The Broadcast of Progress

This channel is not widely open to the general public. Instead, it’s news feed is only available to members of the Army of Progress through an encyrpted messaging software. It is then leaked to the media when the group wishes, which shall be posted here.

September 30th, 2020

To those reading this,

As you likely know, over the past two weeks, four religious institutions have been exploded in Rodoka, Leoland, Lower Suvania and Helslandr. We, the Army of Progress, have no shame in stating that we were behind these actions.

The world we live in is suffering. Disease and Famine are far too common, as people die every day from factors outside their control. But unlike the governments of the world, we do not wish to stand idlely by. We shall continue to do these actions until we have destroyed all barriers to Progress, and then we shall bring forward prosperity under the rule of those who know what they are doing, rather than politicians and monarchs who hold little merit and bring war and death instead of peace and progress.

Join the fight. There will be those who have to die for us all to live better, but it shall be worth it. Those who cannot think forward to tomorrow do not deserve today, and the only way for a better tomorrow is to stop those blicking the path forward.

Disce bellum, mortem Dei doce!

17h October, 2020


The Army of Progress is not here today to claim another attack, or even try to recruit those into our ranks, we simply wish to state the truth, for truth is the way we reach Progress. Should you not wish to hear the truth, or deny us a few minutes of your time due to who we are, you are welcome to ignore our voice. We have other, more effective ways of being heard.

We come to you, the people of Urth with what we know of Alksearia and Balistria. On October 4th, an attack was carried out on a Xathosi place of worship in Alksearia, St. Pierre’s Temple, in Sergia-Nova, was destroyed by explosives. We are not friends in any sense with this theist institution, but may it be known that we are not behind this. The tragic end of King Eldras, a man we can wholeheartedly commend, despite our differences in belief, and the destruction of this temple have but one culprit. Balistria.

This chaos and suffering of the Alksearian People, the blame lays solely on Balistria. We had thought it would be enough to not claim this attack, as we do for all attacks that are not our own, but hearing the Archbishop of the Church of Xathos act in such a manner, that is something we cannot leave alone. This women has not only called against the rightful vengeance Alksearia deserves against this vile nation, but used this time to not only criticize the now dead King for being so heretical as to help those in need, but also called for Dorothea to give their institution more power and stop the acts of kindness of her father.

This cannot go unnoticed, this woman has gone against the Alksearian Royal Family, the Alksearian People and all who are now willing to lay down their lives in the name of Eldras. This is a disgrace of the highest order, and we have to question now if this woman even cares for Alksearia, or if she is using Balistria as an ally to try and usurp power from the now grieving royals.

You have heard the truth, whether you support us or hate us to the core, know that Balistria and their Allies in the Church of Xathos must be brought down, not simply in the name of progress, but as justice for a King who never deserved to die, and his people who do not deserve the travesties handed to them by Balistria.

Disce bellum, mortem Dei doce.

20th November, 2020

9 days ago, two planes belonging to Lower Suvania transporting troops to the regicidal state of Balistria were bravely sabotaged and eliminated by our agents, to which we claim full responsibilty for.

May this be a word of warning to Balistria and it’s allies, including those hiding in the Church of Xaethos, that we do not intend to see theist crimes go unpunished. We shall not let the foolish notions of religious morality halt us from executing ttue objective justice.

Disce bellum, mortem Dei doce.

10th November 2020

Good Day to all of Urth,

Today, the Army of Progress has a special announcement. One that we believe can only be fully expressed by one of our leadership. We welcome all who wish to listen to our special report: An Open Letter to Urth,

A modulated voice begins to speak

"Hello Urth. Nice to finally speak to you. Though, I had been planning to for a long time. How’s your day been? Weather good? I’m kidding, of course. I’m not someone who a lot of you would appreciate pleasantries from, so I rather will get to the point, after I give you a broad introduction to myself. I’m C. Not a great name, but it’ll do for this. I’d tell you my real one but well… you know how it is. I run the Army of Progress’ branch in Concord. That’s frankly all you all need to know about me, because in an open letter to Urth, it’s rather silly to speak of yourself as someone of importance.

You know, while I had always planned this letter, it almost ended up having a different title. You see, Urth, I have a lot of things I need to say to all of you, but infinitely more things to say to a certain portion of you. So, rest of Urth, please allow me to delay my railings against the inadequacies of your societies to speak to the elephant in the the metaphorical room of Arcturia.

Balistria, Balistria, Balistria. Not winning any popularity contests, are you? I find that unfair. Some people in Ansdorf owe you guys a fucking award. I thought it never could be done, beating the Vakari in the race to number one on “Top 10 Failed States We’re Glad Left Us in 2020” but no. It’s frankly incredible. The dictatorship in Vakarastan really should have reached out to you guys. Not even they could be so deluded as to think these lies and plans were in any way linked to reality, and they accidently disrupted space travel for years while telling everyone it was on purpose. It’d honestly be awe-inspiring if it wasn’t such a pathetic showcase of self-aggrandizing lunacy at it’s most destructive.

To respond to your “Grand Emperor” - as if calling yourself Grand was not enough of a joke - the Alkari did nothing in relation to the death of the nepotism fuelled Tor’kum siblings, we did, It was decided, under my orders, that those two had done frankly enough damage to the smooth running of the International Forum - one of the few organizations that can sometimes be described as amicable - and the sanity of its ambassadors. We decided that the spewing of rhetoric, lies and crude attempts at mockery should finally be shut up and, with the General Council getting their act together in removing a nation that will not last to the day the Ademarists hold their false idol’s mass, it gives me a warm feeling in my heart to know they will not be getting replacements.

I could have fun poking into the what will soon be the rotting remains of the Balistrian State, however I think it will be more fitting to end this with a statement to Urth, Let all who listen know that we are at war with Balistria and her allies, and our will shall rain down from the skies soon. May it be known that we stand in position in every organization, in every meeting and in every corner of this world. And let it be known that we stand firmly against foul, wretched, reactionary states like you. Be afraid,  dear Balistria, for you have not just incited the reckoning of the powers that be, you have made enemies of the powers that will be. We shall not bury you, but when the Alkari does we shall look upon your grave and smile, knowing that in a godless world, this is the closest we may get to divine justice,

Expect a future in which any scrap of providence you have left is taken apart for your crimes against the World, Balistria.

Disce bellum, mortem Dei doce…"