The Kingdom of Amayami


The History of the people of Amayami starts with two Nomadic peoples made up of mainly Asian and European decent. They belonged to the same tribal religion and where looking for a place of there own. They prayed and prayed and finally the Kami (gods) answered there prayers. The leader of the Asian nomads ,Chief Rei, received a vision from the Kami Sarutahiko. In the vision Sarutahiko told him to sail to where the current location of the Amayami Islands are. The same happened with the European Nomad leader, Natalia. The Nomads sailed off and found the uninhabited Islands. The two groups soon encountered each other. But the Kami made Chief Rei and Chieftess Natalia fall in love. So there were no hostilities between the two groups and soon after the two leaders were married. The new combined group established their own country, Amayami, for it rained a lot on the islands and the dense forests and cliffs provided protection from the rain. They also established a Royal Family which are descendants of The Original Emperor and Empress; Chief Rei and Chieftess Natalia, and other Noble Families which arose. The Monarch rules all the people and is worshipped by the people. The Royal Family is believed to be chosen by the Kami therefore they are holy. The people worship their Monarchs like they do with their gods. In the 1800’s Warreic Traders arrived. They welcomed the Amayami peoples and Emperor Akihiko let the Warreic traders modernize and Anglicize Amayami.


The Kingdom of Amayami is an small but technologically advanced nation. All of the population follows an advanced version of the old tribal religion Anamayism. The current Monarch is Empress Kiyoko who is very young (20) and unmarried.