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Spacecraft Sent Skyward!

In a shocking decision, General Secretary Drugov approved the launch of two space-faring vehicles today. This has been the first Strataric launch in almost seven years, and it has brought the nation together like never before! Many people were viewing this historic event either on scene or via television, with Minister of Space Exploration and Research Luka Dreykov and his wife Klara on scene for the second launch. When asked for a comment by your reporter, Minister Dreykov said, “I am honored to have been so helpful to my people. The vastness of space seems a little closer now for a lot of people, and I’m happy to be a part of that.” His wife refused comment.

Embargo Enrages Enemies!

The Strataric fleet joined a blockade around the Gondwanan bay earlier today, where the SEPC has set up an embargo for armed goods being shipped to the Tripartite State. This is a matter of great controversy with foreign countries. The commander and chief of Asendavia, an ally of Tripartite State and a member of the ‘Fire Pact,’ has said, “We still intend to import and export weapons and other resources that could be used for war, I don’t care about the damn embargoes. The King, my brother, has the same opinion on this matter.” There are even unconfirmed reports of some calling it an act of war. To address these concerns, Primary Minister of Defense and War Anatoly Baryshnikov has said, “Look, the Tripartite State has proven itself as aggressive in the past. Due to humanitarian concerns, we felt obligated to step in. The goal here is not to cause conflict, but to make certain it doesn’t happen.” He left us with a powerful closing statement: “This isn’t a war unless they make it one. And if they do, they’ll wish they hadn’t.” Bold words from a bold man!

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Primary Minister Anatoly Baryshnikov declared war on the Tripartite State earlier, their own declaration of war being the catalyst behind this decision. In it, he cites some of their many abuses of their own citizens as one of the reasons that it came to this. Baryshnikov also encouraged nations in the Fire Pact to rally against the corruption of the Tripartite State, and warned those who would ally with them. A prominent Vulpine priest, among some other citizens, denounced this action, claiming that “we should not interfere for the sake of Stratarin.” Most Stratarinians agree, though, that our hand was forced.

Myriad Now Dust!

In a shocking turn of events, the Fire Pact space station known as the Eternal Wrath destroyed the Myriad Station today. After consulting his Minister of Space Exploration and Research, the General Secretary announced that he was cutting much of the ministry’s funding due to the lack of proverbial fruit currently wrought by it. Minister Luka Dreykov refused comment, although he appeared to your reporter as incredibly distraught.

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Cease Fire Announced!

The war with the Tripartite State drew to a close today as The Most Serene Republic of Stratarin declared a cease fire. Due to a complaint from the NGU and a request by Emberwood Coast, neither of which are to be taken lightly, peace talks are being planned. In fact, Primary Minister Rurik Lukin has personally agreed to attend them. This decision sparked controversy between some of the ministers, as there are those who believe that Stratarin might’ve won the day, or that the lives sacrificed in the war are now wasted. It has also been a matter of heated debate among the citizens of Stratarin, and has many advocating to re-enter war with Tripartite State. A protester who’d rather remain anonymous declared, “Why withdraw from a war when we’re winning?” This reporter believes that he was unaware of his own alliteration, not including the preposition or the noun article.

Dreykov Hoax Exposed!

It was a shocking time for all recently, as a rumor had somehow sprung up and grown at an alarming rate that Luka Dreykov, Minister of Space Exploration and Research, had committed suicide. Adding to this bold claim’s seeming veracity was that the minister had not been seen in public since funding was cut to his ministry. However, earlier today, Minister Dreykov made his first official appearance since the incident, saying, “I’m not dead, and shame on those who would… would perpetuate this rumor. I have a wi… a wife to look after. What, do you think I would ******* leave her?” Your reporter observes, though, that he did not look well, and that his usually well shaven face had developed stubble.

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Rising Civil Rights Cause Dispute!

In a series of unprecedented laws passed and decisions made, General Secretary Drugov has officially been granting more civil rights to denizens of Stratarin. When questioned as to why, he responded, “I am in a position in the Strataric government where I am tasked with doing whatever is possible for my people. After learning more about and fighting alongside Stratarin’s allies, namely the Emberwood Coast, I realized that I could do a lot better. That is simply all that I’m doing.” Among high ranking government officials, this has caused much disagreement. The most noted minister against the recent civil rights boom is Mikhail Starikov, Minister of Law Enforcement. He has said, “This goes against the very heart of Strataric beliefs, and even disregards out national motto: ‘Stability Through Security. Security Through Severity’. We’ve never been a nation built on such things as rights because it causes instability to spread. And after that starts, a country collapses into anarchy.”

