The Great Harbor of Tarov

[th colspan=“6”]The Great Harbor of Tarov[/th]FinancialElectronicsLegalRaw GoodsFoodstuffsServicesAll your financial needs can be met here!
From registering your freight ships under more
fiscally ideal nations to repaying your debts
through various means, we here in the
Financial Sector of the Harbour got you covered! You need electronics? We have it!
From laptops to lawnmowers, you
can find virtually anything that has
a wire connected to it!Suffering from your nations’ crippling
tax code? Fleeing from the law?
Or simply want lessons in
lawyership? Well you’ve come
to the right place!You need Rhubarb Root? We got it.
You need Xanthan Gum? We got it.
You need some simple Iron? We got it.
All your raw material needs will be satisfied here!We’re sure you need food
to survive, so why not try
something exotic from our
stores? I’m sure you’d love to!You need floorplans for a building?
We can make it! Need a new
banner for your website?
You betcha! Need a plumber or
and electrician for your appliances?
We can get you one!

(OOC: This is still very much a WIP, so I discourage peeps from posting here until I actually get it ready for y’all)