The Imperial Ball

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To: A letter to the national leaders of The East Pacific.
From: Glendale Jung, Empress of East Malaysia.

Dear: Leaders of East Pacific nations,

You have been formally invited to The 167th Annual Imperial Ball, which will be open to all national leaders of The East Pacific for the first time. The event is a formal one in which you can dress in your nations formal way of dress. It will be located at the Grand Memorial Ballroom of the Imperial Palace in Eastrovia. The date and time of the event are as followed: December 6th between 6:30p-12:00a.

If you wish to have a certain meal(s) that is served at formal events of your nation, please send list of no more than three meals to the Imperial Palace.

This event in the past has just been an event where high government members of East Malaysia would join once-a-year to have a good time, make speeches, or get a rare time to relax. I am glad to now extend it to the whole East Pacific region now.


Glendale Jung

Empress of East Malaysia

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Diplomatic Communique
Addressed to the Empress of East Malaysia
Empress Young,

It is with great honor and pleasure that I received your invitation to 167th Annual Imperial Ball and with even greater honor and pleasure that I accept it. I cannot wait to attend.

Matthew Terrus
President, the Federated Alliance of Free Pacific States

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To: Whoever have to read this
From: President Lazlow of the Peoples Republic of Lazlowia

I don’t know when was the last time I could do something different from day-to-day governing, so you can expect me to come too.

Signed, etc.

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To: Glendale Jung, Empress, East Malaysia
(cc: Annual Imperial Ball organization commitee)
From: Office of the Midhat, Tricorne, P.O. box QE8841

Unfortunately, the Bighhat won’t be able to attend, as he is unlikely to sleep off his current ills in time for the event.
However, the Bighat and I share many responsibilities in running the country, so I would be absolutely delighted to attend myself.

-Renata Breton, Midhat, Really Nice Hats

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TO:            H.I.H. Empress of East Malaysia, et al
FROM:        The Office of the Khagan-Chancellor of Dovakhan

Your Imperial Highness,

It is the pleasure of this office to wholeheartedly accept this gracious invitation.  The Republic-Khanates of Dovakhan has forged strong bonds with the Star Empire of East Malaysia and it is the hope of this office that the Khagan-Chancellor’s presence will show our commitment to furthering relations.

Please expect the Khagan-Chancellor to arrive in Eastrovia aboard an aircraft with the callsign DV-E000.  The state entourage is expected to be around 20 people.  Thank you once again.


Ânâ Ôrîât
Personal Secretary
Office of the Khagan-Chancellor

Ânâtöl Êfösêbâd
Republic-Khanates of Dovakhan

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The Northern Grand Duchy – New Irem
Lady Katrine’s rooms

Reading the forwarded e-mail, the young Michelslandian Empress smiled warmly. She hadn’t been wrong at all, about Ileana De Corde. More than anyone else the Iremian Minister of foreign Affairs was trying to make the young woman feeling involved.

She quickly typed a short message to acknowledge the receipt of the invitation, her minds already working on three different things: how to reply properly to Empress Jung, what to wear at the Ball and how to inform her own escort. Chuckling at the last thought, she began typing.

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To:      Glendale
From: Katrine
Re:      167th annual imperial ball

Dear Sister,

I’m more than simply glad to receive your invitation to the Ball. You know how much I’ve wished to visit you and to see Eastrovia once again.

I’ll attend on behalf of both my own Empire and of the Grand Duchy of Reziel and I’ll be accompanied by Countess Ileana De Corde, MoFA of the Grand Duchy and definitely a woman you have to know. I’ll do my best to convince Lord Reziel himself, but I’m not too optimistic, as the Duke is definitely not a lover of mundane events.

Waiting the moment I’ll finally be able to hug you again,


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Imperial Palace - Glendale’s Bedroom

Glendale, was brought the message from Katrine directly, and she read it as she was trying on her ball gown that was white with designs in pearls. “What a sweet young girl, that she is,” she said to her aide, June. “I will be glad to have her here to visit again; not too many empresses running around The East Pacific these days,” she handed the letter over to June, who looked over it then spoke in confusion.

“Glendale, she’s your sister? I thought it was just Annie.” June asked.

Glendale glanced over and smiled, “Annie is my only sister. Katrine may be distantly related to me, but honestly I’m not sure. Either way, she is a fine young girl.”

“You’re right about that, when she was here at the palace, she was very nice.” June said as she looked down at her PADD. “Glendale, Justin is coming correct? His shuttle should be coming in at any time.”