Motto Change!

As the latest action in a chain of stunning decisions, General Secretary Drugov changed the national motto of Stratarin to ‘Glory to the Workers.’ Although this has high public approval rates, Mikhail Starikov, Minister of Law Enforcement, is vehemently opposed to the change. When asked about this, he refused comment. Other notable government representatives that agree with Minister Strarikov are Igor Stralov, Primary Minister of Education; Stefan Lobov, Minister of Technology; Anastasia Kovalyov, Ministress of Intelligence; Pasha Dobrygin, Director of the Analytical Corps; and Nicholas Lysenko; Minister of the Arts. The remaining ministers are either all neutral towards it or in favor. Minister Dreykov could not be reached for a comment.

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Drugov Takes on Corruption

General Secretary Drugov made an announcement today. “A Strataric ambassador recently had an interesting discussion with one of Tripartite State’s political figures, General Zetta. Along with stating many factual inaccuracies, Stratarin being democratic among them, the general accused our government of being incredibly corrupt. Since I was not even aware of this information, my Minister of Law Enforcement and I are now working to root out any potential spies. However”, here he paused for a second, “on the offchance that this misinformed individual is correct, I am going to investigate his claims and do everything in my power to return the Strataric government to one of integrity.” He had one additional statement: “Should it be found, I officially believe that it is individual corruption rather than innate corruption due to our system of government. Stratarin will remain communist for years to come, never fear.” Your reporter lauds our great leader and his bold words!

Cleanup Crew and Minister Mystery

Also in the news today, Stratarin has plans to help with the orbital cleanup after the Tripartite State destroyed Myriad Station. Interestingly enough, Minister Luka Dreykov was unavailable for comment. However, from other prominent ministers, your reporter learned that the Ministry of Space Exploration and Research will not be involved in this operation. As an anonymous source said, “The Ministry of Space Exploration and Research is there for just that purpose, space exploration and research. Not cleaning up a mess that they didn’t even create. Plus, since this is an international effort, I think that a ministry more used to dealing with other nations should run it. And finally, I’m not even sure where their minister is.” Your reporter looked into the last of these statements. Apparently, Minister Dreykov seems to have not strayed outside his office much in recent days, which is rare for him. Along with him appearing disheveled and possibly inebriated in recent public appearances, your reporter must ask the question: what has happened with Minister Dreykov?

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Eastern Expansion

Earlier today, Stratarin annexed a small amount of eastern territory, expanding slightly upon the Setznan border. General Secretary Drugov explicitly stated that it was not meant as an act of aggression towards Setzna, and that Stratarin would expand elsewhere should Setznans not wish to be landlocked. Possibly related to this, #LandlockRyan is currently trending on Chirper. Speculation runs high as to who Ryan is.

Liberation Celebration

In celebration of the East Pacific’s Liberation Day, most stores placed their international merchandise on sale. Furthermore, the largest Strataric airshow ever hosted occurred today in honor of the holiday, with multiple famed Strataric air teams, such as Plavayushchiy Babochki and Zhguchaya Pchely. The Minister of Culture, Konstantin Charkov, also arranged a series of smaller festivals around the country, saying, “The truth of the matter is that Stratarin is a part of an international community. We survive as long as they survive, and if they are endangered, we are imperiled. We should not neglect to celebrate this holiday. Stratarin’s days of being an isolationist nation are long since over. Thus, there is no reason to continue to act like one.”

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Dreykov’s Demise

In an act that set the whole nation reeling, Minister of Space Exploration and Research Luka Dreykov committed suicide earlier today. There has been significant lead-up to this great tragedy, including an international station that he invested considerable hope in being destroyed, his ministry’s funding getting severely cut, a recent bout of alcoholism, and his wife, Klara, estranging herself from his drunken condition. She refused any comment tearfully, and there are some rumors circulating that she might leave the country. Minister Dreykov is the first minister to commit suicide, and General Secretary Drugov is purportedly going to hold a magnificent funeral for him. Primary Minister Anatoly Baryshnikov had several words to say, “In many ways, I blame myself, as the war with the Fire Pact is what started the events that led to… this. Whether or not the blame is mine, though, Luka Dreykov was one of the best men I ever knew. He was clever, loyal, he loved his wife, and he would do anything for the good of his country.” The Minister of Law Enforcement, Mikhail Starikov, also seemed distressed, saying briefly, “He will be missed.” The Coyden Harbinger bids Minister Dreykov a respectful, final farewell.

