The Green Flags Yet Fly Over West Novaris

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Novaris was in a cold war. There was no questioning it.

Any debate on whether the Tretridian-Arkian rivalry would restart was settled with Karling’s coup. And, while Karolingia may have been replaced by a military occupation authorized by the League of Novaris, everyone knew the implications of what had started, and could not be easily stopped.

The flames of cold war might have been superficially extinguished, but the embers remained. Everyone knew it was only a matter of time until it would escalate again.

And, in this cutthroat geopolitical scene in West Novaris, whatever advantages could be gained would be absolutely essential.
Cynebury, Tretrid
September 25, 2020

The news of the occupation of the former Karolingia had washed swiftly over West Novaris. Only minutes after the Secretary-General’s statement was out, the Novaran Council’s decision had been all over the headlines.

Everyone with any sort of knowledge of Novaran politics understood the implications of what had just happened.

First of all, the League of Novaris had given itself the power to intervene in another country, for the sake of a Novaran peace. While the League’s mission statement was to establish peace and a civil international discourse in Novaris, nobody present at the League’s inception in those five-way talks back in 2017 would have predicted the League going as far as to setting up a military occupation in another country.

Secondly, the instability in what was now known as Ostarkeland was undisputedly proof that a new cold war had been started in Novaris.

This, among many other things, weighed heavily in Prime Minister Eoforwine’s mind as he returned to his office. He had just held a cabinet meeting, where he had discussed with his advisers and ministers about a broad range of matters, from domestic policy to the next move on the Novaran chessboard.

Eoforwine’s mind was made by the time he sat down at his desk. There was only one way to keep Tretrid ahead in Novaris. Tretrid needed to marshal the support of other powers, and the smaller nations of West Novaris.

Each state with interest in the conflict had varying stances, and there were different ways to engage with them, preferably to Tretrid’s advantage.

First of all were the smaller states. A lot of them were more inclined to support Tretrid, one way or another.

Aponivia was stubbornly neutral. Eoforwine wasn’t sure if it was even possible to get them involved, especially since they were so much more interested in asserting themselves on the Novaran stage as an emerging power as compared to established powers like Arkalarius or Tretrid. Eoforwine could compromise with them, accommodate their rise in exchange for support, but it wasn’t a very good option. At least they were even less likely to side with Arkalarius, given Aponivia’s historical connections to Tretrid.

Durakia was already very much inclined to dislike Arkalarius. It wasn’t hard to see why. The democratic socialism practiced in Durakia was almost antithetical to… whatever the heck was going on in Arkalarius. Not to mention that Durakia had supported East Arkalarius in the Civil War, and the disputed claims in Irnac that had only been settled recently.

The Social Democrats in control in Durakia were more open to engage with Arkalarius, but Eoforwine knew that they were under pressure from elements to the left.

Then there was Meagharia. Oh boy, Meagharia.

Eoforwine needed to engage Meagharia to placate Durakia. It also made Meagharia highly willing to support Tretrid.

The problem with that was that Meagharia was not the best nation in West Novaris. And it put Tretrid in an awkward situation internationally.

There were also the other types of nation that were interested in the conflict. They were other great powers, that wanted to find a resolution advantageous to them.

Eoforwine didn’t blame them. He would have done the same in their situation.

Asendavia was a lost cause, to put it bluntly. They were already more friendly with Arkia than they were with Tretrid, with some of Eoforwine’s foreign polcy advisors even suggesting that they might even form an alliance. With Tretrid having the advantage at this moment, Arkia needed all the support they needed, and they would likely jump at the opportunity.

Tavaris wanted something that made them secure on the home front. Eoforwine had cut a deal with the Tavari, to get their support on Schlesia in return for promising to stop Meagharia from attacking them. Meagharia’s O’Fahr was rather offended by the notion that Meagharia might attack Rodoka, the Prime Minister recalled.

His endgame was to get the two on the negotiating table, so that they could negotiate a lasting solution to their disputes. That was a work in progress, but still seemed a long way away.

And then, last but definitely not least, was Norgsveldet.

To say that Tretrid and Norgsveldet’s relations over the last couple of years were awkward would be a massive understatement.