Walking around in her dress now and looking in the mirror she spoke, “Oh yes he is coming, he has no choice in the matter; I ordered Mr. Jones to not listen to him. But I would have to say since Mr. Jones has come from South Malaysia Justin has been in better moods and listens, I guess it is because he has someone close to his age.”

Glendale and June continued to talk as Glendale get her dress sorted out, with her long fabric gloves, and crown. After that Glendale went to meetings, then helped set up the ballroom for the upcoming event.

Foreign Office, Central Parliament Hall, Dannistra Onn
Communique sent to all relevent Governments from Tr’valis No’oonsoko, Foreign Minister

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To: HIH Glendale Jung, East Malaysia
From: The Office of the Governor-General and the Office of the Dannistrian Prime Minister c/o the Foreign Office.

Dear Madam,

We thank you for your invitation and would be more than happy to attend the 167th Annual Imperial Ball in your country.

Yours Faithfully,
Her Excellency the Right Honourable Marie Clahrk’sohn
Governor-General of the Royal Confederacy of Dannistaan

The Right Honourable P’aanil F’orrlason-Smith
Prime Minister of the Royal Confederacy of Dannistaan

— End quote

KFS Vendetta
Holding orbit, Characoi

Vire Khaz, Lord Primary of House Damis and Admiral of the Fleet, studied the view from his flagship’s observation deck. Most would describe the view of Xiopothos from space at night as a dull thing: Dark shadows interspersed with city lights, forming the rough shape of a nation. To Khaz, however, it was a study in change. He had watched this sight many times, and he knew the pattern of lights. And tonight, he marveled at how many had gone dark since his last visit two months previous. The web of lights faded as power plants ran on half power, cities conserved power, and cars sat dead in garages for want of petroleum. To Lord Khaz, it was a beautiful sight, one that made him proud.

“My Lord?” Amos Tversky, Khaz’s Adjutant, appeared behind him. “Cabinet mailbox just got this. You might be interested…as long as you’re here.” Stepping up the railing beside his Lord, Tversky handed him a digital display sheet.

Khaz pored over the sheet for a moment before handing it back. "Why yes…I would be interested. Tell Jung…actually, I’ll put together a response myself. Thank you, Amos."The matter of the moment dealt with, he went back to watching the lights.

Drakken Palace, Imperia

Presidential Office

Ludwig von Drakken is going through the papers in his office in-tray when he notices a letter directed to him from the Foreign Affairs Office.
“Hum… East Malaysia, good spacers. I wonder what they want. Maybe a technology exchange… Ah what! A Ball! Dear God, if my wife find about that i´m screwe…”
“Hi, Ludwig. I´m so glad you finally read about the ball. Of course we´re going, right dear?” speaks Alexa von Drakken in a tone that suggest more of an order than a request.
“Oh hi honey, how did you found out?”
“I received a copy of the letter from the Foreign Affair Office a few days ago. And they were kind enough to arrange everything for our trip. We just have to go. Isn´t that lovely?”
“Of course it is…”
That traitors, i´ll behead them…
“You not really wiiling to go, aren´t you? I wanted so much to go… But i´ll understand if we don´t…” She says with tears forming in her eyes
There you go… Hook, Line and Sinker… And she knows i´ll catch.
After gently wiping the tears on his wife eyes
“You know we´ll go to the Ball. Must improve our image abroad and all that cra…”
Alexa silences him with a soft kiss
“Thank you”
And as he see his wife walk away he remember once more how lucky he was to find love in a wife chosen only to improve the ruling family gene stock.
Touching the com set:
“Berta, please send our thanks to the Empress and confirm our presence at the ball.”
“Already did, Sir.”
“You what?! I mean… We both knew how this would end anyway, good job.”
“Thank you, Sir.”

Imperial Palace
Grand Memorial Ballroom

“All the security in check?” Glendale asked Jennifer as she watched from the upper floor, the guest starting to arrive; waiting for her grand entrance to come.

“Yes Ma’am, they are. All agencies are working together, and right now, this is the most secured Imperial Ball ever,” Jennifer said, “and just think that you are the first leader to actually bring outsiders to this formal ‘let your hair down’ event.”

Glendale smiled, “This event is going to be a fun night for sure. No bodyguards surrounding me, just they’ll be floating around. No press on the inside. Everyone can get a nice feeling of freedom.”

When Glendale was done speaking, she heard the music selection come on, she picked classical music since it was more neutral and elegant, in her opinion.

