The Invasion of Lochmount

This an expansion thread where Duelland is expanding to the United Kingdom of Lochmount

The Invasion of Lochmount

History Between Republic of Duelland and United Kingdom of Lochmount: Ever since the United Kingdom of Lochmount was formed in 1935. The two have gone head to head every time and since Lochmount was weaker and had insecurities about themselves. So Lochmount would always conflict with Duelland borders and they would always continue to do this. Until one day, Lochmount sunk one of Duelland merchants ship and took the sailors hostage, which was the breaking point that led President Franklin order an invasion.

0635 Duelland City, Duelland

(Mr. Stephen Ive gotten an call from the President, he says he wants to speak with you) one of his advisors says (Ok send the call through) he says as he picks up the phone (Good evening Stephen, how your day been?) he says (Im doing great Franklin, is there something wrong or anything you need Sir) Lance says as he picks up his cup of water (I just got a call referring to United Kingdom of Lochmount sinking one of our merchants ships and taking the sailors hostages) President Franklin says with anger, then Lance slams his fist on the desk (What gave them the balls to do that!) Lances says as takes a shot of whiskey (Lance we are going to invade these foolish people and take our sailors back home!) he yells with so much anger. (Sir I dont know if we should invade, what about the other countries what are they gonna think about us if we do that?) he says nervously, (I know but Lochmount have been threatening us throughout the years and every month they do illegal things in our borders, Ive enough of this and Im going to give you an order to invade these fools and get all of our head generals to discuss how are we gonna invade these idiots) he says and hangs up.

Lance looks at the phone and looks up (Grace! call all of our head generals of each branch!) he says to one of his advisors.

0845 Duelland City, Duelland

Private Location

(Good evening, my fellow generals I call you here on this Thursday night to discuss something very important) he says and all the generals looks at each other confused (You guys have heard, the United Kingdom of Lochmount has sunk one of our merchant ships and took our sailor hostage, the President was not very happy with that and he gave me an order to invade the United Kingdom of Lochmount) he looks at them with a worried face and one of the Generals gets up (Is he out of his mind! Why would we risk our soldiers to invade them?!) he says as he stomps his foot. (General Hill, this isnt the first time they have done something wrong.) Vice President corrects him (Now if you want to keep working here then shut up, and listen to what I am saying) he points at him to sit down (Now, how are some ways we can invade them) he looks for one of them to raise their hand, one of the generals from the navy (Good evening sir, I believe we can do a invasion by sea, since they have barely any ships that detected us coming and most of their technology and ships are old and used) he says and sits down (Thank you General James, any more suggestions?) he says looking for more hand raised (We can invade by land, because most of their terrain is easy to invade, plus they dont have any Air Force so itll be hard for them to detect our troops which means it will give us the advantage) General Lambert says as other generals nod and liking his thinking (I like it the suggestion, what do you guys think Invasion by land or sea? Raise your hand for Land) five of the generals raises their hand (And for Sea?) three of the generals raises their hand. (Invasion by Land is what we going with! Let start planning) he says with a confident face, as they begin to plan the invasion.

Invasion of Lochmount

They begin to talk amongst themselves for several minutes. (Sir here’s what we came up with, we want to 2 waves of the invasion, first we can 3 squadron of NF-17C/D and NF-17E/F to bomb their military bases and their resources , then we can send 12,890 troops through the north because that their weakest side and In the second wave we can send 16,970 troops through the east and we expect them to fight but we will get through and successfully invade them, the only problem is going to the capital and avoiding civilians casualties. The capital is their stronghold, they have more than 16,000 troops stationed there and they are known for their defensive methods. Another problem is civilian casualties, most of their civilians are nationalist and hate Duelland, 63% of them have guns in their home so that a problem, other than that we are good) he says as hands a paper filled with the plans (How will this invasion last?) Lance asks (Approximately 2-3 weeks depends how fast we deployed our troops and squadron Sir) he answers (I want them to be deployed by tomorrow and continue with these plans. Understood?) he demands (Yes sir) he responds (you guys are dismissed. Thanks you for coming.) he says as they get up and leave. (Here we go) Lance says as he gets up and gets the paper with Invasion plans.

The Next Day

2234 James 88 Military Base, Private Location

(Sir! We are ready to fly out to our mission) one of pilots tells the staff sergeant (Then let’s get this show rolling!) he gives them cue to go (Roger that sir!) he and others begin to take off (Uhhh we got to take down these 2 bases and the other squadron needs to take out 2 bases) one of pilots tells the squadron. They make it pass by the border without being detected and the First Duel Squadron that contains NF-17C/D and NF-17E/F reaches its target and drops bombs on their first base and takes out their communication tower. The Second Duel Squadron reaches its first base and drops bombs but they start to receive heavy fire and they begin to have RPGs being shot at them. They retreat and leave that base partially damaged, they carried out the two other bases and destroyed them. They returned to the home base. 3 out of the 4 bases were destroyed.

