The Costada News Hour

This is Max Utopia broadcasting live from the CNH center, With more reports on the 2010 presidential elections. Costadan Liberal Party canidate Editor Jack Wawoski was nominated last night at the CLP convention. He has chosen pro baseball player Biff Account as his running mate. The Democratic Party nominated Sen. Jacob Clinton for president and Regional Gov. Carl Duckinmier for vice president. The Republican Party nomination process was an interesting one. Many Republicans thought incumbent president, Mike Ahooyee and vice president Li Aput wouldn’t make the nominations. They did. Now we’ll go to Nancy Chicken for more information.

screen goes to DP canidate Jacob Clinton’s campaign

Thank you, Max. I am here live at Jacob Clinton’s fourth campain, after doing the first three from his porch. I can give you a little audio of what he is saying.

"Citizens of Costada, if you elect me your president, I will provide an increase on police and army salary!

crowd cheers

Clinton is the only one campaigning wich is pretty sad for the other canidates. He gained a lot of popularity as Senator in Costada’s ninth region.

screen returns to Max Utopia

Thank you, Nancy. I believe that’s all the time we have. Tune in tommorow on more politics, and feedback on the new legislation Mike Ahooyee will be signing. Max Utopia out!

This is Mike Utopia with your daily news. Thunder storms killed any chances of broadcasting yesterday, so here is the moment Costadans have always bee waiting for. DOUBLE DAY! The results for the Costada WA representative election have come in. Congragulations to Kokan Coek! Mr.Coek is enroute to the WA headquarters this very instant. But before he gets there, Mr.Coek will be stopping by to see President Ahooyee and Lady Edea, who is the leader of The Sacred Lands of Lady Edea, the nation that is currently serving as the regional delegate of the East Pacific. Yesterday, President Ahooyee signed his name on the Oil Tanker Standard Act, as he is supposed to since he is the leader of Costada. Now keep in mind, the act he signed is a WA resolution and Costada is a WA nation. That is all the time we have for today. Join us tommorow for more headlines from CNH.