The long and messy history aside, Norgsveldet would probably be more willing to engage with Tretrid if it weren’t for Tretrid’s open support for Meagharia. Norgsveldet had a very low opinion of Meagharia due to perceiving that Meagharia’s militant atheism was tantamount to Hirdism.

These conflicting interests and wants between the smaller nations of West Novaris and the other great powers put Tretrid in a… rather awkward situation, to say the least.

But, as Eoforwine went over his notes, he thought hard about how best to engage these other nations. Perhaps he could find a working solution that firmly cemented Tretrid as being the greater power than Arkalarius.

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Burnside, Meagharia
Fomhair 32, 40 BA (October 2, 2020)

Grand Marshal Nathaniel O’Fahr, sighed as the telephone began to ring. He almost missed the days before he knew the damn things existed. Correspondence was strictly by letter, or by lips. But now even the leader of a nation could not escape constant harassment from anyone who wanted to talk to him about something. His whole morning was full of phone calls from Department Heads, Centurions asking for support in some upcoming bill, it was so exhsughsting. Earlier today, Ambassador-General Gratz O’Ratigan had made a point of telling him that the Prime Minister of Tretrid would be calling him. With that rumination over the evils of Phone technology, O’Fahr picked up the receiver. “Good Morning Prime Minister, what do you wish to discuss?”

“Hello, Grand Marshal. I believe we need to have a discussion about the funding towards the development of Meagharian infrastructure.”

“I have found our current arrangement satisfactory. More than that in fact. The MDP has made my four year plan very easily acheiveable, if current funding is maintained.”

“About that. I understand you highly appreciate how much the funding is helping you. There’s just a bit of a problem. It’s putting me an a rather… tight situation internationally. That said, I was looking to moving a lot of the investment funds to be delivered… more indirectly.”

“I understand you need to play geopolitics for your nation, but I hope you realize that Tretrid, even only in appearance, removing some of its support from Meagharia would potentially make us seem more open to attack.”

“I may need to reaffirm Tretrid’s commitment to protect Meagharia in the case that any foreign power declares war on it, then. It’s… a somewhat awkward compromise, given what certain elements inside and outside Tretrid are demanding, but I think it would be better than the current posture. I’ll look into what I can do to keep Meagharia safe from attack while avoiding the greater part of the scrutiny that comes with supporting your nation.”

“I suppose it is a compromise. But it would certainly not be up our interests for your withdrawal to be seen as Meagharia becoming isolated.”

“And yet, I need to be seen as a bit more distant from Meagharia. So there’s a particular balance that we would need to strike. I will say, however, that the humanitarian aid will still be sent directly. Geopolitics doesn’t excuse not sending medicine.”

“I suppose. The development of the industry, and the safety of my people is the important thing. How would this money be channeled?”

“I believe the most viable option here is to funnel the money through Durakia. They’re already sending a lot of support, some more money wouldn’t be surprising.”

“I suppose that makes some sense. Durakia has been a very dependable supporter of ours. I don’t like the idea personally, but I will have to accept it. Word of advice for the future Prime Minister, please send communiques to this effect to Gratz in the future, let me get mad at him.”

“Well, if there’s something you want to bring up, best you do so now. I do need to speak with Direkleiter Adley to discuss the specifics of the… operation.”

“I’m afraid I have nothing to discuss at the moment. If I do I will send it through the embassy. Goodbye Prime Minister, thank you for calling.” O’Fahr placed down the receiver. He hoped he hadn’t sounded frustrated, he was but it wasn’t prudent to act short with Eoforwine. He couldn’t help it, he missed Soldiering, Nathaniel wasn’t built to run 3 layers of bureaucracy.

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Cynebury, Tretrid
October 2, 2020

It was a few hours after the call with O’Fahr. Eoforwine had informed the Durakan embassy of his intent to contact Adley a couple days in advance, so they should be ready for the call.

He checked the clock. It was about the right time.

The Prime Minister reached for his phone and dialed a certain number.

The phone rang out for a second, and not much longer. Adley was sat beside his work phone, glad to have this not be a suprise. He placed his mug of tea down and clicked to accept the call, putting it to his ear and speaking.

“Afternoon, Direklieter Adley speaking.”