“Welcome to the Grand Memorial Ballroom of the Imperial Palace, I am Amanda Bishop, Directory of Foreign Affairs and Diplomacy, and a former Empress of East Malaysia. You can take a seat anywhere unless it says reserved,” Amanda said then pointed to the tables all over the ballroom except on the dance floor and at the stairs.

“If you are a leader of an East Pacific nation," she continued to say, "or high up government representative, you may sit at the Empress’ Table with only one other person. It is the largest one in the room; you can’t miss it.

After Amanda directed the group of various invited guest, she waited for the next group to come so she could do the exact same thing.

President Lazlow arrived in his parade uniform. It was dark green, like every lazlowian parade uniform. Lazlow had all of his medals on his uniform. He rarely had all of them, when he wore this uniform, becouse he had a lot of them. These included the Hero of Lazlowia Star, the Order of Bravery, the Order of Revolution, the Order of the Red Banner and the Midriskottian Purple Crescent Order, which he got, when he visited Midriskott, a country in Central Asia(not in the East Pacific).

His wife, Rita, wore a red dress. It is up to you, what you imagine for that dress, all I can say, that it is quite revealeing, becouse Rita is just in her twenties. She is regarded as an exotic beauty in Lazlowia, becouse she is portugese actually.

“-Well, you heard what the lady said.”-Lazlow turned to his wife-“Let’s go to the empress’ table.”

“-She said, that she was also an empress. Does that mean, that the replace the monarch here?”-asked Rita.

"-Well, probably. Weird, non the less. Anyway, they probably don’t know who we are, so let’s introduce ourselves to her.

They went over and stood in front of the lady, who just made the speech.

“-Good evening, I’m President Lazlow, of the People’s Republic of Lazlowia, and this is my wife, Rita Costa.”

Amanda smiled, “Good evening, Mr. President, and Mrs. Costa,” she said and did a head bow, “It is a pleasure to meet you both, may I assist you in anyway?”

Imperial Palace
Eastrovia, East Malaysia

Ânâtöl Êfösêbâd and his entourage were taxied by flying shuttle from the airport to the palace complex. It was a little disorienting to the Khagan-Chancellor to be in such a futuristic city, even if Tkânâtdövâkhîâstâât was done largely in the modernist style. On his arm as he exited the shuttle was his niece, Âvrâ Êfösêbâd, who has just turned 19. She would be her middle-aged uncle’s escort, as his coming with his partner might not be well received by certain delegations.

They were quickly wisked into the magnificent ballroom where the lot of them took their seat. Ânâtöl and Âvrâ lingered awhile and then got up to pay their respects to the former Empress before taking their place at the Empress’ table.

«Good evening, your excellency» the Khagan-Chancellor said and presented his niece. «It is such a lovely celebration that you’ve put together here!» he continued.

OoC: 900th Post!!!

On route to the Imperial Palace

“Ludwig, why you are so silent? Anything bothers you? I mean anything besides going to a ball?” speaks Alexa with a worried look in her face
“No, nothing to worry.”
“I´m not convinced…”
“Okay, i´m worried about the raid on Pommpistan. I can´t avoid feeling guilty about going to a ball while my men are risking their lives for our country.”
“Your men? I thought you were a retired general… And i´m sure they´ll succeed since they´re being led by very competent officers. You trained most of them after all.” speaks Alexa using her best smile to put her husband at ease.
“You´re right. Then i´ll worry about the political consequences of the attack. My right as president, isn´t it?” Answers Ludwig with a smile of his own.

“We´re landing at the palace, sir” The pilot speaks through the comset.

Before entering the ballroom Alexa speaks with the scared look of someone who forgot something vital

“Ludwig, please tell me you left your toys at the shuttle.”
“They´re not toys. They´re weapons. And i left them at the shuttle… Most of them… Those with can be detected at least…”
“I´m a soldier Alexa. And always will be. It would be easier for me leave my legs at the shuttle than going anywhere unarmed. And besides, who says a terrorist or two won´t try making a hit here? I can be the hero of the day!”
“You´re not that young anymore dear…”
“Are you kidding? I can best any kid on our army, any place, any day.”
“You´re hopeless… But i can´t resist that spark on your eyes. I think you´ll never grow… I but i can´t help loving you for that too…” Says a blushing Alexa while shaking her head.
“Love you too honey. So, let´s enjoy this ball. I´ll try… for you.”

Then they move inside the ballroom stopping in front of the Empress
“Good evening, your excellency. I´m Ludwig von Drakken, President of Drakkengard and this is my wife, Alexa.”

p.s.: Ludwig is on mid 50´with the physical of a lifetime of soldiering. And is in a expensive black tuxedo (since his wife reminded him many times he were going as a president and not a general) Alexa is in her mid 30` with the mature beauty of one who were a miss on her early 20´. And is using an elegant blue evening dress.

