The Civil Charter of the World Assembly

Whereas there exists an ominous silence surrounding a charter resolution to codify the role of the World Assembly and its relationship with its many member nations;

And whereas a governing charter of the World Assembly, formally codifying the rights, lefts, obligations, and freedoms of member nations in peacetime, would facilitate the ability of the World Assembly to take a strong, collective stance for the rights and dignities of sapient beings around the world, and also against a certain goblinoid menace which occasionally rampages against this grand bureaucracy; be it hereby declared as follows—

Each World Assembly member nation shall be recognised as a sovereign power, both by the World Assembly and by its individual member nations. To that end, no member nation shall be restricted in its ability to determine its own affairs, including its own system of government, its own borders, and its own legislation, subject to the limitations of relevant international law, including that of the World Assembly.

Likewise, each member nation shall have the right to freely conduct its international relations and activity, subject to the limitations of relevant international law, including that of the World Assembly.

In accordance with its sovereignty, each member nation has consented to being subject to World Assembly law by virtue of its membership in this august body. As a result, every member nation must fully comply with all active World Assembly law, including this resolution, in good faith, to the very best of its ability, and without any preventable delay. This shall apply regardless of any other law binding that member nation, whether subnational, national, or international.

The World Assembly shall have the ability to, via resolution, directly and indirectly enforce penalties upon any member nation which fails in its duty under Section 3, including through measures such as fines and trade sanctions.

Every member nation should be treated fairly under World Assembly law, as this supremacy grants this assembly great power over its member nations. Therefore, member nations shall maintain full equality under all World Assembly law.

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This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote FOR.

The Civil Charter of the World Assembly was passed 8,888 votes to 4,629.