0830 Coast of Lochmount

1st Duel fleet reaches Lochmount coast and begins to block coast of Lochmount. (Well boys, we are going to blockade coast and not let one boat come in or out like if we are playing football) Admiral Era says as he looking at ocean. They point their missiles towards the Lochmount. They begin blockade Lochmount

5 Miles Outside Lochmount EEZ

The Royal Kuthern Navy regularly patrolled the coast of Atlantia maintaining the ever growing trade routes of the Region, with most of the Frigates and destroyers from the region still returning from Atiland the RKN brought both Lituana Class Battleships back into service to patrol the North Concordian waters. As the ships cruises along the Atlantian coast they noticed a increasing number of both Duelland and Lochmount naval vessels, “Maintain our position hold your fire, if they fire upon the duelland vessels you let those 9 16-inch canons loose upon those bastards” the captain said to the deck. The sight of all 9 turrets from both ships, pointed in that direction should be merely enough to scare anyone off.

The Invasion of Lochmount

Sunday 0645 Borders of Duelland and Lochmount

2 battalions of 800 troops and 75 Nervsank II & III tanks are deployed and moving towards the border, they launched their official invasion. They reach to one of the largest fort that near the border and they are met with a heavy fire and mortar shots at Duelland soldiers. “Watch out for the mortars!” one soldiers yells, The Invasion of Lochmount has officially begun and Duelland troops begin to fight, they begin to launch their towed artillery and unleashes their might on the fort. After 2 hours of fighting the fort and their soldiers surrendered, Duelland army takes over the fort and the casualties of Duelland were 30 dead, 100 wounded, and 3 missing while casualties of Lochmount were 200 dead, 300 wounded, and 31 missing. Duelland wins their first battle, after their first victory, Duelland begin to send planes dropped propaganda flyers that explained about how Duelland will protect them, how Duelland will fix their problems, and fix the government.

Tuesday 1237 Coast of Lochmount

The 1st Duel Fleet begins to fire missiles towards important military bases and take out their resources. “We need to take these bases down and take out their resources! That would pressure them and hurt them” the Admiral says. The fleet stops all of the ships coming out and in to the Lochmount, which has begun to pressured Lochmount.

Wednesday 0747 Capital of Lochmount

“Have you seen what Duelland doing? They are trying to help us and Lochmount won’t budge to let them takeover” one citizen of Lochmount says “Ya you’re right they are a developed nation while we are no where near developed” another says , then all of the TVs and radios in the town plaza are hacked by Duelland hackers they begin to speak about Duelland and how it’s trying to save and help Duelland the speech states: “The Duelland Government is great and wants you to believe in us because your current government has failed you and we will not! Your military is weak, your economy is horrible, and your government is evil! We are strong nation, we are prosperous and rich nation, and we have a strong military that can protect you from foreign invaders!” Lochmount government begins to release their own propaganda stating that Duelland is trying to destroy them and are bad folks. Amongst the Lochmount citizens, most favored Duelland taking over the government than having their current government. Duelland begins to make progress in taking over Lochmount.

The Invasion of Lochmount

Thursday 0456 Embark, Lochmount (City right next to the capital of Lochmount)

“We got Kingdom of Lochmount right where we want them” General Nids says "We have taken all of their

stronghold, bases, capture their high official, we have cut their line of supplies; now we just need to put the

nail in coffin and takeover their capital" General Nids continues as he paces back and forth. "We need the

King of Lochmount alive when we defeat the army, do not let him escape because we need him to sign the

documents of surrender." another general adds "This will formally end the Invasion of Lochmount and hand

over the Kingdom of Lochmount to the Republic of Duelland, now let’s end this war!" he gets up as the rest of

the general gets up.

Friday 1245 Lochmount City, Lochmount

Duelland 8th and 9th Infantry Regiment begin their final push to takeover the capital, Nervsank II & III

tanks begin to roll in the capital to help the infantry regiment move by easily and they begin received fire as

soon as they enter the capital. “This might be the heaviest fire we received yet” one of soldiers yells "Hell

yea! and I love it! another yells and they continued to take ground in the city. By dusk Duelland forces have

taken over 95% of the capital. “Sir we got the King Palace surround with all our troops” a soldier tells General

Nids “Are we gonna go in sir?” he continues “No no he gonna come out and surrender to us” he stares at the

King’s Palace "Now we are just block everything and do not let him escape, make sure every exit is blocked

and wait until he comes out" he says as he sips on whiskey. And Duelland Forces wait until the King of

Lochmount surrenders

Saturday 0345 Lochmount City, Lochmount

After 3 month of fighting, King of Lochmount waves a white flag in one of the windows of the King’s Palace

which signals the end and surrender of the Invasion of Lochmount. Right then and there The King of

Lochmount signs the documents which states the surrender of Invasion of Lochmount and that the Kingdom

of Lochmount is being handed over to the Republic of Duelland. 2 hours after the President announces Victory

in Lochmount, thousands of people begin to celebrate in the street of Duelland and Lochmount for the fall of

brutal monarchy reign that cost of thousand of innocent lives and diplomatic issues between the two


The End of the Invasion of Lochmount