The Hatrokyan Times (Ατροκύανοι χρόνοι - Hatrokya Zamanları)

The Hatrokya Times

Ατροκύανοι χρόνοι - Hatrokya Zamanları

13 June 2023. Morning Edtion.

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New elections for the High Ministry
By Maria Trisiades. KORALIA, KR.

Ikiz Sultan has called new elections for this June 19, the first in 2023. These elections will replace the Prime Minister, Giannis Loulodiou Pasha, of his government. Loulodiou, leader of the National Economic Party, obtained his position after being elected councilor (Simvoulos) of the Niherlerzeri, and joining the General Assembly of Citizens. He had the support of his party and the Restoration and Development Party, and after the intense selection process, he was voted in by the majority of the simvoulos in November 2022. Loulodiou has been characterized by his isolationist, protectionist and favorable policies of the businessmen of the coast. This time, the main contenders are Leyla Terhan Hanim, a lawyer from the Enlightened Party, and Abdul Mahraz Bey, governor of Koralia province, from the National Economic Party.

Ikiz Sultan, Queen of Hatrokya, is approaching her sixth year of reign, and celebrations have been decreed throughout the country. Vizier Dimitri Petrides Aga, chief of the General Staff, has coordinated military parades to celebrate her election as her Queen. Ikiz Sultan, from the Altindeniz family, was elected Queen in 2017 by the King’s Electoral Council, after defeating Michail Bey, from the Paradeisos family.

A large turnout is expected, as Koyluleri newspapers support Leyla Hanim’s candidacy, and Korikoi newspapers support Abdul Bey’s candidacy. Iosif Papandreou, third contender for the Restoration and Development Party, insists that Hatrokya must maintain isolationism, contrary to Terhan and Mahraz, who want Hatrokya to open up to trade and international diplomacy.

The Hatrokya Times

Ατροκύανοι χρόνοι - Hatrokya Zamanları

10 July 2023. Morning Edtion.

New general state budgets cause concern
By Ibrahim Yilmaz. KORALIA, KR.

Following their victory by winning 53 of the 97 seats in the General Assembly of Citizens., the Enlightened Party, and its leading candidate, Leyla Terhan Hanim, began to draw the lines for the leadership of the new country. Faced with the previous government of Giannis Loloudiou, Terhan firmly believes in establishing diplomatic relations with other countries in the world to expand trade. The goal of the Illuminated Party is to reach the regions of the South, often forgotten and with a majority Koyluleri population, to bring them economic and social development. Terhan has embraced a conservative agenda, a believer in the traditional family, but she is very liberal economically and politically.

At her inauguration on June 29, the Prime Minister swore before Ikiz Sultan allegiance and progress to the Hatrokyan nation. The Prime Minister appointed her 10 ministers, all from the Enlightened Party: Petras Vasileiou (Lord of Treasury), Mehmet Aydin (Lord Protector and Minister of Defense), Dilara Bozkurt (Lady Chancellor), Hakan Güneş (Lord Constable and Minister of Home Affairs ), Isra Aksoy (Minister of Health), Melek Ceylan (Minister of Environment), Persefone Theodoridis (Minister of Education), Helena Stavropoulos (Minister of Social Development), Mahzar Demirci (Minister of Labor) and Alexandros Dimitriadis (Minister of Commerce) .

Now with the new government, Leyla Hanimefendi’s reforms include the new general state budget, which will mean more funds for education and support for small and medium-sized businesses. The new director of the Hatrokyan National Development Bank, Eleftherios Papadaki, has announced that interest rates would rise if taxes increase their level of collection to pay off the new funds. Everything remains under the criteria of the citizens, where the councils (Voulis) of the cities and the assemblies (Eklesies) will discuss the budget project, before reaching the General Assembly of Citizens.