The Halls of Mærhalen

30th January, 2023
Mærhalen, Tangrland

Olav couldn’t help but sigh as he looked through the window of the limousine that was driving him to Tangrian legislature. While he certainly saw a large amount of people on the streets, something quite unavoidable by how large of a city Mærhalen was. Though it was not the amount of people he saw that was noticeable, rather it was the lack of reaction the people had by seeing him. Though he wasn’t exactly surprised by it either. It has never been a secret that out of all nations within the Crown Realm that Tangrland was the one with least amount of loyalty to the Crown. Most people here either had disapproval of the Norgsveltian monarchy or apathy to it. So it was a clear contrast compared to his visits to nations like the Federation and Vakrestrender in which large parades and crowds cheering him on was the norm.

“Certainly far from a warm welcome.” The king joked as he took a sip from his coffee cup.

“Well better no reaction then a protest, no?” Wilhelmina said next to him, giving her husband a teasing smile. Which earned her a warm chuckle from him.

“Ha, I guess you’re right about that.” He smiled warmly as he leaned in to kiss her forehead.

“Still not sure why you have to be here?” The kemonomimi queen raised an eyebrow at Olav. “I thought the independence talks were already done?”

“They are. Mr. Kirkeland’s government already put in motion of Tangrland’s independence.” The king looked down towards his feet before looking back to his wife. “My job is just to decide which paper to sign.”

“Sweetie. You’re not making this more understandable.” Wilhelmina said half teasingly and half serious.

“Oh hush I was getting to that.” Olav said with a small chuckle. “Effectively both the High Lord and High Maiden have made two competing constitutions in which only the Norgsveltian Crown can make official changes of the current Tangrian constitution.”

“Well, I’ll be here for emotional support.” The queen gave him a kiss on the cheek. “I am certain you will make the right decision.”

“I already have, it’s all about just making it official.” He said, taking a sip from his coffee as he once more peeked out the window towards the large legislative building that they were about to arrive at.

_ _

Feirleik VI was not a man known for his patience, as the high lord of Tangrland he had been used to expecting things to be done quickly and precisely. Often specifically to his liking. So when he entered the assembly made up of mostly Tangrian priestesses he could not help but give a glare towards the lady standing in front of them all. The speaker of the assembly and the high maiden of the country, the second most powerful person in the nation. An avid political rival since the creation of their two positions.

“High Lord Feirleik, here to join us in our prayer?” Sigrid said, raising an eyebrow towards the elven man. Small glint of teasing in her eyes as she smiled warmly. With her and the other members of the assembly wearing dark green robes with hints of golden trees decorating them. A spiritual clothing for those following the Tangrian faith.

“No. I want a word. In private.” The elven nobleman said, gesturing to her to follow him into the halls. His demeanor was of cold professionalism however a sense of anger was clearly there. His clothing almost reflects it with his robes being of dark red with jewelry being sewn into it.

Sigrid gave him a curious look at that but simply nodded as she excused herself from her fellow priestesses before following the elven man into the hall. “Might I ask why you wanted to speak to me, Feirleik?”

“It is a matter about the constitution.” The darked haired elf said voice was still cold, opening the door to his office. Holding it open for the High Maiden as she entered.

“I think that should be a matter we should not be discussing until we meet the king, is it not?” Sigrid said, her eyes narrowing down at him.

“Is that really so? It’s our country is it not?” Feirleik said as he closed the door. He smiled though his voice was cold. “Though do not fret, I only have a small proposition.”

“Which is?”

“That we both make some amendments in our political reforms.” Feirleik walked over to his desk pouring himself a cup of coffee. “To ensure no matter what happens, we both get to keep our standings.”

The Priestess nodded as her suspicions slowly went away. “I’m listening.”

“I will ensure that the clergy will be protected within my Kingdom if my political reforms are implemented.” He took a sip from his coffee, one he had imported from the Federation. He might not like their government but they sure make a good coffee. “While if yours is implemented, I want legal immunity and keep my title.”

Sigrid stood in silence for a moment, she didn’t see any good reason why not to implement those. Was even something she suggested in the past but Feirleik was against the ideas back then. So what got him to change his stance? Cold feet? Well she would take it nonetheless. “I see no issue with that. Was there anything else?” She said crossing her arms.

"Wonderful. Now if you could please leave my office that would be nice, there is nothing else to discuss.” He said, taking a sip from his cup as the Priestess left his overly expensive office. He let out an irritated sigh. He hated to make that compromise, but a little song bird has said it was for the best.