“Good afternoon to you, Direklieter,” Eoforwine said. “There’s a few things I want to talk about, actually. First of all, I hope the inquiry into the DCP is going well?”

“Ah, hello Prime Minister, thought it would be you. The enquiry is slowly turning up results, but as you may guess the Urnst Press are not too fond of me at this very moment.” Adley replied, in a rather tired but not downbeat manner.

“Well, I wish the best for the inquest, then. Now, I also wanted to discuss Meagharia. I have an… interesting proposal for you.”

“Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever get a call in which Meagharia isn’t mentioned. Still, I’m not against hearing out a proposal. Fire away.”

“I had a discussion with Grand Marshal O’Fahr earlier. I told him that I was looking to change the manner of the infrastructure investments to be more… indirect. I was thinking that I could have the funds funneled through Durakia, so that other nations don’t see Tretrid supporting Meagharia as openly.”

“Ah, yes that does make sense considering the situation we both find ourselves in. I have no doubt the Union Council would simply double down if our support was questioned, so it is rather a good plan. I assume you’d need some sort of cover to justify the funds reaching us, correct?”

“It’d certainly raise some eyebrows if I were to move a large chunk of MDP funds to go towards Durakia, yes.”

“Suppose it goes to…a Vakari Reconstruction Fund?”

“Perhaps. Even if some people may object, the truth of the matter is there are some lasting impacts from that war. I suppose it wouldn’t be too difficult to convince people that that’s something worth investing in. And certainly less objectionable than the MDP.”

“Frankly, I believe we have enough footage from what the Vakari suffered through to at least foster some sympathy. It is not as if we aren’t putting money into rectifying that ourselves. We simply just move some of that money around.”

“Well, that seems like a working solution, then. Though I do note that it would look bad if people would find out that these funds were going to Meagharia instead.”

“Of course, hence why I believe best that not a pound of it is sent to Meagharia, rather the Kohlnotya those pounds would save.”

“Well, I suppose whatever goes to supporting Meagharia more covertly works, then.”

“In doing it that way, it would be no different from you actually wishing to support Vakari reconstruction and I using the money saved from that to assist a developing nation. So long as neither of us say otherwise, there is no real way to tell between them.”

“Sounds like a win-win situation.”

“Seems like it. One of the sorely needed few nowadays.”

“In this dog-eat-dog world of West Novaris, certainly. Now, speaking of West Novaris at large, there was a third thing I wanted to talk about.”

“Ah, alrighty then, feel free to go on.”

“A few weeks ago, I believed we discussed how the rise of political elements that threatened to topple the status quo make it more important that we cooperate now, to show that we can get West Novaris to function in one way or another. I think we should form a more formal pact in West Novaris to demonstrate that it is possible to instill some sort of order in the region.”

“It has always been a point of note that the League’s cooperation is very much limited by how large an area it is trying to span. If we were to create a closer knit group of West Novari nations, no doubt we could aim for much more friendly cooperation than the LN. Though, we both know where the sticking point of a West Novaris Pact would be, especially if Tretrid is taking a role in it.”

“I suppose some people, the Arkians especially, would try to perceive this as a ‘Tretridian bloc’ or whatever. To try to assuage these concerns, I was hoping to find a way to also convince the Aponivians to join somehow. If someone as neutral as them could sign up, I believe that could send a message about the vision that we’re trying to achieve.”

“Aponivia would be useful in such, and Durakia is on rather good terms with them. Perhaps if we phrase it is such so it is Tretrid supporting an effort of West Novari nations, we may be able to convince Aponivia to be on side.”

“I suppose the conference to found such a organization should be held outside Tretrid. We have to make it clear that it’s a West Novaran organization for West Novaran nations, with Tretrid supporting them.”

“Well, I suppose that leaves it to us to host it? It isn’t like having Meagharia host it will do us any favours.”

“Well, Durakia seems to be the most likely option at this point.”

"Perhaps even use it to remind others of the solidarity showed during the Irnac War by hosting it in somewhere like Tolinsk or Kalriva?

“Sounds like a great idea.”

“Well, I’m glad to see this meeting go better than I had hoped then, I assume we’d wish to hash out the alliance with Meagharia and Aponivia, so I suppose that can be talked about in Irnac.”

