The Most Influential in The East Pacific

The Most Influential in The East Pacific

  1. The SITTING ON A PARK BENCH of Todd McCloud Capitalizt “Respect. Equality. Care.”
  2. The Socialist Commonwealth of Kelssek Civil Rights Lovefest “
  3. The Grand Duchy of Reziel Liberal Democratic Socialists “Salus populi suprema lex esto”
  4. The Fanatical Federation of Freedom Fascists Civil Rights Lovefest “FreeeEEEEeeeeEEEeeedommmmmmm!”
  5. The People’s Republic of Goodnamesarerare Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “Bush sucks!”
  6. The Royal Confederacy of Dannistaan Scandinavian Liberal Paradise “In Omnis Unum”
  7. The Kingdom of Kaigi Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “If you lived here, you’d be eating pie by now.”
  8. The East Pacific Hive of Packilvania Libertarian Police State “Assimilation is good.”
  9. The Armed Republic of Drakkengard Capitalist Paradise “Fight, Win, Prevail.”
  10. The Federation of Cial Civil Rights Lovefest “Justice burns the torch of life”
  11. The United Socialist States of Gross Twuelpstedt New York Times Democracy “Keep cool”
  12. The Commonwealth of Nylter Scandinavian Liberal Paradise “People come to Nylter to live!”
  13. The Republic of Kangarawa Father Knows Best State “No, you’re not paranoid. It’s happening.”
  14. The Ministry of Silly Walks of Blazing Samaritan Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “Nobody Expects the Blazing Samaritan Inquisition!”
  15. The Holy Roman Empire of The Romanum Legio Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “Pax Romana”
  16. The Free Republic of Bai Lung Corporate Police State “Three Principles of the People”
  17. The Vanishing Deductible of East Malaysia Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “Amalgamated Through Integrity”
  18. The Allied States of De Quay Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “We gladly feast on those who would oppress us”
  19. The Republic of Rosasfor Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “Seja feliz e deixe que todos sejam felizes”
  20. The Everlasting Empire of The Second Alexander Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “WE SHALL RULE THE WORLD AGAIN!!! If you’re ok with that”
  21. The Armed Republic of The Cults Children Corporate Police State “East Pacific and Proud… All Hail Leader”
  22. The Ancient City-State of Lyontisia Civil Rights Lovefest “Everything In Moderation”
  23. The Republic of Trimmania Father Knows Best State “In Trimm we Trust”
  24. The Monastic Theocracy of Fyrdowsi Democratic Socialists “Only in Chains will You be Free”
  25. The People’s Republic of Lux aeturnum Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “Peace and Prosperity. Or else…”
  26. The United Socialist States of Neo-Nazi Soviets Civil Rights Lovefest “Veni, Vidi, Vici”
  27. The Republic of Wentworthville Democratic Socialists “Duck!”
  28. The Cortexiphan Kids of Free Underwear Fliers Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “Live Free Or Die”
  29. The Republic of Adkins Station New York Times Democracy “AIM: Adkins In Murfreesboro”
  30. The Commonwealth of Stromburg Left-Leaning College State “Let Redistribute Wealth”
  31. The Exploding Waistline of Eat-All-You-Can Iron Fist Consumerists “Eat, Drink, and be Merry, for Tomorrow We Diet”
  32. The Scritchy Furpile of Slys Paws New York Times Democracy “Let There Be Yiffing.”
  33. The Socialist Krutopia of Kriov Liberal Democratic Socialists “Broederschap, Eendracht, Vrede!”
  34. The Republic of Jrustela Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “In the long run, luck is awarded to the efficient”
  35. The Industrialised Nation of Elejamie Civil Rights Lovefest “Back by unpopular demand!”
  36. The Imperial Confederation of Quffuffull Scandinavian Liberal Paradise “Let our arms yield to no-one but the people”
  37. The Free Land of Elkenian Moralistic Democracy “Freedom & Self Dicipline”
  38. The Confederacy of Vulshain Left-Leaning College State “For freedom and equality as the Heavens have mandated”
  39. The Democratic Republic of Hudsuckers New York Times Democracy “Drop it like it’s hot!”
  40. The Free Land of Flintland Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “What we do need not be spoken of”
  41. The Constitutional Republic of Great Jenstonia Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “Our Sovereignty We Prize And Our Rights We Do Maintain”
  42. The Republic of Zang0 Inoffensive Centrist Democracy "I’m Brazilian, with a lot of pride, with a lot of love "
  43. The Constitutional Monarchy of Aethelstania Civil Rights Lovefest “Pacis prosperitas licentia”
  44. The Grand Western Emipre of Eruopia Father Knows Best State “May the odds be ever in our favor.”
  45. The Great Judicial Nation of JURISDICTIONS Democratic Socialists “JUSTICE FOR ALL”
  46. The Who needs a pretitle of Swkoll Left-wing Utopia “Unite or die”
  47. The Kingdom of Mgopia Inoffensive Centrist Democracy "We use words, not violence "
  48. The Bailiwick of Normandish Corrupt Dictatorship “unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno”
  49. The Republic of Milos-Ruzendia Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “Feel the Dragon-God!”
  50. The Disputed Territories of Veiledwheels Civil Rights Lovefest “Noot Noot”
  51. The Hobbit Loving People of The Werewolf Consortuim Left-Leaning College State “To Lonely Mountain!”
  52. The United Provinces of Southern Yugoslavia Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “V Yee imya my doveryaem.”