Afterall, he was never going to become king anyways…

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Olav let out a sigh as he stood in the middle of the legislature holding the piece of paper he had his speech written on. Looking across all the people anxious to hear him speak. The room was filled by journalists, cameras, priestesses, officers and many others who were there to hear his decision. The one to decide which path this massive nation will go down upon. He saw the High Lord leaning in from his seat that was on his right, a serious cold expression on his face. While the High Maiden who was on his left copied the movement but with a more worried and nervous expression.

“I will first be here to state my gratitude for the important role that Tangrland has placed as a Crown State within the Imperial Realm.” He started simply giving a serious look towards the crowd. “The strength your people have given to help my nation has been immense. That shall never be underscored. As such it is time for that strength to be placed inwards, to help the Tangrian people.” Olav could feel his nerves building up but calmed down when he saw the sweet smile of his wife sitting in the front. Giving him a small thumbs up. Making him internally chuckle at seeing that. “As such I am to accept Tangrland as a fully independent nation into the international community. One I am certain will play an important role for Gondwana and the world at large.” He turned the other page in which he let out a small sigh seeing it.

“But my role as king, has to make one final decision before the celebrations can begin.” He gestured to the Tangrian leaders that were sitting next to him but now has stood up. “Me and my government have been given two different proposals for Tangrland’s new constitution. In which after several deliberations and talks between me and my government have finally come to an agreement. In which we have decided what we think will be best for Gondwana and Urth at large.” He looked into the cameras, still serious but optimistic as he spoke as he took out the new constitution he had underneath his speech. Holding it up so the crowd could see it. The cameras immediately flashing up as he showed it. Partially blinding the king. “We have decided to accept Miss Sigrid’s proposal. Viewing her ideals of federalism, democracy and tolerance as the only way for Tangrland to prosper.” Audible whispers could be heard across the room with the officers being far more louder and clearly annoyed at the development. While the clergy was happy as some even hugged each other hearing what the king said.

Sigrid let out a sigh of relief as she smiled at hearing her proposal was accepted. Finally her idea of a new Tangrland could be made. Feirleik however, was clearly not happy. As he gave a disappointed sigh as he sat back into his chair, rubbing the bridge of his nose. As the room calmed down the king spoke up again. “While I could read up the proposal, I will consider it more prudent to allow the High Maiden to speak for herself.” He said, stepping away from the speaker platform, smiling warmly towards Sigrid as he gestured to her to take his place.

The High Maiden walked up to the stage with a bright and hopeful smile on her face as she spoke. “Friends and likeminds it is a pleasure to announce how Tangrland will be reformed for the matter, in which I promise you and the world that Tangrland as a independent nation will become a bastion of democracy, federalism and tolerance in North Gondwana. I cannot give my thanks enough to His Majesty for giving me this moment to ensure Tangrland will change for the better.” Her voice was filled with optimism and pride as she spoke. “In which my first act will be getting rid of the dysfunctional diarchy our nation was founded upon. The position of Minister-President will be established to replace it, in which I will hold until a new leader is elected by a democratic process. Mister Feirleik will keep his title as High Lord, but its status will be relegated as a Royal Protector position to represent the Norgsveltian Crown in these lands.” She gestured to Feirleik as he stood up bowing his head respectfully, though a hint of irritation was on his face but he hid it well.

“We will be going over the changes that this new constitution will establish, as such if there are any questions that people want to ask it is just ask them now!”

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“Erik Skoog from the Cryrian News Network here. Given the Royal Protector’s role as a representative of the Norgsveltian Crown, what will be the continued function of the Norgsveltian monarchy and wider government within an independent Tangrland?”


The new Minister-President nodded her head at question. “His Majesty will function as a purely ceremonial and symbolic role within Tangrland. With political meetings being rather done through the High Lord as the king’s personal representative in Tangrland.”

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  In the far back of the audience, a journalist stands up and begins to ask their question, speaking extremely loudly to be heard.
  “Maram Taalib here with the Mukarras Speaker out of Aldaar. When it comes to foreign policy, does Tangrland intend to continue relying on existing ties in Concord and other Norgsveltian Crown states, or does it aim to build new relationships in Gondwana, especially in areas beyond just Northeast Gondwana?”

