The Irnac Convention

October 10th
Zurska, Durakia

As the men and women invited to the Zurska Convention walk into the room and take their seats, the Durakian and Arkian diplomats shake hands and sit down on either sides of the table. After years of divide and conflict within these lands, Irnac would at last be divided fairly between Durakia and Arkalarius, with Norgsveldet as the mediator.

The chancellor of Arkalarius, Ludwig Noske, enters the large circular room last, sitting down across from Horis Adley, the Leader of the Durakian Government, and cheif representative of the Miner’s Republic of Durakia. The room grows silent, and after a few more seconds of quiet chatter, the doors at the other end of the room open to allow the Norgsveldian entourage to enter.

Adley sat down and read through his notes, assuming Norgsveldet would be the first to speak. He had just taken his second term, in which he had run under the New Durakia Diplomatic Policy. It was finally time to resolve the issues that Kayrin has brought to Arkian-Durakan relations. The Newly-Elected Council of Trade Unions had allowed him to agree to this meeting, on the condition there would be no Arkian annexation on the island.

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Noske merely glanced down at a set of files, and then put them to the side. He gave Adley a rather disconcerting smile, and whispered something to a small man sitting next to him. He was here on the orders of the newly coronated empress of Arkalarius, Ilse Erika, who was rumored to be a much better diplomat than her father, if also a bit ruthlessly efficient with her administration.

As Prime Minister Balder Hjel enters the room he already feels the pressure upon him. With a slight sigh he walks up to the Arkian chancellor shaking his hand, giving him thanks for his willingness to work towards an agreement. With that also walked up to Adley shaking his hand as well, giving him thanks for hosting conference.
With that he sits down, as he looks over the two leaders. “Now, I hope you might excuse me for arriving late. There have been some issues at home, generally his majesty wanted to be apart of this. But his father has been quite sick recently, so he wants too to stay by his side.” Balder said as a sadden smile came too his face.
“Now I have heard you guys have some plans made right?” His voice sounded hopeful with his question.

“That is true. The Council of Trade Unions would suggest Arkia create a protectorate of the former lands of the Rydani and Myzek people, with the rest of the disputed land coming under the protection of Durakia.”

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“Indeed, we have a proposed border, although it is one far more fair to both sides. The new empress has agreed to this border-“ here he gestures to a diagram of Irnac “-which is far less than her father would have given up from our original claims. As for the suggestion to create protectorates as opposed to direct land ownership, this at least can be agreed on.”

Noske leans forward, looking directly at Adley. “I wish to cause no disrespect to the nation of Durakia, sir, but if you will only agree on the border you proposed I’m afraid this convention will have to come to an end. Although we are willing to give up some land containing Arkian peoples in them, your proposal would have Durakia assume ownership of two large Arkian cities, and over a million Arkian people.”

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Adley took a drink.

"I shall be honest, this was the proposal made by the government, not me. I would prefer a much less expansionist border, similar to the one you have put forward, alongside the restoration of relations between Arkia and Durakia. However, I would still like to keep the Aradi and Elowda lands under one state as much as possible, at the request of the Aradi representitive."
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With a sigh Balder puts on his reading glasses, realizing this might take some time. He looks over the proposed plans that the two representatives put forth. As the two bicker Balder looks closely over the map too see what might be done.

“Do any of you have a map of the tribes or ethnic groups that is in these lands? I also should ask you two what agreements you have made with those groups or what policies you are planning on having” Balder says as he taps his fingers towards the wooden table.

Adley pulls out a map. "These are the ethnic tribes of Irnac, or as they call it: Ernok. There are 5 main ethnic groups, shown in darker colours, while the more minor ethnic groups are shown as the lighter version of the ethnic group they are closest to."
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A few minutes of conversation pass between the Arkian chancellor and the man with the map, and eventually Noske turns back to Adley to propose a new deal. “Based on this map of the ethnic groups of Irnac, I’d like to propose this border, following the edges of the ethnic groups closest to the border we originally wished for.”

Adley looked at the border and sighed. “As I have said, we will not be splitting the Aradi abd Elowda people. While I am all for compromise this is one thing I shall stand firm on. We are willing to cede the area around your city as shown on previous maps, but this is a step too far.”

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Balder Hjel listened to both sides as they argued as he looked over the ethnic and tribe map, he gives out a deep annoyed sigh.
“Adley the most important thing for you is that these tribes don’t get split from each other, right?” Balder said calmly giving slight smile. His voice old and tired, wondering how he can make this conference work.

“That is my main effort, trying to at least keep the ethnic groups together. We would be willing to mske some compromises but we would like to see an agreement that does not harn the connections between the tribes.”

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“Would you be okay with Arkia then having more lands so long they keep being connected then? As well would the idea of a joint administration between Arkialarius and Durakia work for fixing certain of your concerns?” Balder as he took off his reading glasses and tapped the wooden table. “We could also have open borders between your territories in Irnac and Arkia’s protectorates that way families that may be split can still be together and groups can still be near each other with no problem” Balder’s voice sounding more confident then it was before. Once you get the old man to speak and discuss he rarely ever stop.

Noske cuts in to smile and say “Indeed. We would be open to the idea of open borders between our Irnac holdings, as long as we can both agree on the borders and all goes well. Unfortunately, it seems the borders we both want clash quite extremely, so we’ll have to find some sort of middle ground.”

Adley nodded. “Should a compromise be reached, an agreement to re-open trade with Arkia and allow a more open border policy between the Arkian Protectorates and Durakia would be certainly on the table.”

“Definitely. We would also still be open to allowing complete free trade within the city of Riesigfels, and possibly all of Arkian Irnac, depending how this conference goes, that is.” Noske gestures to the map of Irnac on the wall.

“Perhaps our friends in Norgsveldet can propose a border agreement of their own?”

With a sigh Balder Hjel looked over the map, as he prepared his pen for a possible border proposal. Few minutes of silence passed, with Balder not even touching the map with his pen. When it seemed like he was about give up thinking of a new proposal, his eyes widen for a second as he started to draw. Carefully in his hand movement he finally draws up his border proposal.

“How about this one? The red lines of which is the region with the Aradi people can become a joint administration between Durakia and one of Arkia’s protectorates. If a joint administration seems to much of a hassle between just the two of you, then it can also become an international zone, of which the administration shared with other international powers. Most importantly however is that this zone will still relate to the Elowda people through both regions still will be connected economically and with a similar administration if a joint administration comes the solution.”  Balder said, as he looked hopefully over the other two in the room.

Noske examines the proposed border, and then shakes his head, smiling. “I am sorry, but sadly it seems us in Arkia simply cannot agree with a zone of joint governance. We have already agreed to create autonomous protectorates and have open borders with Durakian Irnac. If you feel all of that isn’t enough, then perhaps no agreement can be made in this convention.” As he finishes his sentence, the smile drops from his face and his words become edged with a hint of anger.

“I think it paramount that we agree on a border both sides find suitable, a border we will not regret in the future. Hopefully this can still be arranged without any more limits on Arkian influence in the land we colonized nearly 100 years ago.”

Adley had been quiet. Staring down at the map. A solution with no joint control, with the Aradi and Elowda united and one Ark would agree to…

“Well, here goes nothing…” He says to himself as he slides the map over the table for the others to see.

“Well, while this line means compromises made on all sides, I think if we want a solution that will last, I’d say the sacrifices are more than worth it.”

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