatderp-1/5/2017 A.D. — Issue #2
Happy New Year!Although, as many readers of this newsletter know, our accurate information only gets posted on a when-time-allows basis, we still wanted to wish you people a happy New Year. It’s a little late, but we sincerely hope that you had a great holiday season and that you will enjoy our news in the future. Along with this wish, we’d like to inform you that the City of Dropdatderp has reached new heights in celebration; a huge ceremony celebrating the New Year, along with Hippo Awareness Day, Decemberween, and more, took place in the downtown portion of the Mexregionan capital. And, rumor has it that, not only will the celebration become larger in the future, it will also spread across the globe to different diplomatic areas. Perhaps in the next holiday season people from all around the Urth will join in the great times that are had here just about all of the time!
New Leadership in the Second RepublicThe Second Republic of Tretrid, sometimes named the Northern Brother of Mexregiona, or, in a joking manner, Southern Haaviland, is to have a new head of state in the near future. (More information on the subject can be found in the news headquarters of Tretrid.) This new head of the country is subject to controversy, however, throughout Atlantia. Questions are already being raised on what the new head has in store for the countries of the continent, which at the moment is going through a rough time of change and drama. Mister Leader II of the USM, tells us more on the story.[hr]Do you see any threat in the new head of Tretrid, Mister Leader?
No, I do not. Tretrid and the USM have always worked together well, even before I came into office. I’m sure a slight change of leadership in the Republic isn’t going to cause much down here. Then again, I do have a lot a learn about the predecessor.
Are you looking forward to working with the head, or would you rather keep things as they’ve always been between the two states?
I most definitely want to work toward progress! I see Tretrid as a place of great democracy and happiness, and I want to push our ideals into their spotlight. I want to show the Tretridians that we are here to help, not hurt. Peaceful relations between the two is to be maintained, and progression in diplomacy is a must.[hr]Even though Mister Leader II’s strong desires seem to show the ties Mexregiona has with Tretrid, it is tough to decide whether a this new leader is a miracle or an omen. More information will be added when the time comes.

-Printed and Distributed From Drop’d’derp Center, Longhand Lane, Dropdatderp-1/12/2017 A.D. — Issue #3
[font=Times New Roman]Cascadian AnnexationFollowing a similar event with the ideas of Tretrid annexing Haaviland, Northwest Cascade, a massive, lightly populated nation, is supposedly up for grabs in an international point of view. It is said that talks between Tretrid and Mexregiona are looking forward to progressing both the government and humanitarian state of the ‘defunct’ country. After the government left the Cascadians for the dust, there has been little order throughout its cities and capital, Seattle. Other than the abandonment, very few hints are given to show the state of the government’s disappearance and the general function of the needs of the people. Many are convinced that the natives have been resorted to the use of crime and unlawful punishment to get their way. There are other theories that find that, not only are they unruly, they’re now being made to live off of the land; it isn’t hard to imagine that these possibly starving people have been going into the wilderness to have a reliable source of nutrients. But, apart from this, both nations are looking forward to staking their claims, as their seems to be a massive supply of freshwater there, due to the recession of glaciers from the last Ice Age. Along with that, there is a bountiful amount of natural waters other than the water there. Also, the general thought of liberation may bring a country special credit when it comes to peace, which always has its positives. And, of course, there is the influence that comes with having the land. Exerting force into the country may lead to the threatening of The Atlae Isles’ claims in Mainland Atlantia, not to mention the ever-so-dominant Prussia. Both may be in jeopardy as figures begin to pop into the battle for power.

-Printed and Distributed From Drop’d’derp Center, Longhand Lane, Dropdatderp-1/17/2017 A.D. — Issue #4
Annexation Confirmed!It has been found that the combining of Northwest Cascade to foreign powers is set to take place within the next few days. Both the Atlae Isles and Mexregiona seem to be building up military stratagem along the borders of the “broken country,” and it is probable that Tretrid will follow in their footsteps. If this set of events is carried out, there would be a massive shift in diplomatic and economic ties; instead of being a force on the continent, the Cascadian stronghold may transform into a place of federated nations. All of them set for separate goals. Of course, only time will tell what will happen in the future for this scene in history, but it is sure to be the start of a chain of cause-and effect. And, as always, we’ll keep you posted.

-Printed and Distributed From Drop’d’derp Center, Longhand Lane, Dropdatderp-1/26/2017 A.D. — Issue #5

It’s been a slow week for the Roleplay division of The East Pacific, but things are moving along. Topics that were created in the wake of the Four Days War continue to trudge through in activity, and many topics have been temporarily closed down, but are likely to pop back into action again. Like Pax said, “[Roleplay slowing] happens from time to time.” It is probably best to just hope for more active days in the future. I personally know from experience that roleplay always springs back up at some point, and it seems as if it’s going to have to be that way for now.
So, yeah.

((This was a little late: oops.))

-Printed and Distributed From Drop’d’derp Center, Longhand Lane, Dropdatderp-1/29/2017 A.D. — Issue #6

[font=Times New Roman]The Atlae Isles Officially Joins the SEPC
Our neighbor to the north has decided to converge with the organization known as the Southeast Pacific Coalition, officially making the nation an ally of the USM, Tretrid, and many others. Along with this, due to their induction, they are now a division of the SEPCF (SEPC Forces), ultimately setting Mexregiona and others up for even more protection from opposing international nations. Many are in a state of minor panic, however, as the joining may end in the souring of relations. In fact, one of the Isles’ newscasts explained that the nation’s diplomatic relationship with Asendavia may turn to the worst because of the connection. Of course, other Fire Pact members such as Gliat Shia and Celannica may also take aim at the islands for plotting against them.
Not to worry, however! In a special interview with Mister Leader II (which are becoming quite common now) he details the diplomatic strategy he will use in the future. So, without further ado, here’s what he has to say.