Replacement Search

In light of the recent Dreykov tragedy, General Secretary Drugov has announced that he is looking for a minister to fill Dreykov’s place. Many saddened people believe that the search is too soon, and that Minister Dreykov’s funeral should be held first. Addressing these people, the General Secretary stated, “Regrettably, the position cannot wait for such a formality. The government cannot be put on hold.”

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New Ship Under Construction
Stratarin has begun construction of a Zheleznyy Kulak-class Destroyer, which is scheduled to be completed early next year and join the Strataric 3rd Fleet. It will be named ‘Hrabrost Dreykova’ after the recently deceased Luka Dreykov. Some internet commentators suspected to be citizens of the Tripartite State have taken to calling it ‘Wodka Dreykova,’ mocking his bout of alcoholism near the end of his life.

The Search Continues

The General Secretary has thus far not found a suitable candidate for the Minister of Space Exploration and Research, puzzling many. When asked why the search was taking so long, Drugov said simply, “Dreykov is a hard man to replace.” Speculation is that Klara Dreykov is set to take her late husband’s position, although the General Secretary has neither confirmed nor denied this conjecture.

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Setzna Overstepping?
Emberwood Coast recently sliced its military budget in half. In response to this perceived vulnerability, Setzna has been preparing a military force to be stationed at Emberwood. This action has caused incredible controversy, with many representatives of the SEPC wondering if William Verlhan has, quite frankly, lost his mind. General Pyotr Dementyev, Stratarin’s representative in the SEPC’s headquarters in Arcadia, notes, “Look, Emberwood is practically surrounded by allies. Not to mention that it has the SEPC at its back. If any idiotic nation, say, Celannica, tried to invade, it would be utterly crushed. This is just drawing unwanted, and negative, international attention to the SEPC and Setzna.”

A Change of Classification

General Secretary Drugov recently changed the classification of Stratarin from a ‘Most Serene Republic’ to ‘Militarized Communist State.’ When asked why, as it seems to your reporter that it would draw negative attention from the rest of the world, he shrugged. “Everyone knows what we are, anyway. Plus,” he joked, “I’m not that serene.”

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Crisis Averted
After reports of Emberwood Coast being under the protection of the South Hills, tensions seem to have relaxed some. This is due to the heightened probability that Setzna will not station troops in Emberwood after all. When asked for his opinion on whether or not Setzna would indeed stand down, Pyotr Dementyev, the Strataric representative at the SEPC Headquarters, simply said, “They’d better.” Although there is some speculation that Emberwood’s reliance on the South Hills may draw the pacifistic nation away from the SEPC, this idea was quickly dismissed by General Secretary Drugov. “I cannot foresee an event that would cause one of the founding nations to split away,” he stated confidently.

Shy Albatrosses’ Days Numbered?
Recently, in an odd political move, General Secretary Drugov supported and actively encouraged the hunting of the Shy Albatross, a medium-sized bird classified as ‘near threatened.’ When asked why, he refused comment.

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Terrorist Activity
There’s been a startling amount of terrorism and civil unrest in the world recently. In Laitanburg, a Communist movement with ties to the TAC, an Adumaran terrorist organization. The movement, known as Al-Jaheed, has sent video around the world to various nations that show the murdering of various ethnic groups. After a short silence on the matter, General Secretary Drugov declared that Stratarin would stay neutral in the conflict. Meanwhile, in Free Syllvin, large protests formed in response to the passage of the “Foreign Plot Purchase Act 1.” While some of the protests have ceased, others have grown and become as a mob. And finally, in the Fire Pact nation of Asendavia, there have been a series of riots, the strongest of which in Khiyev, in which more than six people have already died. The Stromharad Article, the official news broadcast of the Asendavian government, begged the rioters to lay down their arms and calm down. More on this story as it develops

Law Enforcement to be Tightened in Major Cities
After several lengthy meetings with Minister Mikhail Starikov, the General Secretary has announced that several precautions would be taken to ensure that civil unrest will not threaten the citizens of this nation. “I do not know why so many such incidents are happening across the world as we speak,” he said near the end of a recent speech. “I only know that I will do what I can to keep this wave of violent unrest away from Stratarin.”