  53. The Republic of Adolanta Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “Excellence With Honour”
  54. The Kingdom of Divitaen Corporate Police State “Glory to God and the King”
  55. The Kingdom of Brightharpia New York Times Democracy “Be the change you want to see in the world”
  56. The Empire of The island of Kiria Corrupt Dictatorship “Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi”
  57. The Republic of Meltannesia New York Times Democracy “Glory in Nature and Peace”
  58. The Guiding Light of Imperial Phoenix Terra Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “Hey you kids, get off my lawn!”
  59. The Democratic States of Lanagon New York Times Democracy “To be a rock and not to roll.”
  60. The Kingdom of Tailan Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “Into my bank account it goes”
  61. The Republic of West Heights Democratic Socialists “A Mari Usque ad Mare”
  62. The True Lies of Domicia Rex Father Knows Best State “Sic transit gloria dei.”
  63. The United States of Eldridge Crossings Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “A place where freedom rules”
  64. The Commonwealth of Rightport Democratic Socialists “Success is where we stand”
  65. The United Republic of Wahnsinnland Capitalizt “Fürchte dich nicht, wie wir euch befreien von Angst”
  66. The Republic of Garyana Iron Fist Consumerists “Liberty through unity”
  67. The Allied States of Crassinity Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “Awesome.”
  68. The Great Empire of Karakoyunlustan Left-Leaning College State “Yürüyelim Arkadaşlar!”
  69. The Commonwealth of Extreme Moderates Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “Eh.”
  70. The Oppressed Peoples of Scumbagtropolis Compulsory Consumerist State “Hurr Durr we r Hoerses!”
  71. The Federal Republic of Hegemon Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “There’s no such thing as overkill”
  72. The Glorious Empire of Meitore Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “To-akete Mori Mote”
  73. The Federation of Llaguno Iron Fist Consumerists “Dominate Humanity”
  74. The Borderlands of Emmieopolopolis Scandinavian Liberal Paradise “There is always hope”
  75. The New Republic of Boridia Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “Benedico Solus, Ave Lunae.”
  76. The Republic of Utopian Heights Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “Unite to Ignite”
  77. The Principality of Costa Celestia New York Times Democracy “Unity, Understanding, Compassion”
  78. The Republic of Chung King Civil Rights Lovefest “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity”
  79. The Most Serene Republic of Eternal Phoenix Civil Rights Lovefest “Peace and Enlightenment”
  80. The Republic of Gorasnaya Liberal Democratic Socialists “Through strength you will overcome your adversaries”
  81. The Federal Republic of Ravena Island Father Knows Best State “Order and Progress”
  82. The Democratic Republic of Darpini Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “¡Carpe diem!”
  83. The Republic of The Oan Isles Liberal Democratic Socialists “Continue, Regardless”
  84. The Emirate of Emirates of Orb Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “Orb will not attack and will not be attacked by anyone”
  85. The Queendom of Yurev Malen Iron Fist Consumerists “Ich tötete die giftige Schlange.”
  86. The Rogue Nation of Kalliana Compulsory Consumerist State “Don’t suck!”
  87. The Constitutional Republic of Haifischland Capitalist Paradise “We are not giving up our freedom. We took it. It’s ours”
  88. The Empire of Spes et Gloria Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “Transfixus sed non Mortuus”
  89. The Federal Republic of Nichols Point Scandinavian Liberal Paradise “Things will be better tomorrow”
  90. The Constitutional Monarchy of Danesopia Civil Rights Lovefest “In Vino Veritas”
  91. The Great Imperium of Dextriva Iron Fist Socialists “Be Excellent to Each Other”
  92. The Dominion of Spenland Corporate Police State “Do Something”
  93. The Holy Empire of Rotney Corrupt Dictatorship “Cogito ergo sum”
  94. The Sultanate of MotherLand of awESomEiSm Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “-- hard to top awesome – We are Awesome --”
  95. The Ska-Dominion of Sierra Kilo Civil Rights Lovefest “What it is Mama!”
  96. The United Socialist States of Vespa-Pallas Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “The aubergine rampant!”
  97. The Constitutional Monarchy of LaGoelette New York Times Democracy “Wind, Stream and Tides”
  98. The Free Land of Canutonia Civil Rights Lovefest “Vamos muy bien”
  99. The Kingdom of 13BM Civil Rights Lovefest “onwards towards the future”
  100. The Empire of PeronPeron Liberal Democratic Socialists “Dale nomás, dale que va”
  101. The Federal Democratic Republic of Craital Liberal Democratic Socialists “Fides et Ratio”
  102. The Jingoistic States of Petrozavodsk Democratic Socialists “Hasa diga ebowai”
  103. The Dominion of Eclipse Umbra Capitalist Paradise “The Darkness that Shadows the Light”
  104. The Commonwealth of Semar Liberal Democratic Socialists “Home of the wise and gaol of the incompetent”
  105. The Republic of Neo Belgium Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “Semper Fi”
  106. The Freethinker’s Spading Union of New Kamakuri Moralistic Democracy “Libre Arbitre, Amour-Propre, Bon Sens”
  107. The Nomadic Peoples of Ludewa Civil Rights Lovefest “Ukimwiga tembo kunya utapasuka mkundu.”
  108. The Republic of Bad-tibira Civil Rights Lovefest “NUNC ID VIDES, NUNC NE VIDES.”
  109. The United Kingdom of Papa las Santos Father Knows Best State “Fight Until The Last Fight Has Been Fought”
  110. The Sultanate of Boogatopia Democratic Socialists “I love my country becase it is mine”
  111. The Corporate Confederacy of Draconic Protection New York Times Democracy “Never Again”
  112. The New Republic of Totalium New York Times Democracy “Let the Republic prosper!”
  113. The Holy Empire of Off silly hats Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “cogito ergo sum”
  114. The Empire of Teamereh Father Knows Best State “It is a good viewpoint to see the world as a dream.”
  115. The Republic of Opfern Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “Die Menschen, die von den Menschen, für die Menschen.”