Interviewer: “Now that the Atlae Isles are now in conjunction with the SECP, how do think things will play out with them and Fire Pact members, not to mention Mexregiona?”

Leader: “I find that diplomatic progress may still take hold, even if this joining holds up. I’d like to see the Atlaes in better communication with Asendavia, and I’m wiling to help. I, personally, plan to act as a guide for the islands to help aim toward better hospitality between the two. I see my plan as an expansion on what we’ve accomplished in the past. Our great standing with Asendavia really shows that nations with different backgrounds and ideologies can work together if put into the right environment. As most in this nation know, Asendavia, at least in the past, is an isolationist area, while the USM has just about always preferred to yell out into the crowd of action. Differing sights on things mean nothing when it comes to the development of trade and peace.”

Interviewer: “Do you have any further arrangements due for the general international spectrum, Mister Leader?”

Leader: “I guess we’ll just have to see about that, won’t we?”

Mister Leader II is currently visiting Insulmin City to discuss matters that have to do with the general well-being of Atlantia. More will be written as soon as the word is out.

-Printed and Distributed From Drop’d’derp Center, Longhand Lane, Dropdatderp-2/4/2017 A.D. — Issue #7
Militaristic Action in Northwest Cascade
Movement throughout the now-destroyed nation of Northwest Cascade has led to an increased viewership of the operations that are taking place in the region. Although little information is currently being given out by anybody, it is assumed that the three countries: Mexregiona, Tretrid, and the Atlae Isles, have taken part in the transformation. Many prominent figures in Governmental Gully, Mexregiona, has alluded to their position on the matter. From a governmental official who has yet to be named: “The open expanses that have set the Cascade into international stone are to be a solid buoy for the USM. There are many natural resources, including lumber, of which Mexregiona and other Urthly powers may harness for a brighter future.” This being said, of course, may mean that big things are happening in the Cascade. Some even believe that the annexation that is due soon may bring an economic boom to the nation. Skeptics, however, would rather not an incorporated region allowed into the Union. Many find that the government should assign some new Parishes, rather than the initial and current five, into the spotlight before sending a fresh chunk of territory in. One main argument for this is that unincorporated areas, such as Mainland Mexregiona, have a much higher population than a multitude of the Parishes. Although their argument may have base, it is still yet to be seen what will happen in both the government and Northwest Cascade in the next few years, months, or days.

-Printed and Distributed From Drop’d’derp Center, Longhand Lane, Dropdatderp-2/10/2017 A.D. — Issue #8
Doomsday! (?)
In Mexregiona, it has been said for a forever and more that the Urth and all celestial bodies surrounding it will be destroyed on February 17th, 2017 AD. Believe it or not, that day is right around the corner! Now, to be honest, there are many skeptics that have to do with Doomsday. Many claim that it will be another 2012, in terms of disaster. Of course, nothing much happened on the last day of that year, so we’re all good. Maybe not for this one, though. Few know a considerable amount about the upcoming day, but whatever happens will surely cause mass destruction. That is, of the mental state of many. Multiple men and women are firm believers in this event, and are doing their best to prepare for it. For instance, there have been spikes in credit card usgae along with an increased number of ‘surprise deaths’ and expensive cruises. Obviously, this may not all be that great for the economy in the long run, but it sure is doing its job now!

You have been warned of the day. Do not cower, however. We will keep you informed.

-Printed and Distributed From Drop’d’derp Center, Longhand Lane, Dropdatderp-2/16/2017 A.D. — Issue #9
We still, honestly, don’t know exactly what is going on.
Just remember to keep your fire alarms on for tomorrow, or something. Anything.

DOOMSDAY will not have a publication. We here at the center are going to head to the fallout shelters in North Dropdatderp, and we advise you to come and visit us. It may be your last chance.

-Printed and Distributed From Drop’d’derp Center, Longhand Lane, Dropdatderp-2/20/2017 A.D. — Issue #10
Is Something Amiss Here?
Nothing much happened on Doomsday. Some think it was all a hoax, just like the 2012 Event, or that time everybody started dying a the end of 2016. Oh well. All that matters, it seems, is that everybody is alright now. We hope you are, and we also hope that you stay tuned to our newscasts. Anyway, onward.

Where’d It Go?
It seems, strangely, that the entire sovereign state of Northwest Cascade has vanished from the map of Atlantia. One day it was there, cities, people, and all, and, the next, poof! All and more just, gone! Nobody can explain it and, honestly, not many want to know. A great number have attempted their way into the Atlantian wilderness and have found nothing. Along with the disappearance, it seems as if Mexregiona, Tretrid, and the Atlae Isles have all fallen away from the place. Of course, it is quite obvious that no conquering will be taking place. Diplomatic and economic ties between the nations in the region is sure to halt, as there is nothing. Northwest Cascade will be missed, but no-one knows what will happen to the newly abandoned lands. Perhaps new peoples will settle and civilize the area, or maybe other countries will plunge into the mass for yet more resources and international influence. Honestly, this is a dead end for everyone involved. All a mystery and a closed case. That’s all there is to it.