The Isles of Midori-Iro (Claim)

Nation Name (long): The Allied States of The Isles of Midori-Iro

Nation Name (short): The Isles of Midori-Iro

Motto: “The Lotus Envelopes Us All!”

National Animal : The Emerald Tortoise (Fictional)

National Flower/Plant : The Iron Lotus Flower (Fictional)

Largest City/Capital : Lily of the Valley (9.5 million)

Demonym : Midorian

Language : English (I’m not sure of the proper term but with a Samoan accent.)

Species : Human

Population : 75 Million

Government type : Hereditary Monarchy with Democratically Elected Counsel (Election once every 5 years) (Elections are postponed during times of war)


First Crowned Royal Princess Adriana Mula (Age 26) (Fictional) (Current Reigning Monarch)

Second Crowned Royal Princess Alexandria Mula (Age 10) (Fictional)

First Crowned Royal Prince Ancil Mula (Age 10) (Fictional)

(Alex and Ansil are twins with Alex being 2 minutes older)

Legislature: Temple Midori (The Original Royal Palace converted to the Royal Counsel’s HQ. In times of national emergency, the royal family (escorted by the royal guard: The Green Shield) declares the Temple Midori a temporary capital and base of operation.

Formation: 1985

Total GDP: $750 Billion

Ore Mining GDP : $160 billion

Shipping GDP: $240 Billion

Tech Sector GDP: $320 Billion

Private Industry GDP: $80 Billion

GDP per capita : $10,000

Currency: Midorian Dollar

Calling Code : 510

ISO 3166 code: .MI .MIO

Internet TLD: .MI

Historical Summary:

In the year 1876, a nomadic sea fearing tribe named the Mulas decided that it was best for the sake of their children that they claim a foothold and establish a territory. For the next 75 years, there was unrivaled peace and prosperity. That is until King Adrian Mula suddenly fell ill and passed away at the young age of 56. Thanks to a neighboring ally and their advanced preservation technology (ally TBD at a later date), the ten-year-old Prince Alexander was given previous moments and final decree from his father, “Set the Sails for the Isles.”. With tears running down their eyes and a firm hug, the beloved king had passed his wishes to his son. With the help of his sisters, brothers and ever-wise mother Queen Seraphina, he led the nation into unforeseen prosperity. Besides his family, his biggest achievement was uniting the Isles under one banner in 1985. This resulted in resources being pooled and petty rivalries being set aside for the greater tomorrow. As a byproduct of this unification, the newly founded nation went through a technological revolution that the world had never seen. And now at the ripe old of 77, he gracefully and reverently has made the decision to step down and coronate the one person he believes is right, ready and worthy for the title of Her Royal Highness: his eldest daughter - First Crowned Royal Princess Adriana Mula.

(If it can be helped at all, I’d like my nation to be green on the political map. It’s my favorite color.)

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