Sigrid took a moment to answer, pondering the question before she spoke up again. “At the current moment our position is to keep being part of organizations such as the Crown Realm and NCEF which we will keep being actively involved in. My government will however need to talk more in depth if we are going to continue being a part of the UCA. Our main focus will be on developing our nation and our new democracy, but we will reach out to like-minded nations in Gondwana who have the same values as we do.”

“Sévère Béranger from the Red Dove, what sort of economic reform will be introduced into the country? Additionally, will the country applying for grants and loans from the RCEU or the Federation directly to assist with the country developments?”

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“My government will seek to transform the economy in such a way to help people here and develop it. While I know that is a vague answer, it is one I have until i’ve talked in depth with advisers of like minds about the issue. Though I will assure people here that we are going to actively move away from the more oligarchal nature of the extremely privatist economy that we have now.” She took a small moment to think about the next part before answering with a kinder smile on her face. “While I doubt we would seek loans and grants from the RCEU as we are NCEF members we would ask for such from the North Concordian Bank. We will however take the Federation as an example for our nation building process, so if the Federation wants to help we would not reject it.”

“Does this imply the government has already created plans in place to avoid it? If so, could you explain how so. Additionally, are there plans to bring in outside corporations to invest into the country?”

“Me and my allies have established certain plans to move away from the current structure of the economy. Yet those plans will need to be viewed in further details and scrutiny before I can feel confident in implementing them. As for the current moment we have no plans to bring more foreign corporations into our country, as we already have many involved here. With said corporations having taken full advantage of our current economic state, which needs to change.”

The Red Dove Reporter wrote down the responses in their notes, before asking one final question.
“Could you specify which corporations you believe are taking advantage of the country’s current state?”

“While I cannot name them all, the two main ones are the Anite’s Wood Company, a subsidiary of INTCO and the Johnson Franken Group.” She said as she took a sip from a glass of water that been given to her.

A bespectacled, poshly-attired tiefling stood up in the crowd of journalists. “Uvirn Wiksn of The Mackendale Chronicle. Can you elaborate on moving away from the current economic structure? Do you mean to cut ties entirely with the UCCS corporations you have listed?”


"It will depend as I need to work the details out with my staff, so further details will be given later. But what I can say for certainty is that we are willing to cut ties with those corporations If we cannot come to an agreement with them.”

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28th February, 2023

Mærhalen International Airport, Tangrland

Sigrid waited in anticipation for the first high end diplomatic visit to her recently declared independent nation. With her negotiations with AWC and the NFC hitting an impasse, with the two corporations being stubborn over their past contracts, she was forced to start turning towards a different direction. While she has told her finance minister to hold off on the nationalization plan, she has told her and other ministers to prepare for that possibility. Before doing anything radical it is best to weigh in the options, especially that any such plans could easily annoy Vistaraland and South Hills. As such, this diplomatic visit might prove fruitful if she plays her cards correctly. When the private jet landed on the airport the Minister-President could not help but notice it was a few minutes earlier then what was anticipated. Her personal guards kept the press at bay while she waited, being dressed in her dark green robes with a golden tree symbol on the chest area. Typical clothing for the Tangrian clergy.

As the plane landed and reached a screeching halt. Few more moments add to the tension, the stairway car pulls onto the pavement, linking up to the plane’s airlock. The white door with a red stripe swings opened. Several suit wearing figures step outside first, checking the area before going down the steps. Hands resting on their rifles, after being confident that the area was secured. The main agent reached into their inner jacket’s pocket, pulling out a radio and giving the order. “Le ciel est dégagé, le cygne est prêt.”

As the agent spoke, a white-haired human woman stepped out of the airlock, descending the stairs. Wearing a black suit, white undershirt and a red tie. A small pin on her jacket’s collar but it’s too far out to see it properly. She fixes her tie, approaching Sigrid with an angry expression on her face.

“Miss Pierre, I hope your trip went well.” Sigrid said with a warm smile as she bowed her head in respect. Her blonde hair has been braided up, with a bit of traditional paint being placed near her eyes. To symbolize the clergy’s connection to Tangrland’s nature.

She bowed her head in response, then reached out her hand to shake the elf. “The trip was long, however I believe it will prove to be beneficial to both our nations.” The heat from the jungles hit Pierre like a train, though at least. She wore a suit made for these kinds of climates being far more lightweight but the heat will always sink in through the layers.

“So do I, your nation is a major point of inspiration for me and my party.” Sigrid gestured to the Federal Prime Minister to follow her and her guards as they walked towards the airport. Several journalists took pictures of the two and some yelling questions as the guard held them away.