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A Failed Revolt
The uprising in Asendavia against the duke of Khiyev, now known as ‘The People’s Revolt,’ ended today with the deaths of 32 civilians and many more injured. It served as a ruthless warning to the people of Asendavia to not trifle with their oppressive, aristocratic government. General Secretary Drugov spoke briefly on the matter, in which he offered consolation to the victims’ families.

An Adumaran Blockade
In response to the communist state Chianski militarily aiding the terrorist organization Al-Jaheed, which has ties to the Adumaran-based Taikow Anarchist Coalition, the Adumaran navy has blockaded Chianski. They are denying any and all passage of ships either in or out. General Secretary Drugov has yet to give an official word, although the cold thought of war seems to loom ever in the hearts of the Stratarians.

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Invasion of Chianksi
Adumaran ships opened fire on Chianskian ships and land emplacements recently. Assisted by the Syllvan Battle Group Jerikus, this escalation has been long in coming ever since the blockade was established. Stratarin sent a small naval observation force from the Second Fleet alongside Setznan Forward Observation Group 571. Anatoly Baryshnikov stated earlier today, “If intervention is required, we will intervene. But until that happens, the Strataric detachment is simply there to observe. Nothing more.”

Naval Expansion
Following several deals with Free Syllvin and the Royal Federation of Kutherburg, Stratarin has recently slightly expanded its fleet by purchasing foreign ships. This decision, made by the General Secretary, was lauded by several prominent politicians, Anatoly Baryshnikov in particular.

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Daccic War
Primary Minister Anatoly Baryshnikov revealed that the 22nd Motorized Rifle Battalion, transported by the amphibious assault ships SBS Moshch Anatoliya and SBS Rishim Rubashkin, would aid Free Syllvin in its war against the Daccic Republic. General Zhenya Korzhakov of the Strataric army joined the 22nd in their journey to act as a military adviser to the Syllvan government. When General Secretary Drugov was asked why he did not wait for any ruling from the SEPC Security Council before declaring war, he simply said, “Stratarin is taking the initiative to aid an ally. Any problem that the bureaucracy of the SEPC might have with such an act would be based solely on cowardice.” Bold words, indeed!

Hacker Apprehended
A cybercriminal was apprehended sometime yesterday. He was guilty of hacking into a secure government server and sending a message to President Verlhan of Setzna, but luckily he was arrested by the Strataric police after a brief chase. General Secretary Drugov released a statement which explained in brief the incident and apologized to the Setznan government for any inconvenience or confusion caused.

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Peacekeeping Excercises
Intelligence suggests that a relatively new organization known as the Peacekeeping Forces of Urth, which has pledged naively to aid war-torn countries in need across the globe, recently began engaging in aerial training exercises earlier this week. Rumors had circulated that the government of Stratarin had considered joining the organization, though General Secretary Drugov, along with First Deputy Premier Yuri Kastarnik and Chairman Rurik Lukin, were quick to discredit these claims.

Historic Occasion
Tonight, in the Tsar’s Theatre, a play known simply as ‘Legkiy’ debuts. It has already attracted massive interest from normal citizens, historians, and tourists alike. The play, featuring Alek Griboyedov as the historical protagonist, is expected to make many cinematic appearances around the country, showcasing the original Christianization of the Strataric people, some of the struggles faced by the first Vulpine occupants in the Strataric lands, and the dramatic final duel between Legkiy and Vladic. Funds from the performance will be distributed relatively evenly between various departments in the government. The ultimate mastermind behind the project was Konstantin Charkov, Minister of Culture.