  116. The Free Land of Tylope Corporate Bordello “When all else fails…”
  117. The Confederacy of Coviland Liberal Democratic Socialists “Actions are stronger than words”
  118. The Dominion of Honor Guard Lancers Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “We stand on guard for honor”
  119. The Republic of Baru Surga Scandinavian Liberal Paradise “Per aspera ad astra”
  120. The Colony of Tribes Republic Iron Fist Consumerists “Trust, Respect, Truth”
  121. The Mercenary State of Humanitas Pacifactor Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “For humanity’s best we serve and claim our rewards”
  122. The Democratic Free Republic of Bachtendekuppen New York Times Democracy “Oh look! cried Ned, and the kingdom was his forever”
  123. The Republic of THE GRAND STATE OF SINUKA Democratic Socialists “LIVE FREE DIE HAPPY”
  124. The People’s Republic of Lazlowia Democratic Socialists “Vigilance and suspicion”
  125. The Protectorate of Tzsarev Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “Pax Magnifica, Bellum Gloriosum”
  126. The Dominion of Yuggoth Left-Leaning College State “My place, my rules”
  127. The Corporate-Owned Kingdom of Economic Nirvana Capitalist Paradise “Increased profits create happiness.”
  128. The Dictatorship of Gingers And Bitches Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “GGFB”
  129. The Dominion of CRYMEX mu Compulsory Consumerist State “Do not share the power”
  130. The Most Serene Republic of Junera Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “Love, Honour and Hawaiian Fridays Above All”
  131. The United States of Greater Somalia Civil Rights Lovefest “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of one’s clan”
  132. The Armed Republic of Temple420 Democratic Socialists “Die Well”
  133. The Democratic Republic of Democratic Peoples Republic Democratic Socialists “No!”
  134. The Most Serene Republic of Goggalorostan Left-wing Utopia “Cogito Ergo Sum”
  135. The People’s Republic of Wang Dynasty Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “I like money”
  136. The Queendom of Continental Pointland Compulsory Consumerist State “Go Die in a Fire”
  137. The Corporate Plutocratic State of Mithra Corporate Bordello “No Deed Goes Unpunished”
  138. The Glorious Mess of Dipsomanium Anarchy “Last Orders, Please”
  139. The Matriarchy of Netherland New York Times Democracy “Your liberty ends where the liberty of others begins”
  140. The Rune Kingdom of Airygliph Psychotic Dictatorship “Whose Eyes Are Those Eyes?”
  141. The Disputed Territories of North Maine Corrupt Dictatorship “Welcome to Northern Maine… There’s nothing here”
  142. The Imperium of Tautanis Psychotic Dictatorship “Peace though superior firepower.”
  143. The French Hippopotamus of 1 Infinite Loop Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “I got 14 Brazillion Gordon Freemen.”
  144. The Republic of Steengeyl Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “Tendentieus, ongefundeerd en nodeloos kwetsend”
  145. The Wacky World of Jesterlands Capitalizt “We Laugh at Thee!”
  146. The Empire of Empire of Vlissingen Capitalizt “Live the dream”
  147. The Democratic Republic of Avriano New York Times Democracy “Aedificabo et Innovo”
  148. The Republic of Vroooom Father Knows Best State “I’m not in the RRA”
  149. The Community of Randistan Civil Rights Lovefest “Think for yourself”
  150. The People’s Republic of Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo Democratic Socialists “Long live the revolation”
  151. The Holy Empire of Sabre Land New York Times Democracy “We Are The Prodigy of Perfection.”
  152. The Constitutional Monarchy of Lesser Qwghlm Civil Rights Lovefest “Choose.”
  153. The Democratic Republic of Valorania Left-wing Utopia “Union must prevail”
  154. The United Socialist States of Ideal Utopiania Left-wing Utopia “We must strive towards the ideal!”
  155. The 162A16 of 162A16 Psychotic Dictatorship “What? 162A16 is a cool color!”
  156. The Nomadic Peoples of Spacewhalia Liberal Democratic Socialists “Scientia potentia est”
  157. The Nomadic Peoples of Blarfistan Civil Rights Lovefest “Round and round we go”
  158. The Federation of Bohoh Left-Leaning College State “Ale mamy fajny kraj”
  159. The Ink Production Facility of Enoploteuthis Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “Money changes everything.”