“Is Tangrland going to join the RCEU?!”

“Miss Sigrid! Are you planning on taking this country towards a socialist direction?!”

“Miss Pierre! What are your interests with Tangrland?!”

“Madam Pierre! Why are you wearing a suit in 35’c weather!” A small tiefling child shouted out towards the pair. Wearing an old-fashioned news reporter cap with his school’s logo on the side.

Sigrid just let out a small sigh as she shook her head. “Any questions can be given to us at the press conference after the meeting.” She said simply as the guards made way for the two ladies to pass the press without too much issue.

Pierre wanted to give a smile but when she turned her head to look at the child, her unfortunate condition made her look like she was giving the kid a dirty look. She gave a sigh, looking back forward, giving her attention back to Sigrid.

“My apologies, Pierre. The press has been quite livid since my nation’s independence, I am getting worried they about to start asking me what shampoo I used this morning so they can make a political analysis about it.” Sigrid joked as the two got to a secluded part of the airport with no one to bother them as they talked.

“Ah, I suffer from similar issues with the press. They keep asking when and where the next invasion.” Pierre joked, but spirits know it does not sound like a joke with her moderately always angry sounding voice.

“Well with the impressive track record your nation’s military has, I am certain any invasion it does ends too fast for the press to report on.” Sigrid said in a small chuckle. Hoping that the Prime Minister was joking. As the two got out of the other end of the airport, the two saw a black limousine was prepared for them. With one of Sigrid’s guards holding the door up for them. The Minister-President gestured to Pierre to enter first.

“In our defense, we thought they would have lasted longer. I had to re-do my speech.” It was no longer clear if she was joking or not. The human woman stepped into the limousine, taking the far seat so the Minister-President could join her in the car.

Sigrid sat down next to the angry looking prime minister, placing her hands on her lap. “It is a genuine pleasure to have you here, my party has long thought about establishing ties to the Federation.”

Pierre rested her arms by crossing them. “Oui, the Federation has wanted to establish a relationship with Tangrland for decades. May our meeting prove to be fruitful and achieve both our nation’s aims.”

“Quite so, especially since my party is looking towards an alternative from Vistari and Concordian companies.” Sigrid said trying to be as friendly as possible as the limousine drove to two to the meeting they will be having.

“There is an old Federation saying, it’s better to sew a shirt by hand than to trust a smiling Vistari offering a machine.” Pierre looks towards the window then back at Sigrid, “If you require assistance in removing their venom from your economy, my government is more than pleased to assist.”

“I am pleased to hear it.” The Minister-President said with an actual genuine smile.

The two were escorted into an empty room, with a large wooden table of mahogany origin in the middle of it. The walls were decorated with paintings of dozens of different eras of Tangrian history, most symbolizing the series of conflicts that Tangrland waged during the 1700s to unify all of what is now Tangrland.

Sigrid sat down at one end of the table pouring two glasses of water, giving one towards Pierre still having her friendly smile. “I think I said it once already but it is an honor having you here.” She took a sip of her glass before continuing on. “I hope together we can ensure a more prosperous, fair and equal North Gondwana.”

Pierre sat down on the other end, resting her elbows on the table. “It is a pleasure and an honor to be here in a free Tangrland. I assure you, the Federation will do what it can to ensure the liberty and prosperous future for North Gondwana and beyond.” The prime minister took a sip of her water.

“That is certainly wonderful to hear.” Sigrid said as she put down her glass and took out some documents given to her by the Minister of Foreign Affairs. “As I already told you when you landed, me and my party have taken inspiration from your nation. The Federal model, while not perfect to what we had in mind, is a model we will use as a cornerstone for our new system.”

“There is nothing wrong with adapting policies from successful countries to fit your people’s needs. However, to be blunt if you accuse me of rudeness. I don’t believe you requested a state visit to praise the Federation to me directly.” Pierre kept the usual moderately angry tone she was known for, though tried to make it clear beforehand she is not actually upset at her.

Sigrid just nodded her head at that. “Indeed it’s not, but it is something I mention for a reason.” Her voice has turned far more serious compared to her calm friendly attitude from earlier. “My government needs advisers to help during these major reforms in the system. As such I hope we could be provided with some support in said areas.”

Pierre gave a nod, “Then it is so, we can have our experts arrive at your leisure. Just provide a list of the areas you need assistance in and I will have my government provide them.” She paused for a moment, thinking for a second before speaking in her fiery tone, “How radical are we talking in terms of changes?”

