The Federal Republic of Coldistania


Nation Name (long): The Federal Republic of Coldistania
Nation Name (short): Coldistania

Motto: Go maire tú Poblacht Chónaidhme na Coldistania! (Long Live the Federal Republic of Coldistania!)
National Animal: Spectral Bat
National Flower/Plant: Douglas Fir Tree
National Anthem: We Shall Overcome

Capitol: Coalville
Largest City: Coalville

Demonym: Coldist
Language: Coldistani, Staynish
Species: Human
Population: 854 million

Government type: Federal Republic
Leader(s): President Sir Tadhg Sickles
Legislature: Where the laws are made.
Formation: 2023

Total GDP: 16.9 Trillion Coldas a year
GDP per capita: 59929 Coldas
Currency: The Colda

Calling Code: +403
ISO 3166 code: Co, Col
Internet TLD: .co

Historical Summary: There are a lot of gaps in the history textbooks about Coldistania before they were discovered and colonised by The Republic of Maddernsburg, then called The United Kingdom of Maddernsburg. In 1145, Maddernsburg colonised Coldistania and attempted to take away their culture and identity but, Coldists are known for their resilience and determination. Throughout Maddernsburgs occupation, Coldists would hide underground and speak their native tongue in order to preserve the culture of Coldistania. During 1791, the Coldists launched an attack on the capital city of Maddernsburg, this attack lead to a 10 year long war between Coldistania and Maddernsburg.

The Coldists were successful in their attack, and this victory marked the beginning of the Federal Republic of Coldistania as an independent nation. Over the years, they worked hard to rebuild their country and establish a government that reflected their values and beliefs. The Coldists placed a strong emphasis on cultural identity and language preservation, making it a top priority for everyone in the country. They also worked hard to establish a strong economy that would support their growing population and provide them with the resources they needed to thrive.

Throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries, the Federal Republic of Coldistania continued to thrive and grow, with new industries emerging and a strong sense of national pride taking root. However, this sense of progress and prosperity was interrupted by the outbreak of World War II. Coldistania was caught in the crossfire of the conflict, and they suffered greatly as a result. Despite the devastation wrought by the war, the Coldists remained committed to rebuilding their country and ensuring that their cultural identity remained intact.

Throughout the latter half of the 20th century, Coldistania continued to grow and thrive, becoming a leader in a number of different fields, including technology, medicine, and engineering. They also worked hard to promote peace and stability in the region, working closely with neighboring countries to ensure that conflicts were resolved peacefully and that the rights of all individuals were protected. Despite the many challenges they faced, the Coldists never lost sight of their national identity and the values that had carried them through so many years of adversity. Today, the Federal Republic of Coldistania stands as a beacon of hope and freedom in a world that is often marked by strife and conflict, and they continue to push forward, always looking for new ways to grow and prosper.