  160. The Free Land of West Genosha Left-Leaning College State “To Each His Own”
  161. The Kingdom of Bella The Dog Iron Fist Consumerists “All salute Bella The Dog”
  162. The Dominion of Faolinn Civil Rights Lovefest “Like wolves until the end!”
  163. The Empire of Primum Ceciderunt Compulsory Consumerist State “Freedom never truly existed.”
  164. The United Kingdom of United Kingdom of Espana Father Knows Best State “La mas feliz,la mas poderoso.”
  165. The Empire of Shanghellies Civil Rights Lovefest “Semper Fidelis”
  166. The Empire of Ngelmish Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “Anyone can do wrong, but to be loved for it takes art”
  167. The The Strangely Present Land of Imsogone Corporate Police State “L’etat C’est Toi et Toi C’est Moi”
  168. The Confederacy of Devont Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “Never give up.”
  169. The United States of Next Washington Civil Rights Lovefest “Come in and find out”
  170. The Republic of Rychewold Democratic Socialists “Justice for one justice for all”
  171. The Federation of Kalvash Democratic Socialists “Freedom and Rights earned, not given.”
  172. The Holy Empire of Spinmontopia Father Knows Best State “Gott mit Uns”
  173. The Republic of The Dark Dominion Corrupt Dictatorship “Ihr Wunsch ist von meinem Handeln”
  174. The People’s Republic of Vosknoya Democratic Socialists “The People have long suffered, and will yet overcome.”
  175. The Extremly well armed Republic of Arsena Inoffensive Centrist Democracy "Go away. Seriously. Go away. "
  176. The Republic of Oceanic people Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “Live free or die trying”
  177. The Confederacy of 101110101000 Corrupt Dictatorship “Carpe Jugulum”
  178. The Community of Vee Eight Liberal Democratic Socialists “Is it getting hot in here, or is it just me?”
  179. The Democratic Republic of Bacino Democratic Socialists “Cogitationis poenam nemo patitur”
  180. The Old Californian Sequoias of Californian Tourism E Liberal Democratic Socialists “Move to California Today!”
  181. The Matriarchy of Karran Psychotic Dictatorship “Karran-Tor Taisa”
  182. The Dominion of The Orbital Death Ray Libertarian Police State “LEIN UNSLAAD DREM”
  183. The Republic of Fongtonia Left-wing Utopia “In service of the people”
  184. The Most Serene Republic of Fourtwentyistan Father Knows Best State “Smoke two joints”
  185. The Republic of Sahrath New York Times Democracy “Pluralitas non est ponenda sine necessitate”
  186. The Colony of Gibirtil New York Times Democracy “Have a nice day”
  187. The Matriarchy of Ruthvein Democratic Socialists “Leave my chocolate alone.”
  188. The United States of Always Watching House Capitalist Paradise “If at First You Don’t Succeed, Redefine Success”
  189. The Commonwealth of Ziwaiworld Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “We will praise every old chap.”
  190. The Republic of Sagaloo Democratic Socialists “Let’s Mime The Hard Bits”
  191. The Federal Imperial Republic of Samnistan Capitalist Paradise “Per Aspera, Ad Astra.”
  192. The People’s Republic of Clarkovo Left-wing Utopia “Super democratic.”
  193. The Most Serene Republic of Harrassia Iron Fist Consumerists “Come for the beaches, stay cause we say so”
  194. The Republic of Auronesia Civil Rights Lovefest “Terribly Sorry, No no, my fault.”
  195. The Aleisyrian Imperial Province of Eastern Aleisyr Compulsory Consumerist State “Protect the South Pacific! Endorse Topdop!”
  196. The Free Rangers of Distant Horizon Civil Rights Lovefest “Seek New Frontiers”
  197. The Colony of Iridae Civil Rights Lovefest “For the good of life and liberty”
  198. The People’s Republic of Czechoslovak People Republic Democratic Socialists “Wheeee”
  199. The Republic of Nylestan New York Times Democracy “We were here first!”
  200. The Rogue Nation of Hikari Hachi Capitalizt “This We’ll Defend, the blood from the tree of Liberty”
  201. The People’s Republic of Rostermahn Left-Leaning College State “Everyday mahn”
  202. The People’s Republic of Eika Left-wing Utopia “By Spork, we can do it!”
  203. The Republic of Aborigones New York Times Democracy “I WANNA BE…”
  204. The Free Land of Elysian Fields Left-Leaning College State “If you can’t defeat them, feed them.”
  205. The Bourbon Democracy of Sachmis Anarchy “They don’t think it be like it is, but it do.”
  206. The Protectorate of Exandoria Democratic Socialists “Least I Could Do”
  207. The Free Republic of Lery Anarchy “The Show-me state/ Je me souviens”
  208. The Holy Empire of Novus Vir Terra Iron Fist Consumerists “Quis ut Deus”
  209. The United Economic Republic of Boloshniya Corporate Police State “If men were angels, no government would be necessary”
  210. The Empire of Atsawin Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “Fortune Favors the Bold”
  211. The Republic of Empireruler Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “For the good of the empire.”
  212. The Armed Republic of Guarino Civil Rights Lovefest "Alea Iacta Est "
  213. The Confedaressy of Ignorent Peeple Right-wing Utopia “Maths hard lets go shoping!”
  214. The Republic of Brainsore Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “We are here for you .”
  215. The Republic of Damfino Capitalizt “Tell them BOHICA!”
  216. The Borderlands of Empire of Irish Bacon Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “hobo hunting is now legal!”
