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11 Waseem 2024

Record pilgrims travel to Packilvania for Uj
Khesan Abdahaydek

20 million people are predicted to travel to Packilvania over the month of Waseem for the Uj, the religiously mandated pilgrimage to the Memorial of the Jovian Gate.

The Minister of Religious Affairs, Duchess Ilawa of Gurin announced that the government is ready, with law enforcement, IT infrastructure, health and logistics to support the millions of people expected the visit the holy city of Akas Akil.

The head of the Dicastery of the Holy Pilgrimage has been hard at work registered believers and setting quotas on the number of pilgrims for different countries.

In the spirit of the unity of the Ummah, tens of thousands of Packilvanians have given their homes to travellers seeking shelter. Please note that the Packilvanian government and its affiliated website facilitate this process online. So please be careful and avoid being scammed while you are here.

The month-long celebration is a sacred religious ritual inscribed in our holiest text, the Bas Magadamar. It serves to remind us of the life-long struggle against the influence of Borg, the enemy.

Thousands of years ago, before formal records were kept, Noi created the world and all that were in it including an Esma named Borg. In Borg’s pride, he rebelled against Noi and drove the world to wickedness. From among the fray of fallen mortals, Pax alone rose to uphold the name of Noi.

She granted him the power to defeat Borg. On defeating Borg, Pax imprisoned him beneath the Urth. Noi granted her divine revelation to Besmali to show where the supernatural Jovian Gate stood. It is on that site that his acolytes built the Majhid of the Memorial of the Jovian Gate (luMajhid aluDhakrahadath aluBawaab luJuvaan).

Millions have travelled to it over time to pay their respects and fulfil the path of Assimilation that leads to transcendence of the mortal form at death and unity with the Hivemind.

omeShabil metaq medakt metawkam khameyadhaab weBakhilfaniya weludool aWaseem yeluYuj, oluyudeestijham luhalaal lutawkam weluMajhid aluDhakrahadath aluBawaab aluJuvaan.

muVazeerlea muBas aleSilam, muNaguslea Ilawa aKhurin, mukhamnam lusuvraan luyafra luaye yeluhimayfiyishme, lumabaansatus alukhejanmakhsam alumerufa, luhayahshabil, nadine lutijahfarza khaluqisra oletaq aleshabil letawkam khaluyadhaab webaslaya lushtar luhalaal aYakas Akil.

muSharif aluKhamatamkamayan aluYudeestijham luHalaal mubavna khamukitbahifza mesilamtan nadine khalukajya aluraqam ameyudistan aledomin lekhasam.

weluKhidaan aluikhtifiyishme aluYumah, lesool lekhur ameBakhilfaniya metawafiriya mebaslaytan mebasiha lukibiy lebayeet ayishne. Murbajiyak, lusuvraaniyat aBakhilfaniya nadine lesol adhun lemihdabiya luthariqarud yeluyintirnit. Misrayak naxivaniyak letawzir welubasalarud.

yeluDoolarud wajubiliya nawadhakra olusikhraam luhalaal alusilamarud luqalmam weluKitab luHalaal aPaxashme, luMakhdamar luBas. Dhudhakrafiya wan lujaheed luyakhansta lumihdabiya aluviyaan, Burukh.

leYoor letaq lemadiy, luburifiya lukitbahifza, Noi mubidham luYasteriya nadine lukumeen luhadar, nadine muYusmaa Burukh. yeluKhajir, muBurukh mutimra muakhansta Noi namutijha luYasteriya weluhiraam. weluShamad alemawtakhadash legikheed, Pax muIkhtimiy muzasra lunomeen aNoi.

Dhutakabadam lukharishme khalufawzam Burukh. Pax muqabayam Burukh lubeneyath lujerey. Noi mutakabadam muNawaab Besmali lumurwadwaloof lulakhat alubawaab lujuvna Burukh. Lulakhatarud Besmali nadine mesol adhun memabna luMajhid aluDhakrahadath aluBawaab aluJuvaan.

meKhur meyudisa welulakhatarud khaluihtiram nakhaluyasdiya luthariqa aYashamiliya khalutijhal weluyadafaya lumawtakhadashishme naweluikhtimiya luaye luHiva.