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Play Becomes Massive Success
The play ‘Legkiy,’ which debuted recently in the Tsar’s Theatre, was a massive success. It reportedly took in record breaking profits on its opening night, although this has yet to be officially confirmed. Many acclaimed critics and historians have lauded it, calling it ‘incredibly faithful to the old legends,’ ‘brilliantly performed,’ and ‘executed with just the right blend of charm, action, and a little bit of romance.’ Both Alek Griboyedov and Timur Ogurtsov - who portrayed Legkiy and his nemesis Vladic, respectively - thanked Minister Charkov for the opportunity. “I mean, it’s… it’s great. We’re making history by acting it out,” Giboyedov commented in an interview. ‘Legkiy’ is scheduled to be performed several more times in the Tsar’s Theatre, then move to the Premier’s Theatre in Mirovgrad, and continue across the nation from there. Get your tickets today!

Political Party Outlawed in Xagrurg
President Bob Jones of Xagrurg recently exercised the powers of his office to dismantle. a political party known as the Isolationist Conservative Party. Although he rarely comments on internal matters in foreign nations, General Secretary Drugov publicly applauded the decision. “I would like to congratulate President Ross on the actions he took on May 4th,” the General Secretary stated in a press release yesterday. “It is exactly the move that should have been made. As evidenced by the fact that the ICP (Isolationist Conservative Party) had any members in the first place, the people of some nations clearly cannot be trusted with their own freedom, and I am glad that the president has, to a degree, realized this.”

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Small Uprising Put Down
Earlier today, a group of farmers in Domoy Foksa joined together in a small uprising against Stratarin. The primarily Vulpine group claimed that this is due to the ever dwindling ability to practice one’s religion in Stratarin. Although this incident was quickly dealt with peacefully by an unnamed negotiator, it has many wondering if religious freedoms will be cracked down upon in response to this potentially dangerous rebellion, or if he will instead take heed of their complaint.

Fridge Owl Infestations
A truly diabolical species of bird known as the Fridge Owl has recently taken roost in several buildings in Stratarin that are important for government function. Though exterminators have tried their hardest to root out this scourge, at least one owl, or as its kind is known in Stratarin, at least one ad zver’ has escaped and is continuing to interrupt important meetings with incessant hootings. And finally, several items of food that were stored in refrigerators have mysteriously vanished, the prime suspect being the owls. Rest assured, they will be caught and eliminated.

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Commemorative Parade
The 18th of May marks the tenth anniversary of Viktor Drugov assuming the position of General Secretary after the death of the former General Secretary Ruslan Voronin. The events leading up to this were directly shaped by Drugov, who clearly saw that Voronin abused his power and was able to use military connections to orchestrate a coup. Eventually, this led to Voronin’s assassination and Drugov, well-loved by the Strataric people, assumed the title of General Secretary. To celebrate, Stratarin hosts a military parade yearly on the day of Voronin’s timely demise. General Secretary Drugov has said that he will make a public appearance, stating, “The people believe it is an important day to celebrate, while I think of it as the day I did what was best for the great nation of Stratarin. In any case, I would be uncaring not to attend the tenth anniversary of a celebration in my honor.”

Owls Exterminated
After a several-day-long campaign against these pests, the Fridge Owl crisis has been averted. Refrigeration units and rafters of buildings are yet again safe from these vile creatures. One elderly citizen stated, “I’m glad that I can finally eat in piece without worrying that a Fridge Owl is eating my own food behind my back. The nerve of them! They’re worse than those Shy Albatrosses!” Many voiced similar opinions, making your reporter pleased to announce that, for the time being, Stratarin is safe from this feathered plague.

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As mentioned in the previous issue, today the fall of Voronin and the rise of Drugov is celebrated. And what better way to do so then a military parade? If you are unable to attend, tune in to the Strataric Television Network, which will provide live coverage. And on a personal note, the Coyden Harbinger gives its heartfelt thanks and congratulations to General Secretary Drugov.

Another Sem’ya Sect Eliminated
Under the leadership of Major Dragomirov of the police force, the Sem’ya operation in Murakgrad was effectively shut down yesterday. Dragomirov has apparently been on a string of anti-Sem’ya police stings and strikes in the past, and was able to perform his duties with minimal Strataric casualties.When asked if he had any thoughts on the matter, he simply replied, “I am proud to have done my duty.” He has also been placed in charge of the security for the parade later today as a reward for the Murakgrad operation.

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Assasination Attempt!

An attempt on General Secretary Drugov’s life by a currently unidentified assassin life was foiled at the parade today, thanks to the actions of Major Dragomirov. More on this story as it develops.