  217. The People’s Republic of Northrich Left-wing Utopia “unintelligible yell
  218. The Republic of SKCUSEXA New York Times Democracy “Fly Pelican Fly”
  219. The Armed Republic of Texas National Republic Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “Mors ultima linea rerum est”
  220. The Oppressed Peoples of SoHungry Psychotic Dictatorship “Dont Even Think of It”
  221. The Federated Sub-Projects of P-Mar Project Liberal Democratic Socialists “Who you looking at, tossface?”
  222. The Most Serene Republic of Mood Night New York Times Democracy “Ba!”
  223. The Democratic States of DrDrek New York Times Democracy “Will see”
  224. The Republic of Cenos Civil Rights Lovefest “There is nothing better than freedom”
  225. The Ina’famaolek of Uritao Liberal Democratic Socialists “Gaige Langet Guini”
  226. The Nomocracy of Gellantria Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “It’s not an awful place to live!”
  227. The Federal Republic of Sebbal Anarchy “True friends stab you in the front”
  228. The Incorporated States of Kapitalidea Capitalizt “We Were Here First!”
  229. The Republic of The Silver Skull Liberal Democratic Socialists “Wag More, Bark Less”
  230. The Armed Republic of Knowwear in Youtopia Iron Fist Consumerists “Give pea… ummm… war a chance.”
  231. The Rogue Nation of Lancelia Compulsory Consumerist State “All hail Grand High Admiral Lance!”
  232. The Democratic People’s Republic of Free Somalian Llamas Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “If we screw it, they will come.”
  233. The Republic of Admia Democratic Socialists “Have a nice day”
  234. The Confederacy of Selzburg Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “Denken sie daren, die Revolution!”
  235. The Serene Republic of Lolpah Liberal Democratic Socialists “Most Serene”
  236. The Double Entendre of Architeuthis Deux Iron Fist Socialists “I’m with stupid.”
  237. The Federal Republic of Ziden Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “Rectum Non Bustus”
  238. The Republic of Nahris Liberal Democratic Socialists “Deny Not the Right”
  239. The General Area of Quextadalilia Left-wing Utopia “Peace unto Death”
  240. The People’s Republic of Tiarig Civil Rights Lovefest “Don’t worry, be happy”
  241. The Republic of The Kellogg Iron Fist Consumerists “We are one”
  242. The Republic of Democratic Republic Of Orangeville Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “The best road to progress is freedom’s road”
  243. The Empire of Inner Japan Civil Rights Lovefest “Inner is Better”
  244. The Republic of The Sacrilege Of Fatal Arms Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “Silver or lead. Or both.”
  245. The Commonwealth of Brycasia Liberal Democratic Socialists “Vivere in vena et prosperitatem”
  246. The Demarchy of Aerolan Left-wing Utopia “Eat Squash.”
  247. The Empire of Imperialist Roma Iron Fist Consumerists “The Senate and People of Rome”
  248. The Most Serene Republic of Labeija Democratic Socialists “Adepto usque respice anhela et eis manducare”
  249. The Free Land of Barcelona-Navarre Anarchy “Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die”
  250. The Weed-Choked Lawn of A mean old man Iron Fist Consumerists “Always fighting crime – especially youth-related.”
  251. The Totally Best and Free Nation of The Happy Civilians Corporate Police State “Perfectly Fine, Thank You…”
  252. The Most Serene Republic of Splawslandia Left-wing Utopia “Iustus servo natantibus”
  253. The Kingdom of Gundun Kibilu Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “Burun Khaizdu!”
  254. The Most Serene Republic of Safhaven Left-Leaning College State “La Belgique sera Latine”
  255. The Meritocracy of Gratisopolis Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “People are not equal”
  256. The Divided Republic of Generex Civil Rights Lovefest “Everyone wants something different, balance is peace.”
  257. The Armed Republic of West Oakland Anarchy “Last words are for fools who haven’t said enough”
  258. The Democratic Republic of Baiynistan Civil Rights Lovefest “Probitas, Curiositas, Humanitas, Fortitudo.”
  259. The Dominion of Philtrum Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “Small Beginnings, Big Endings.”
  260. The Free Land of Selenetica Democratic Socialists “A Nation to Protect Those Without”
  261. The Nomadic Peoples of Djinnia Civil Rights Lovefest “Derp”
  262. The Federal Republic of Shapoopii Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “Ferreus opus addo prosperitas”
  263. The Republic of House of Bigfoot New York Times Democracy “Let sleeping Elder Gods lie.”
  264. The Armed Free Republic States of Stdodnach Corporate Police State “For the Motherland!”
  265. The Theocracy of Enlightened humanism Democratic Socialists “Mindless worker is a happy worker”
  266. The Democratic Republic of Pzdypzdy Authoritarian Democracy “Crush the Weak”
  267. The Democratic States of Dytallix Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “A Noble Spirit Embiggens the Littlest Man”
  268. The Indifferent State of Tyanona Iron Fist Consumerists “What can’t happen can’t be said”
  269. The Republic of Tymenland Corporate Bordello “You never get more security by sacrificing liberty”
  270. The Federation of Allderrann Inoffensive Centrist Democracy "The mods say trolls are our friends. "
  271. The Republic of The Elizhan Distopia Left-Leaning College State “Speak softly, wield a fist of iron at your holster.”
  272. The Republic of Amitrius Civil Rights Lovefest “Δεν είναι κακό”
  273. The 26 of -------------------------- Compulsory Consumerist State “Or peacekeeping and diplomacy.”
  274. The Republic of Riebeltopia Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “Treat one as onto how you wish them to treat you.”