Amanda felt like she was being attacked by everyone that entered the door at once but she knew how to handle the situation, while at the same time thinking to herself, Glendale, I wish you would get down here already! I’m not a young woman anymore.', since everyone was stopping to pay their respects to her. President of Lazlowia, Khagan-Chancellor, and now President of Drakkengard. She ordered some of her people to assist her; she wasn’t expecting so many people to want to meet her. She hadn’t been Empress in thirteen years.

She looked at the time, it was almost time for her to arrive, while she spoke explaining at the same time that Empress Jung would be down in a few moments, and that it was East Malaysian tradition that when the Imperial Ball is held somewhere for the first time that the Head of State has a grand entrance.

Renata had actually managed to bring her car and her driver to the city. Jerry was worried that they might not even have enough coal to drive it to their flight, but Renata wasn’t really bothered.

She wandered in, leaving Jerry to worry about the steam pressure, tread wear and other such things, and almost instantly started mingling. She had listened to the proclamation, and decided that since she wasn’t the Republic’s leader - but only by a technicality, idiot as the Bighat is - she’d have to skip on dining with the most powerful people in the world. Besides, all the interesting talk would be by the drinks table. It always is.

… Except, she grimaced as she remembered, at Bowler’s regular bashes, where the main table was the drink’s table.

East Malaysia – Eastrovia
The Imperial Palace

«That’s just because you’re a goof, Lothar» chuckled Katrine, her eyes shimmering of excitation «Glendale is not an old mummy… and the fact you associate Imperialness with old age is not that kind. Or are you probably suggesting I’m an old mummy, too?»

Chortling, Lothar De Corde shook his head, giving up. He was a Count, sure… but in the end, he felt nothing more than a soldier. And the subtle public-relations game Katrine was playing… well, he simply had no chance. Which was the main reason he was there, in the end: she had talked and explained and suggested… and in the end he had given up, even if mundane events were definitely something he abhorred.

«So… how am I supposed to refer to…»

«Your Highness… but then I suppose she’ll probably allow you more confidence, when she’ll hear you’ll marry me in a month. Indeed, that will make a Brother of her out of you and…»

«Brother? Are the two of you related?»

«Who knows? I mean… being an Empress, she’s my Sister. But that’s just a formal appellative. Well… considering there are not so many Imperial families in The East Pacific I suppose there’s some kind of tie between our families… but nothing too tight. If you’re interested, we could request the Heraldic Consultative Council to find it out, but…»

«No, no… I don’t care. I was just asking» smiled the Archangel Major «However… you owe me one, Katrine. This whole Ball thing is definitely a pain»

«Oh sure… you would have preferred to play in the mud with your comrades and your beloved guns… I know, I know»

«Katrine… that’s what I am. A soldier. I’m not…»

Putting a finger just over his lips, the young woman smiled warmly.

«I know… and that’s what I love, Lothar. I was just joking. I didn’t mean to be irrespective of…»

Chuckling, the Archangel shook his head.

«There’s no problem, love. But… well… will she arrive? Or an herald of hers, perhaps. I mean… why haven’t we been allowed to reach the main room with the other delegations?»

«I wonder where have you lived till now, Count! Glendale could never allow a Peer of Hers to be waiting with… not-of-rank peoples» giggled Katrine.

«So… she keeps us waiting here, right?»

«That’s it… but do not worry. Within minutes, she’ll reach us… and we’ll probably move to the main hall together»

«So I’ll find myself escorting two Empresses at the same time… I wonder if I’ll be able to survive to such a honor…»

Un-imperially sticking out her tongue, Katrine giggled again, excited at the thought she would have soon meet Glendale again.

One of Amanda’s assistants quickly came up to her and whispered something in her ear, immediately Amanda called over an ambassador to take over her duties while she ran to escort Empress Katrine to her reserved seats to the left of Glendale.

Amanda almost ran into the room, but slowed down enough to open to door and seen Empress Katrine and the man next to her where talking but they stopped as they seen someone enter the room.

“Good evening,” Amanda said as the approached, “I am Amanda Bishop, Directory of Foreign Affairs and Diplomacy, and former Empress of East Malaysia. Empress Jung could not meet you at this time since she has to open up the ball tonight and it is almost time. So I will escort you to your seats were she will meet you there. Now if you will just follow me, I will escort you there now; if you have any questions please ask.”