The Empire of Spandon (Claim)


Flag: [Your National Flag]

Nation Name (long): The Empire of Spandon
Nation Name (short): Spandon

Motto: Might Makes Right
National Animal: Dog
National Anthem: Rise of the Spandonian Empire

Capitol: Pondia
Largest City: Skan

Demonym: Spandonian
Language: Spandonian
Species: Humans
Population: 99 million

Government type: Dicatatorship
Leader(s): Imperator Rasus
Legislature: . The legislative branch is responsible for making the laws, but only the Imperator has the power to enact them
Formation: 2000

Total GDP: 9 billion spans
GDP per capita: 90,909 spans
Currency: Spans

Calling Code: +521
ISO 3166 code: S.P. S.P.A
Internet TLD: .spa

Historical Summary: From the ashes of a long and brutal civil war, a new nation has arisen. Led by the illustrious Imperator Rasus, our people have set their sights on a bright and prosperous future, free from the strife and conflict of the past.

Under the Imperator’s wise and visionary leadership, our nation has already made great strides towards achieving its goals. From building a strong and stable government to revitalizing our economy and infrastructure, every step we take brings us closer to our ultimate vision of a united and thriving nation.

With Imperator Rasus at the helm, we are confident that our nation will continue to grow and flourish in the years to come. As we march forward into this new era of peace and prosperity, we look forward to a future full of promise and possibility.