  275. The Holy Empire of Attacus Civil Rights Lovefest “We president now.”
  276. The Democratic Republic of The Bourbon Trail Left-wing Utopia “It tastes expensive … and is.”
  277. The Protectorate of Denabol Liberal Democratic Socialists “Faith in Life”
  278. The United Republic Federation of Bornnia Civil Rights Lovefest “Peace for all, War for the corrupted!”
  279. The Federal Republic of Barktopia Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “Baka baka woo woo”
  280. The Principality of Desudesia Iron Fist Consumerists “Twi~liiiight! I only meant to stay a while!”
  281. The Most Serene Republic of Xelossia Civil Rights Lovefest “We are the Ark… Yes THAT Ark”
  282. The Republic of Greater Eastland Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “Your blood shall make our land fertile again!”
  283. The Republic of Velayra Capitalist Paradise “.”
  284. The Republic of Doethineb Left-wing Utopia “Onward marching in wisdom to the land of the free.”
  285. The Grand Duchy of Jaggannath Islands Moralistic Democracy “Do what I say”
  286. The Republic of Deniva Psychotic Dictatorship “Without morals society is nothing”
  287. The Federation of Evil-Sizer Left-Leaning College State “Get-er-Done”
  288. The Confederacy of Azakhia Civil Rights Lovefest “Vigiles Oculi Draconis”
  289. The Republic of Guy Strider Father Knows Best State “Neda waley tanenos”
  290. The Republic of Aloes Democratic Socialists “Tout en equilibre”
  291. The Rogue Nation of Flangular Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “caek! Shut-up and eat it.”
  292. The Republic of GHawkins New York Times Democracy “Who dares wins”
  293. The Holy Empire of Masuvius Liberal Democratic Socialists “Yes Dear”
  294. The Community of Mythoughts Left-wing Utopia “One day we will.”
  295. The Republic of Guruda New York Times Democracy “For a Better, Safer Tomorrow”
  296. The Republic of Pdjuan Democratic Socialists “For free we live”
  297. The Empire of O Barrayar o Psychotic Dictatorship “Imperium, Honos et Officium”
  298. The Rogue Nation of Readrover Corrupt Dictatorship “Find the rubies.”
  299. The Republic of Trollingland Corporate Bordello “Freedom and liberty”
  300. The Democratic Republic of Slevia Civil Rights Lovefest “Treat others as one would like others to treat oneself.”
  301. The Commonwealth of Cranberry Scandinavian Liberal Paradise “.”
  302. The Armed Republic of Knights of Blood Democratic Socialists “Thou art what thy blade speaketh”
  303. The Federation of Traillopia Democratic Socialists “March to Victory!”
  304. The Democratic Republic of Ashrah New York Times Democracy “We are the country, the country is us”
  305. The Federation of The quantum source Capitalist Paradise “We must understand each other to bring peace”
  306. The Unified Technologies of Storm Corporation Compulsory Consumerist State “Life will be better.”
  307. The Queendom of JaimieAnn Democratic Socialists “:)”
  308. The Empire of Remnant 1 Father Knows Best State “Vivre Dans L’Nacht”
  309. The Constitutional Monarchy of Republique des Sept Iles Democratic Socialists “Sept, ni plus, ni moins !”
  310. The Holy Empire of Imm0rtal Kn0wledge Psychotic Dictatorship “There is no darkness. Only the absence of light.”
  311. The Colony of BensedinFTW Father Knows Best State “No mana no party”
  312. The Federated Communities of Canboria Left-wing Utopia “sicut unus vivimus”
  313. The Kingdom of Rizenbaul Civil Rights Lovefest “Prosper under guidance”
  314. The Rogue Nation of Sexy Alabia Civil Rights Lovefest “In vino veritas”
  315. The Federation of PratchettFanBoy Civil Rights Lovefest “Si non confectus, non reficiat.”
  316. The Confederacy of Pseudopoleis Father Knows Best State “Your advertisement could be here!”
  317. The Democratic Republic of Aardania New York Times Democracy “I Don’t Why’d You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello!”
  318. The Democratic Republic of Humboldthain Scandinavian Liberal Paradise “Freiheit, Gerechtigkeit und Brüderlichkeit”
  319. The Zombie Fighting of New Liberica Inoffensive Centrist Democracy "Amabit Sapiens, Cupient Caeteri "
  320. The Five Clans of Kel-Thuzad Corporate Police State “Never surrender”
  321. The Planetary Alliance of Terra-Opia Democratic Socialists "Explore the universe "
  322. The People’s Republic of Grebekstien Anarchy “May the rule of the people reign supreme”
  323. The Republic of Trumpetgirl1 Civil Rights Lovefest “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Fun”
  324. The Oligarchial Republic of Mourouland Anarchy “Non omnes qui vagantur pereunt”
  325. The Socialist Island States of The Pinder islands Liberal Democratic Socialists "From our Independence comes our Equality "
