The East Pacific's Anime Tag run (17/03/22)

The Eastern Pacific Sovereign Army’s Anime Tag Run
Report written by [nation=Zukchiva]

In the darkness of night, two friends made a plan. They had been jesting each other about anime for eons… so why not watch something together! The bonding experience, y’know? Or at least, something to use to make more fun of each other!

And so Zuk and Vor made a pact to watch some anime on Thursday and possibly hold some heated debates later, and went to do their own things, content with their plans. But as the morning dawned, Zuk made a startling discovery: they hadn’t decided on an anime to watch! Hastily, the goose contacted Vor and the pair brainstormed what to view, but the morning drowsiness blocked any ideas from coming forth.

Gripped with indecision, the pair were listless until Aga came along and, noticing their plight, decided to take them for a bit of outside exploration to clear their minds. And so the trio set forth to enjoy a bit of sunlight, with some anime to be watched another day.

The Anime Watchers:
Trigger: Corporal Zukchiva
Fellow Anime Fans: Lieutenant Eunopiar (Aga), Corporal Eshgh (Vor)

Regions tagged (14):