“Yes. I’ve been wanting to meet with the Aponivians for a while now, so I suppose that’ll be another thing for the agenda.”

“Seems as if the agendas never really clear, rather gain two tasks to put on after completing one.”

“That’s the reality of leading a country, I fear.”

“Ah, you’d think after 10 years it would be something that feels normal, but I don’t exactly have the energy I did back in 2010.”

“I feel much older than I did when I first became Prime Minister, you know. The stresses of the office aren’t something everyone’s fit for.” Eoforwine sighed. “Well, we could spend more time lamenting our situations, but I feel like it’s something we could probably do another time.”

“Right, right. I apologize. We seem to have everything you wished to talk about checked off at least, so unless I am mistaken it may be best I get to work on putting our side into action.”

“Likewise, I need to contact some of my cabinet ministers, so that I could get my half of the deal into place. Be seeing you.”

“Let us hope we come out of these tines in a somewhat better state we found them in. Feel free to call again if anything needs discussing. Bye.” Adley said, putting down the phone with a tired sigh. He crossed out his lunch break on tomorrow’s schedule, before writing in the work he would need to do to get things organised. He supposed more tea and coffee might be an adequate replacement for the sandwiches he usually had.

October 5, 2020


Tretrid, as a Member-State of the League of Novaris, supports the League’s current occupation of the destabilized territory formerly known as Karolingia and currently governed by the Emergency Provisional Government of Ostarkeland.

We, like many other nations throughout the world, have watched in trepidation as riots broke out throughout Karolingia, and witnessed in similar shock and horror as to the extremely harsh crackdown performed by the Karolingian government.

We have full confidence in the joint Durakan-Tavari forces that have been placed in charge of the occupation, and look forward to seeing the region stabilize in the near future.

Tretrid is willing to aid the League’s occupation in any way it can and to send whatever aid it can render to the aggrieved people of Ostarkeland. We will also be looking to invest in Ostarkeland, to keep the territory’s economy stable and running even in wake of the military occupation.

On a similar note, we have recently revisited the Meagharian Development Program (MDP), which was tasked to send humanitarian aid to the impoverished people of Meagharia, whose lack of modern medicine and proper infrastructure to administer treatment for diseases threatened to cause a crisis.

We have determined that the progress in building Meagharian infrastructure has been satisfactory, and after consultation with the Meagharian government, we have determined that these investments have completely served their purpose. As such, these payments will end soon. The MDP will continue sending food and medicine, as they are essential supplies that every sapient being has a right to.

The money that is no longer being sent to Meagharia will instead be sent to Durakia to help pay for the reconstruction of the former Vakarastan. As one of the belligerent parties in the Irnac War, it is our responsibility to do our part to make sure that not only do the people of the former Vakarastan become fully free of the government that used to oppress them, but that they may also be elevated to similar living standards of other people within Durakia.

As a nation with considerable economic power, it is our duty to spread opportunity, prosperity, and stability throughout West Novaris. Every disadvantaged nation deserves to have other nations helping it succeed, and we believe Tretrid can act in this role of guide. Give them the resources and money to succeed, and they very much will.

Prime Minister

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Cynebury, Tretrid
October 5, 2020

Eoforwine had a tendency to conduct a lot of diplomacy personally. For the most sensitive and high-level tasks, he often insisted on handling things himself.

It wasn’t like he didn’t delegate. Most of the door-to-door business of international relations were conducted through his Foreign Minister Sæwine. It’s just that he insisted on seeing through many of Tretrid’s most important foreign policy goals directly.

Eoforwine was on the phone with Sæwine.

“Anyway, Sæwine, now that Tretrid has taken a more hands-off approach with Meagharia, I was hoping that we could restart a dialogue with the Norgsveltians. A correspondence through the embassies, perhaps. Whatever it will take to get them talking with us again. While they haven’t picked sides in the cold war, the truth of the matter is that they’re angry at us for how we supported Meagharia. Having them side with Arkia would… definitely not be ideal.”

“I’ll see what I can do.”

“Thank you. We do have our historical connections with Norgsveldet, with our… rocky history… but there’s a lot of strain in our relationship that needs to be resolved.”

“Again, I’ll look into what steps we can take.”

“Alright. Now, I can’t keep talking forever. We both have our own things to do. Be seeing you.”

