The Church of The East Pacific

I figured that the empire had a church, it was mandatory membership tho, well why con the EP not have a church for itself so I came up with one for us.

South Rillanon, Baythed in thuh Blood, Holy Lamb Child ‘O thuh Virgin Mary, First Cathtist, Unorthodox, Primitive Baptist Synagogue of the Jewish Conservitory, Orthodox Reform Other, First Ascension Reformed Church of America, Non Denominational, Last Presbyterians of the Seventh Day Ascensionists, A M E Zion Doused in thuh fire of the righteous Lordy Lord, Snake in Hand, Pison Drinkin’ Foot Stompin, Church of the Third Temple of the Pope, De-Orthodoxed, Re-Orthodoxed, De-orthodoxed AGAIN, non-Muhsegenated Third Mosque of the Grand Wizard, Trinity Tabernacle of the Holy Spirit in the southern Islands of Hawaii, Right across the Street from the Fire Baptized Holiness Church of God of the Americas, Missouri Agnostic Sy-nod Association of Free Plumbers that meet at the temple of the PentaKostal Virgin, Baha-i Buddist Catholic Disciples of Christ’s Episcopal Hindu Quakers, Temple of the Islamic Lutheran Mormon Orthodox Unitarian Universalists that have some Methodist memberships to the United Church of Christ of the Nazerene in Asia right down the river from the Daoist Taoist Maoist Russian Orthodox Shinto followers of the post Zionic Jewish friends of Christ, Meso-American Mormons branch of the Post Apocalyptic followers of the Go tell it on the mountain, aliens comin’ in their ships, Resurrectionist followers of the thousand year reich of love peace and happiness, no pizza take-out after 9 pm glorious white go-go boot of the original recipe fried chicken of the lady of the lake who promises sweet tea cheese and red-heads, third Wiccan covenant of the divine and holy circle of the greater Tennessee athletic single wing social and society club of the Bedamned HooRays Sports bar and Grille previously located in the glorious Old City, Holy spirit of the third messanger of the devil Killin’ Smitty, he who walks between the rows of the BeDamned Children of the Corn, associated with the grand high temple of Bela Lugosi who was really Dracula don’t ya know, sweat house of the heathen red devil savages (Don’t put trinkets in the offering plate, no matter how much it’s worth!) Baythed in glorious light of the thousand casinos, Inuit; fur tradin; rainbow serpent; dreamtime reevyvalists, gobi; desert; booshmen of the calahari followers of the Grand Poobah behind the moon, mongolian herdsmen of the fifth RE-orthodockst jewish russian acceptors of the Pope, and the Mother Virgin Mary (Co-Savior) to our great and glorious Lord Moses who parted the Red Sea with a stick, Grand high third asention of the Gospel of Mary Magdelene Ex-Prostitute (Now Mother Superior) of the thoroughly abstenent sisters of the divine lock and key Black Velveteen interfaith Love Tabernacle…

accepting membership now.