The Fluoridation of War

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[size=100]Tolorian Military Coup Rages On[/size]

Military Separtists have recently succeeded in overtaking the capitol, Honnes. After one year of constant warfare between military forces and loyalists, it was possible that surrender on the part of King Magnes II’s Loyalists will happen. However, with the recent Urthquakes damaging major cities and infrastructure, the war has come to a stalemate on both sides.

The Coup was result of King Magnes II’s recent efforts to downsize the military. In addition to imposing further restrictions on the economic system, and demotion of prominent military officials who have opposed such measures. A stark reversal of the deceased King Magnes I has left many with a sour taste, even in the Veridian Empire, whom Magnes I was close with. Both nations have enjoyed a close relationship in the past, with recently declassified documents of the Genoshan Bush War pointing to heavy intervention and help from Magnes I’s reign. A strong joint-military pact in strategic planning and research has only driven the two together.

Magnes II’s reign has in the past sought to widen the rift between both nations, starting with it’s military in the pursuit of a democratic socialistic system. Important generals who blatantly opposed such measures were stripped of their rank and forced into retirement. Those would soon be replaced by individuals more loyal to Magnes the Second.

The Separatists have constantly called onto the Veridian Empire for assistance, only to be met with half answers. The Veridian Empire has stated time and time again that they have no wishes to interfere in other nation’s affairs unless the citizenry has demanded it.

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Karl McMahon finally put down the newspaper. He looked at General Ripper, head honcho of the Veridian Marines. The next words that came out of the blonde male followed, “Interesting, and you are saying that Magnus the Second is a Pax sympathizer?”

“No no,” replied Jack Ripper in a casual manner while gesturing with his right hand, “Much worse than that. Communism, the bane of civilized society. Magnus the Red is much different than his father, and he wants a communist society on our borders. He is more than just in cahoots with the Pax, he aspires to their ideals of how citizens should be nothing more than drones. Each of them walking step in step to fulfill some crazed dream. It is also worth mentioning that we have found evidence of fluoridation of our drinking water.”

“My god, this is a lot worse than I expected. We need to do something about this,” McMahon said, giving a believable yet false sense of shock.

“I agree Mr. President, which is why we should do a full on military strike on the Loyalists!” he exclaimed.

“No,” Karl responded with a soothing tone, “Let us send special forces. Force Recon and the Shock Divers. We already are supplying the Generals with arms and armor on good faith. The Urthquakes have brought their progress at a standstill though. Plus the loyalists are more capable than we thought.”

After a few minutes of rambling, Karl stopped himself and then said, “Let’s pick this conversation up another day General Ripper. We will have to discuss a lot of things. But in the meantime, I just hope the neighbors don’t decide to intervene.”

(As said from the viewpoint of Arnold Holder, former Shock Diver of the Veridian Empire, year 20??)

So here I am, diving in the waters of the Tolorian Empire. You know, our nations used to be close buddies years ago before Magnus the Red came to power. I’m diving with a few of my buddies looking for the big prize. A Collins class submarine that was on loan to the Tolorians before the whole shitshow started in the first place. Something about technology sharing and military cooperation. Now, we had some pretty sensitive shit on board that thing, which we willingly gave the Tolorians. Hell, some stuff we were not willing to share with the Free Pacific States and that I cannot discuss with you about. Our mission was to sabotage the submarine and make sure that the socialist bastards didn’t give it to the Prussian Empire, or worse the Pax.

So, back to the story. It’s dark, it’s miserable, and Mother Nature was being a cunt since there was a massive storm going on. There is such a thing called currents, and they sucked. We had to constantly fight the currents to reach our target. Worst part was that we didn’t even know where the damn thing was, so talk about trying to find a needle in a dark room with only a match for a light. An Anti-Sub Warfare plane was out of the question, because now it changes from finding just a needle, to a mouse that constantly moved. Best bet for the higher ups was to send a couple of unlucky bastards like myself out there.

Now, after an hour of constant swimming trying to find the damn submarine, we got lucky. Jack Cain, good friend of mine, spotted an abnormal shape in the already dark waters. So we swam closer and saw that it was the propeller for the submarine. The design, curvature, and it still retaining it’s luster was damn indicative that it was the target we were looking for. Me however, I was scared shitless and unnerved. At any moment the propellers could start turning and boom, instant shark bait chowder.

Our team starts moving around the propeller, and over the body of the submarine. Next step of the mission was to plant explosives on the hull, force it to surface, and destroy all sensitive equipment onboard. Well, Mister Murphy decided to say hello instead. My right hand was on the sub, then I felt vibration. Apparently my fears were not unfounded then.

I looked over to my right, and the massive propeller is winding up. I brought out my magnet retainer and just stuck them on while my rear puckered up enough to turn coal into diamonds. Imagine trying to ride a 3,100 tonne bull, except if you fall off, instant shark food. Good thing I insisted on bringing the magnets. Imagine them like air hockey sticks, but with a proper handle and a magnet powerful enough to require a truck to remove. So here I am, with six of my team clinging for dear life on the outside of a submarine. And we’re hanging onto that bastard for several hours as it’s churning around the waters.

And, well. The rest is history. I’ll finish up the second part the next interview.

(As said from the viewpoint of Arnold Holder, former Shock Diver of the Veridian Empire, year 20??)

So here we are, hanging onto this mother for a few hours, trying not to let go. My fingers were aching, crying out for relief. Until I look over to Jack Cain over my left. Now mind you, I’m on the top half of the sub, hanging off it’s port side up to the bow. Jack has been busy and signaled me that the explosives were planted on the hull. Bastard has been working while hanging for dear life, that’s what I call balls.

So he signals me that the explosives were ready to detonate, in order to force it to surface. The submarine was only 150 so feet from the nose to the prop. That was too close, close enough to severely incapacitate you if a big enough bomb went off. So to myself I said, “Fuck it, blow the motherfucker.” I gave the signal. It felt like forever until finally a massive concussion was heard and felt. Imagine God just taking his finger back, and flicked you with it. I let go of the magnets, and begun to puke inside my rebreather.

Oh boy, it was a good few minutes of screwing around with my mask, trying to get air amidst the last meal I ate and the acids. It wasn’t until I felt a hand drag me above the water was I able to see anything correctly. It was still storming, but to my right I could see the submarine’s aft having a huge hole blown out of it. Thank god Cain actually paid attention in the briefing, because that was where the engine room used to be. It also explained why I wasn’t shark chow right then since the prop was dead.

Anyways, I’m being dragged to the submarine and finally on the deck of it until I could think coherently. I look around and see several sailors on the deck, who went out to check on the damages. Within a few minutes, the captain of the sub would know something was up, so time was ticking. I raised my rifle, a Wey-Yu Industries produced CR-300, and start heading through the nearby open hatch. The CR-300 is a great rifle, basically a cut down M-4 Carbine chambered in 300 Blackout. Whisper quiet too since it had the supressor on.

Now, the rest of my team was already in the sub clearing it out. The first target was the control room, which was cleared out and only the captain was still alive, on the ground with Jack’s boot on his head. I look around the control room, checking bodies and so I stand there. I wait for the other five divers to report back.

After about five minutes of silence, all five converged on the control room. And, well that it’s for me. I’ll tell you the rest in the future. I got an appointment.