“Quite radical ones I’m afraid.” Sigrid said with a small chuckle. “The main focus is bureaucratic ones however. While my government has some changes in the economic field in mind, it is not our focus. My main desire is to Federalize and democratize Tangrland. Which is why we want to use your nation as a cornerstone while ensuring that the rest of the structure is inherently Tangrian in design.”

She gave an understanding look, writing a few notes down on a piece of paper before folding it up and placing it back into her pocket. “I understand more clearly now, do you aim to socialize your economy as well at some point?”

The Minister-President thought for a moment, as she pondered her options. “That will be dependent on the A.W.C and the J.F.C. My government has no plans on nationalizing said corporations overnight, especially when negotiations are possible.” Small frown formed on her lips. “They haven’t exactly been too forthcoming. Overall focus will be continuing to develop the economy and move it away from exploitation of foreign companies. Though without making rapid changes in the current economic structure.”

“In that case, I can suggest some of the Federation international cooperatives to establish operations here. All it takes is people seeing the right way of doing things and reaping the benefits from them to get the ball rolling. I can suggest some of the cooperative investment firms to bankroll startups here as well.” Pierre sipped her water, “Are the two parties going to hinder your party’s process with bureaucratic reform?”

“I will certainly not deny any investments.” Sigrid said with a small smile on her face before taking a sip from her glass. “The Military Party and the National Liberals are unlikely to be strong enough to challenge my party. Though even if they were, we have allies in the Nyveldian People’s Party. The fact that the Nationalists and Militarists are trying to be a part of the democratic process helps legitimize these reforms to the people.”

“Then it is so, I will make the necessary suggestions.” She tried to give a smile back but yet, your unfortunate facial features made it look just like she scowled more. “When it comes to the other parties at play, no problem as a one-size fits all solution but if you wish, I can have some… Politically inclined experts as part of the bureaucracy experts delegation.”

Sigrid raised an eyebrow at that. “I think for the moment it is too early for that, I am confident of my party’s ability to win the legislative election in April.” She shook her head in amusement before continuing. “…And with the legislative reforms we have in mind, we are having far greater political advantage over those two parties.”

Pierre gave an understanding nod, “I understand.” She leaned back in her chair staring angrily at the elf in front of her. “When it comes to defense, do you require reforms to that as well? Even if it is not required, the Federation can open its doors to its officers and specialized training centers for Tangerland.”

The elf just chuckled at that. “Oh militarily I think we will be quite alright, though I’d be in favor of military exercises and training between our two nations.” Sigrid went through some documents before she continued. “Though there is one topic I want to discuss.” She takes out one of the documents and pushes it towards Pierre. The document shows a map of the de facto borders of Salisar, especially highlighting the most Eastern territories of East Salisar that was hugging the border with Tangrland. It is marked as the Collective Republic of Awawelat. “I am not certain how well informed you are about the civil war in Salisar, but with the establishment of a pro-Vistari government in Astrazarode it has been in continued turmoil. My nation has spent years sponsoring the separatists in Awawelat, and I’m planning on ensuring that independence.” She gave a warm smile to Pierre as she took a sip from her glass. “My hope is that in the press conference later, we both announce our recognition of Awawelat.”

Pierre looked with a joyful glee in her eyes if you overlook the sheer anger on her face. “You don’t need to hope, it is done. I have my government push for recognition for it in the RCEU, and well, I believe you are familiar with the Federation foreign policy on anti-imperialism. If the freedom fighters need it, they will have it.” She barely looked over the map in all honesty, she only needed to know a Vistari puppet was involved and she would have committed. “You didn’t need to say more, you know. All you need to say is support the independence of the natives.” She gives a sly tone of voice, figuring Sigrid could catch her drift.

“Absolutely wonderful then!” The elf said, clapping her hands together and stood up from her chair. “I think that we need some wine to celebrate this.” She walked towards one of the cupboards in the room pulling out a bottle of wine and two wine glasses. Pouring into the two glasses, giving one of the glasses to Pierre a smirk on her face. “For the freedom of Awawelat.”

She accepted the wine glass, raising it up to toast. “To the worker and crown, to the destruction of imperialist holdouts and their swine.” She was only culturally Akuanist and was always paranoid about being captured on camera when drinking. Less the media accuse her of breaking secularism laws and get dragged through the mud for it.

“May my people become free.” Sigrid said as the two clinked their glasses and took a sip of their wine.