  326. The Community of Toastedmonkainia Civil Rights Lovefest “It was like that when we got here”
  327. The Community of Whifflers Left-wing Utopia “Hamsters forever!”
  328. The Republic of 33414 Left-Leaning College State “Knowledge is power”
  329. The Queendom of Alansguard Iron Fist Consumerists “Qui nos opponere vertetur in cineres”
  330. The Commonwealth of Tir Na Morrigan Left-wing Utopia “Go away.”
  331. The Republic of Namarria Left-wing Utopia “Until the stars will shine, everything will be fine!”
  332. The Republic of Sofia Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “Witweew”
  333. The Psychotic of Heavy Duty Lifting Father Knows Best State “Duty. Honor. Family.”
  334. The Grand Duchy of Tobleronestan Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “You going to finish that?”
  335. The Kingdom of Northern Rims Iron Fist Consumerists “Regnum Aleron Patrona Aquilonis”
  336. The Republic of Cousin Sven Democratic Socialists “CAEK!”
  337. The Republic of Island of Poor Judgement Capitalizt “Trust me. It’s a good idea.”
  338. The Republic of THE UNITED REPUBLIC OF DOJO Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “Veni, vidi, vici”
  339. The People’s Republic of Mineristan Corrupt Dictatorship “Miners of the world, unite”
  340. The Allied States of The Republic of Cybran New York Times Democracy “One Nation. One Cause. One Destiny!”
  341. The Confederate States of Chemistreak Compulsory Consumerist State “Peace Through Superior Firepower”
  342. The Queendom of The Fortress City of Tokyo 3 Iron Fist Consumerists “For the Honour of the Queen!”
  343. The Nomadic Peoples of Iggy Corporate Police State “E plurbis Iggy”
  344. The Allied States of Asterfield Liberal Democratic Socialists “Beaten and battered but never broken”
  345. The People’s Republic of Edithzia Scandinavian Liberal Paradise “Patria, Virtus et Victoria”
  346. The Constitutional Monarchy of Utopya Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “Forward”
  347. The Monarchial Republic of Acrotasia Corporate Bordello “Out of all we stand, together we prevail”
  348. The Queendom of Totalwintopia Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “Post hoc ergo propter hoc”
  349. The People’s Republic of Fidlerville Democratic Socialists “In Stalin we trust”
  350. The Borderlands of Methlar Civil Rights Lovefest “Burn it down and start all over”
  351. The United Socialist States of The Greater German People Liberal Democratic Socialists “Über alles en der Welt”
  352. The Empire of Northcanadia Capitalist Paradise “darn that gravity”
  353. The Federal Republic of Eteno Imperial Triumvirate Democratic Socialists “A Candle in a Galaxy of Darkness”
  354. The Dictatorship of Convair Iron Fist Consumerists “Be Strong”
  355. The Incorporated States of Wayland-Trust Capitalist Paradise “Beneficium accipere libertatem est vende”
  356. The Holy White Dictatorship of Black is tan Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “Freedom is for humans”
  357. The Free Land of UltimoMad Left-Leaning College State “1”
  358. The Principality of Zezzania Capitalizt “We take what we need… Then some more…”
  359. The Kingdom of Corona d Arago Civil Rights Lovefest “Som i Serem”
  360. The Democratic Republic of Southern Arkhazia Democratic Socialists “Luna vigilat super nos”
  361. The Federation of Allied Terrans Civil Rights Lovefest “Ex Sciencia, Libertas”
  362. The Free Land of Incredible lightness New York Times Democracy “Life is to Live”
  363. The Kingdom of Thule Father Knows Best State “Courage grows at the wound”
  364. The United Socialist States of Emile Zola Scandinavian Liberal Paradise “J’accuse”
  365. The Constitutional Monarchy of Midvegr Liberal Democratic Socialists “All roads lead to Rome, except for the middle path.”
  366. The The Holy Empire of Tenerium Father Knows Best State “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”
  367. The Community of Enlightened Ones of South Africa Democratic Socialists “Let us Enlighten”
  368. The Holy Empire of Elfanimism Democratic Socialists “Bondage and Unicorns for all”
  369. The Emirate of United KKK Emirates Father Knows Best State “Whited we stand, black we fall”
  370. The Federal Republic of Aetheron Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “The Broken, Consolidated”
  371. The Republic of Chroel Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “Respect Your Elders”
  372. The Free Land of Dai-Lagann Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “Who the hell do you think we are?!”
  373. The Rogue Nation of GrandMolaria Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “We are moles”
  374. The Free Land of Celanio New York Times Democracy “Life’s what happens when you’re busy making other plans”
  375. The Federal Republic of Fenderheadstock Civil Rights Lovefest “Good Music Good Times”
  376. The Empire of Estmar Corrupt Dictatorship “The only beautiful things in life ar order and symmetry”
  377. The Republic of Zymurgania Capitalist Paradise “Better Living Through Fermentation”
  378. The Federation of Kiatala Iron Fist Consumerists “For Humankind, now and forever”
  379. The Triumvirate of Enerium Capitalist Paradise “Praise be to Yevon”
  380. The Free Land of Boreacules Liberal Democratic Socialists “Winter…is nigh.”
  381. The Dominion of The Supreme German Reich Corporate Police State “Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer”
  382. The Community of Kallipygistan Left-Leaning College State “The world stands behind us”
  383. The Republic of Trethysin New York Times Democracy “Freedom is not free.”
  384. The Republic of Xenerium New York Times Democracy “Praise be to Yevon.”
  385. The Holy Empire of Clay Arsenal Democratic Socialists "Fortiter in re, suaviter in modo "
  386. The Free Land of Of the red hand Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “Time to toss the dice”
  387. The Awesome and Mighty Kingdom of Mighty Asgard Capitalizt “For Odin and Valhalla!”
  388. The Odawa Tribe of Outaouac New York Times Democracy “Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn”
  389. The Most Serene Republic of Lemuralia Civil Rights Lovefest “Never blink.”
  390. The Armed Republic of Jinlon Corporate Police State “I Moustache you a question, but I’ll shave it for later”
  391. The Republic of Eltland Democratic Socialists “Be nice.”
  392. The Grand Duchy of Tuama Liberal Democratic Socialists “Freedom for the Just”
  393. The Kingdom of The-Peoples-Champion Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “Can you smell what the government is coooking?”