“Same for you, Prime Minister.” The line clicked, and went dead.

Eoforwine put his phone back on the receiver. He checked his schedule. He had prepared a few remarks for the next session of the Witenagemot, and he wondered if he should go over them again, edit them slightly, perhaps rehearse a bit.

He then remembered that there were other things that he should pay attention too. He hadn’t factored Schlesia that much into his plans. Sure, Jeb Gray was very much on his side, but he didn’t know how he would react to his ideas for a West Novaran organization.

He reached his phone again and dialed Gray’s office.

George Gray set down his pen, pausing for a moment before he picked up the phone. This call was from the direct line to Tretrid, and that could mean only one person. “Hello, this is President Gray, what is the meaning of your call Prime Minister? I trust all is well in Tretrid.”

“Ah, I’ve been meaning to catch up on how things are doing in Schlesia. Particularly, how you plan to proceed given the LN occupation of Ostarkeland.”

“Well, frankly, it matters not how I plan to proceed if the League wishes otherwise. I dream of a united state for the Arkian people, but I’m afraid that cannot happen in our current divided state.”

“Well, I wish you well in that goal, though I fear it will be far from a simple task. Oh, there was something I wanted to discuss with you about, too.”

“And what might that be?”

“I had a recent conversation with Mr. Adley of Durakia, and I raised the possibility of creating a defensive pact within West Novaris as a show of strength and stability in this infamously volatile region.”

“I would support such an organization, though I worry we would do naught but invoke further ire from the Arkian Empire. Even if we see them as our foes, we must try and stop any military escalation from this already violent conflict. West Novaris is considered a powder keg, we should not be the ones to hold the match to it.”

“Further escalation is certainly something to be avoided, and I fully am aware that we will have to be careful to avoid perceptions that such a pact is a ‘Tretridian sphere’ or something similar.”

“So then, how would you propose doing that? Unless you intend to invite the Arkians to this defensive pact, they will see it as an affront, and I am not sure we can prevent them from responding in turn.”

“I think the best course of action, believe it or not, is to reach out to Aponivia and coax them into joining this alliance. If a country as neutral and demilitarized as they are is willing to join, that should send a message.”

Gray paused a moment more, “Perhaps, but have you not considered the possible issues that could arise from that? Namely, what if it completely backfires? I see no reason the Arkians take that as an act of neutrality. It seems far more likely they would see it as an increase in strength of the ‘Tretridian Sphere’.”

“And how would they look in doing so? While they will naturally want to respond in kind, they too must make sure that they don’t appear to be the aggressors. They’re rather isolated diplomatically, and the last thing they need is for them to look like they’re preparing for a war of aggression.”

“Look, Eoforwine, if we act first, they won’t need to worry about looking like the aggressors, because they’ll be responding. They may be isolated on Novaris, but Asendavia and Norgsveldet can both be considered friendly, especially the former. I just worry that if we act too rashly the Arkians will be provoked into reactive action.”

“I certainly understand your concerns. However, I believe that if we take steps to downplay Tretridian involvement in such an organization, it would become more difficult to accurately criticize this organization as being a ‘Tretridian sphere.’ Namely, emphasizing this organization’s purpose as a West Novaran pact for West Novaran nations.”

“With all due respect Eoforwine, Tretrid is not a West Novaran nation. Arkalarius is.”

“I’ll have to concede that. There are definitely… details that need to be worked out. But, one way or another, I do want to see through the vision of a more stable West Novaris.”

“If that is the case, I believe that brings us right back to Karolingia. You’ve asked me what I intend to do, but what are you going to do? Tretrid has always involved itself in West Novaris, for better or for worse, and I don’t expect you to stop now.”

“Arkia is currently relatively isolated, and I will try to ensure it stays that way. Their options will be limited if we limit the amount of friends they have as much as possible.”

“And what does that mean for Ostarkeland? If you intend to restrict Arkia as much as possible, I can see only one real solution to this situation.”

“Yes, Ostarkeland must be kept out of Arkian hands. And, to help see through that goal, I am reaching out to the League to invest in the territory’s economy, so that they can see the benefits that working with Tretrid brings.”

