The Fiery Summit

To the Member-States of the Fire Pact Alliance

Following the recent setbacks from the Concordian War and the aftermath following it, I am requesting for all Member-States to send in their FPA Representatives to hold a Summit at the Head Quarters located at Zeda, Celannica in order to discuss the next course of action for the Alliance to take. The Summit will be held on February 9th, and all Representatives shall be residing in the Crimson Flower Resort located within the capital itself until the start of the Summit. Topics that will be discussed at the Summit will include the FUCP, the current relations between Member-States, the replacement station of the Eternal Wrath, programs and role of the FPA. No matter what will happen, it has been an honor serving alongside your nations and its people. May the FPA last eternally in our memory.

From, General Secretary,
Abraham Schöll,
Empire of Celannica

Prime Minister Eres Rodriguez is traveling to Celannica and has just barely taken of for the meeting

he will arrive is about 2 hours

On the day of the summit, Kaiser Jon VII of Asendavia, Minister of Foreign Diplomacy Viktor Zharkov, Karsten Kjos, and Jostein Onsager left for Celannica early in the morning. After many hours of flight, they finally landed within Celannica.
On the other side of the ocean, King Arnulf II of Talusi and Volkbert Hammesfahr boarded the King’s private jet and left for Celannica. After a few hours of flying, they landed in Celannica.

Celestial Leader Amalthea Astraea landed in Celannica with her usual group of subordinates.

February 9, 2018
Acting President James Deref and his foreign minister lands in Celannica.

PM of Kolosia finally lands after a delay due to a mechanical problem in his private jet

As the foreign leaders waited in the coldness of the Empire, the iconic armored cars showed up at the airport. A limousine, which was at the center, parked in front of them as the Overlord stepped out. The purple eyed Celana glanced at the foreign group of leaders, but she seemed more focus on her newly made Asendavian and Kolosian relatives. As fast as the inspection was, she finally spoke.

“Welcome to the Empire of Celannica, honorable leaders of the FPA Member-States. You are among the first national leaders in history to have stepped foot on our modest little island. If you please step into our limousine, we will take you to the FPA Headquarters while you enjoy our luxuries and perhaps learn something new about the Empire.”

After waiting for everyone to enter, the Overlord was the last one in as a good hostess would. Giving everyone the Fiery Wrath wine and their finest chocolates, the Celana was requested to give in-depth information for the capital city, Zeda.

"Well, our fine capital currently holds close to 3,737,521 citizens and became the selected location for a majority of international affairs due to its wealth and national importance. It was built in the 1700’s and was proclaimed our capital city after the Gondwanan Human-Astranian Feline War. Before, Celannica’s old capital was Zodon, which was both the founding city for Celannica and, even today, held the largest portion of our people. However, the Capital was changed to Zeda for three reasons: First, it was the prime location for humans to meet and plot against the enslaving Astranian Feline Empire after the fall of the Tripartite Kingdom, our old nation. Secondly, Zeda quickly grew in wealth after regaining independence as well as being able to secure various foreign investment. Thirdly, Zeda was the birthing place for the Human Alliance against the Astranians as well as the first city to introduce exciting new ideas and technologies for the Empire to use throughout the years such as cellphones or our very own version of the internet. Of course, if you look to your left at that building, you will see that. . . "

After talking and showing off her large history of various building and trivial matters such as the various embassies located at specific areas in the city or how their people became obsessed with firearms, they finally arrived to the FPA Headquarters. Saying farewell to the friendly Overlord, the foreign leaders were escorted to the main meeting room to greet the sight of the Celan General Secretary sitting at the front face toward them. Gesturing them to sit in their various designated seats, he only said,

“I trust that the Imperial Council treated you well? Good, let us begin the discussions about the Fire Pact Alliance and what goals we should be striving for.”


Kolosia would like to become only a small alliance to reduce corruption & hardship.

& To Only help nations during war economically.

The New Kolosian Prime Minister Ernest Jericho arrived to the FPA headquarters for the new meeting due to Eres’s death.

He is having a nice chat with his best friend Yuri Mongomery

This is gonna be great, with our new mega alliance kolosia will prosper like it did during the 50s!

Yuri: Yes, if we continue this up we might even become a force to be recond with.

Ernest: Imagine, Kolosia being part of the top 10.

Yuri:Yes, my friend (with a sarcastic expression).

Acknowledging the concerns of the Kolosian, the General Secretary only responded with,“All in due time, Prime Minister. Right now, we, as fellow Member-States, are now responsible for not only the future of this alliance but of our nations as a whole.”

Facing away from the Prime Minister, the Celan turned his attention to the rest of the FPA leaders gathered here as he continued,"As all of us have known, the Fire Pact Alliance, to put it shortly, cannot continue to exist. Not only is our military pact rendered almost obsolete due to the large distances separating our nations, but we have reached a critical low point on international popularity as shown in our affected economies due to various false allegations such as how our alliance are only for oppressive nations or war mogerors. In addition, despite our positive relations with each other, our different ideologies is not something that we can ignore any longer as it will eventually cause us to go into conflict. Therefore, may I present to you the replacement of the Fire Pact Alliance: the United Phoenix Nations.”

Taking a moment to take a sip from his bottled water, the Celan continued once more,“The UPN will be a economic, monetary, and scientific union between former Member-States of the FPA as well as any non-UPN allies willing to join. The common currency for the Union will be the Cedi while the economic benefits of the UPN will include free trade agreement between all UPN members as well as investments into our nations, to name a few. In addition, the union will also focus and invest heavily on scientific advancements in order to improve our nations and people overall while also competing against our common international rivals on these same fields. As shown by the successful completion of our Firean Universal Combat Platform, we will become quite a formidable Union in terms of scientific and, perhaps, military strength. Before I continue, is there anyone that rejects or has questions for the UPN?”