“Karolingia worked with Tretrid. Ostarkeland works with the League. I respect you Eoforwine, but Tretrid as a nation has a dark past, one that I am very familiar with. What do you intend to do with Ostarkeland? I mean, in the long term.”

“Whatever happens to the territory isn’t that important to me in the long term, as long as it doesn’t become an acquisition of the Arkian Empire. That, even as a symbolic victory, would give them too much momentum.”

“I agree, but I don’t think that’s the only way they can win out. If we were to keep Ostarkeland independent, and I mean truly independent, not a puppet of Tretrid or the League, then they may very well seek closer relations with the Arkians, and we would not be able to stop them. This brings us back to my original proposition. We must unify Schlesia and Ostarkeland, as that is the first step to Arkian reunification.”

“Very well, then.” Eoforwine paused for a moment. “I will try to aid you in your efforts in whatever way I can. I believe Ostarkeland becoming part of Schlesia is likely the best outcome we could get out of what situation we have here.”

“With a unification of the two states, this nation would no longer simply be Schlesia. I would be able to truly claim that this nation is the legitimate state of Arkalarius. With such a challenge to the Empire’s strength, we could shake what little hold on West Novaris they still have.”

“A return to the old government, from before the Civil War? Sounds like a plan.” There was another pause. “You know, I believe that one of the greatest missteps in recent history that Tretrid has made was not intervening in your favor during the Civil War. We could have avoided all this… insanity, if the government at the time had only seen that that would have been a clear road to a lasting peace.”

“And you’re telling me. 15 years of exile in Tretrid, 15 years of potential progress erased. So much could have been done, and instead we’ve regressed to autocracy and border wars.”

“Alas,” Eoforwine said, “there is nothing that could be done now. The past is past, whether we like it or not. Let us at least work to try to repair the damage already done.”

“Very well then. I suggest we convene in person to discuss this alliance. Perhaps in Durakia, I know Tolinsk is nice at this time of year.”

“I’ll keep that recommendation in mind for when we hold these talks, then.”

“As always, peace in Novaris.”

“Let us hope that it can be achieved within our lifetimes.”

“As long as we fight for it, it can be done. This was a very enlightening conversation Eoforwine, hopefully this defensive pact goes well. Goodbye for now.”

“I’ll hopefully be seeing you soon. I wish you luck with your plans.” And with that, Eoforwine hung up the phone.

He mentally filed over everything he had discussed with Gray. The Prime Minister had a lot to think about.

October 5, 2020


Dear John W. Vultz:

Recent events have lead to the Tretridian government reevaluating its foreign policy positions in West Novaris.

Chief among our concerns is the stances of other nations regarding disputes between Tretrid and the Arkian Empire.

We are interested in reaching out to your government to re-examine our relationship and discuss ways Tretridian foreign policy could be conducted differently to be more accommodating to Norgsveltian needs in the region.

As a show of good-will, we have decided that it was best to largely end our investment in Meagharia, which we understand that your government has opposed due to Meagharia’s ideological similarities to Hirdism. We hope that whatever dialogue comes of this effort is constructive and results in a mutually beneficial outcome for both of our nations.

ᚫᛒᛒᛖ ᛒᚪᛞᚪᛋᛞᚩᚻᛏᛖᚱ
Æbbe Badasdohter
Ambassador to Norgsveldet
Kingdom of Tretrid

(Joint post between me and Tret)

Cynebury, Tretrid
October 9, 2020

Eoforwine sat at his desk, waiting anxiously for a prearranged call time. It took a few days of communications between Tretrid and Norgsveldet, but both governments had agreed to have Eoforwine call Norgsveldet’s Prime Minister, Johanna Sverdrup.

The Prime Minister felt a mixture of excitement and dread as he reached for his phone and punched in a certain phone number. On one hand, he really wanted to figure out a way to make Tretridian foreign policy more amenable to Norgsveldet, even if he would have to give certain concessions with his position in West Novaris. On the other hand, Johanna’s reputation for a hawkish stance preceded her.

He finished dialing in the number and waited.

Sigh left Johanna’s lips as she answered the phone. “Sverdrup here, who am I talking too?” Her voice sounded almost a tiny bit tired, after having spent hours preparing for the election that was going to happen in a one month time.

“This is Eoforwine.” Eoforwine took a deep breath. “I believe we both know what I’m calling to discuss.”

“Ah yes…” Johanna said with a cold tone. “To simply get straight into the topic then. Your nation’s friendship with Meagharia to understate it, a bit problematic.”

“I suppose you could phrase it that way.” Eoforwine paused for a couple of seconds. “Yes, I understand that Tretrid’s current policy towards Meagharia is putting… significant strain on our relationship. I’ve been wanting to distance Tretrid a fair bit from them because, quite frankly, I’m not sure if that’s the best place to put my political capital.”

“Yes, I would quite say it is not the best foreign policy decision that you have mister Eoforwine….” Johanna’s voice is still keeping a cold tone. “Though. I want to make this clear. It is not just Tretrid’s friendship with Meagharia that has caused the current coldness between our great nations. But also Tretrid is friendly with the Morstaybishlia. It is these two factors together that are making your little arrangement difficult. “

“Ah, the Morstaybishlians. Really, with that… show they put on after Rodenia invaded Puntalia, there’s certainly been more voices in Tretrid demanding a more distant, cooler relationship with Great Morstaybishlia. I am definitely dissatisfied with how that panned out.” Eoforwine considered his options for a moment. “It wouldn’t exactly make sense for a country that sent military force to Arcturia to simply say nothing after Bavarta pulled the stunt he did. Perhaps a shift in alignment for Tretrid may be in order. With what happened with Puntalia in mind, it seems Tretrid’s foreign policy may have a better chance of aligning with that of Norgsveldet than the Morstaybishlians.”
“I would say that is wise. My government is willing to place a blind eye over Meagharia, if your nation does promise to keep them in just a regional environment. After all, no one wants to see Meagharians in Tiervan, now do we?” Johanna let out a small chilly laugh as she mentioned Tiervan. “Then I personally think to signal Tretrid going away from Morstaybishlian alignment, they could join or become observers in the NCEF. I mean after all, NCEF is mostly made up of Ulvrikian nations. We would feel more at home supporting a fellow Ulvrikian then let’s say an Arkian right?” Johanna stated in a mixture of cold and sweet tone, with a small smile on her face.

“Regarding Meagharia, I’m not sure if I could realistically stop them from saying something, but I can say that I will apply whatever pressure I can to stop them from rendering aid to Tiervan. That possibility wouldn’t… go over well for any of us. As for the NCEF, that is an attractive offer. I suppose it would be better off for Tretrid if we could have a more open market with our fellow Ulvrikian nations. It would certainly be received well by most people here.”

“And same here. Many of the parties in my parliament want to keep the Ulvrikian identity of foreign policy. None wants to see brothers against brothers, as such us brother nations should help each other against problematic rivals right?”

“Likewise. It would be a terrible outcome should our nations come to blows for the first time in over 200 years.”

“Indeed. So I can promise Norgsveldet and possibly quite a few other nations to support Tretrid in its rivalry with Arkia, while Tretrid joins NCEF and helps out with Norgsveldet’s rivals such as South Hills and Morstaybishlia. We can ofcourse go into further details, but if we can agree on that.” Johanna paused for a second before speaking in a more calmer and nicer tone than before. “Our two nations relations would be better than ever.”

“I look forward to that time.”

“So do I, mister prime minister, and I am glad we have come to an agreement. Until next time, have a good day.”

“You too.” The two Prime Ministers hung up the phone.

Eoforwine looked over at the papers strewn across the desk. That had been quite productive, but he couldn’t rest on his laurels. The Prime Minister’s job was never done, and Eoforwine had work to do.

October 12, 2020


Dear Ayesha Munoz:

Please be informed that that we intend on following through with our scheduled summit in Wendake on the 15th. Travel arrangements are being made at the time of this dispatch.

The Prime Minister would like to make the government of Aponivia aware that he would like to discuss a proposal of some importance, due to his belief that the aforementioned proposal could have major effects around West Novaris.

We hope that a productive and continued dialogue between our two nations will endure into the future.

ᚻᛖᚪᚱᛞ ᛖᚪᛞᚱᛁᚳᛋᚩᚾ
Heard Eadricson
Ambassador to Aponivia
Kingdom of Tretrid