  394. The People’s Republic of BurgerTown Left-wing Utopia “What happens between the buns, stays between the buns.”
  395. The Counsul of Pariah Democratic Socialists “For the people”
  396. The Federation of Leave Us All Alone Anarchy “You’re free to bugger off and leave us be.”
  397. The Kingdom of Duchy of Personal Freedoms Father Knows Best State “If it quacks like a duck…”
  398. The Free Land of Danule Liberal Democratic Socialists “Just cause you feel it, doesn’t mean it’s there.”
  399. The Republic of Baldie55 Psychotic Dictatorship “If it moves shoot it, if it dont shoot it anyway”
  400. The Stars of The Porn Industry New York Times Democracy “Not now, I’m busy!”
  401. The Republic of Chattahoochee New York Times Democracy “Like your country’s so great.”
  402. The Empire of Akaterinha Father Knows Best State “Dragons for breakfast every day!”
  403. The Queendom of Darkholme Scandinavian Liberal Paradise “TAKE IT BOY”
  404. The Empire of Giovenith Liberal Democratic Socialists “With Grace as Sharp as Blade”
  405. The Theocracy of Nom De Plume Psychotic Dictatorship “The Best Is Yet To Be”
  406. The Dominion of Sanctoria Authoritarian Democracy “Tax ALL the things!”
  407. The Republic of Duracell Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “Powering the World”
  408. The Community of Glendale Grove Civil Rights Lovefest “Reasonably reasonable.”
  409. The People’s Republic of Elduria Left-Leaning College State “Ensiferus”
  410. The United Socialist States of The Empire of Mereth Father Knows Best State “Long live The Union”
  411. The Empire of Niamhtopia Liberal Democratic Socialists “I WANT CHEESECAKE SAYS GLORIOUS LEADER”
  412. The Unified City-States of Etheas Scandinavian Liberal Paradise “Immortalis via Nomen”
  413. The Armed Republic of Galactic Liberation Front New York Times Democracy “No”
  414. The Sultanate of Tano Father Knows Best State “Mea tantum hostium est mihi.”
  415. The Theocracy of Rafja Father Knows Best State “Freedom through Bondage”
  416. The United Socialist States of Riit Liberal Democratic Socialists “Selective Tolerance”
  417. The People’s Republic of Purple with Stripes New York Times Democracy “In fairness…mad heroin parties!”
  418. The Incorporated States of MagnaCorp Father Knows Best State “Knowledge, Strength, Industry”
  419. The Republic of Iaiunis Democratic Socialists “Vältä mitä voit, tappaa, mitä ei voi.”
  420. The Free Land of Wavsni Capitalist Paradise “Whatever it takes”
  421. The Democratic and People’s Rep of Anticountriopia Corporate Police State “Our country is better than our old one”
  422. The Commonwealth of New kensington New York Times Democracy “no worries- we’re good”
  423. The Community of Les Zigotos Compulsory Consumerist State “Zig And Zag”
  424. The United States of Pikminian New York Times Democracy “For the common good”
  425. The Kingdom of Ragulaan Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “Seek the strength inside”
  426. The Democratic Republic of North Canadia Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “Sorry, Aye.”
  427. The People’s Republic of TotallyFrikkinAwesome Civil Rights Lovefest “We can dance if we want to”
  428. The Empire of Mydnight New York Times Democracy “Sunt qui creasti et qui delere.”
  429. The Republic of Karak Corrupt Dictatorship “Unis dans la diversité”
  430. The HOLY EMPIRE of DOISIC Compulsory Consumerist State “I ASK ONLY THAT YOU KNOW”
  431. The Constitutional Monarchy of Arduina Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “It’s all good, It’s ALLL good”
  432. The Federal Republic of Dshingis Father Knows Best State “The hungrier you get, the tastier the meat.”
  433. The Dominion of Akrutia Psychotic Dictatorship “Fight If You Can, Survive If We Let You”
  434. The Republic of Ill-Borne Ideas Left-wing Utopia “Have a great day, eh?”
  435. The Republic of The Tigger Psychotic Dictatorship “The wonderful thing about Tiggers is I’m the only one!”
  436. The Armed Republic of Squid Ruinosa Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “¡We want, we have!”
  437. The Kingdom of Pendor Father Knows Best State “The die has been cast.”
  438. The Empire of Awkwarlandia Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “Forget the norm.”
  439. The Federal Republic of Shinchin Capitalist Paradise “Alea Iacta Est”
  440. The Kingdom of Nikolaitown Moralistic Democracy “Summer will come!”
  441. The Federal Republic of Hiokiri Corrupt Dictatorship “Obey”
  442. The Empire of The Terrestrial Bureaucracy Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “All Under Heaven”
  443. The Empire of The United State of Apa Iron Fist Consumerists “See all. Control all.”
  444. The Borderlands of Jiali Democratic Socialists “Health is not adaptation to a sick society”
  445. The Community of Fishie Island New York Times Democracy “Of the sea, to the heavens”
  446. The Empire of New Soviet Prussia Father Knows Best State “Kill or be killed”
  447. The Free Land of Glope Capitalist Paradise “The Game”
  448. The Empire of SDSDFSDF Left-Leaning College State “Give thy neighbor a banana”
  449. The Commonwealth of The Fifteen Rivers of Atlantis Civil Rights Lovefest “Peace, freedom, tolerance.”
  450. The Matriarchy of Ibsen Compulsory Consumerist State “Don’t Serve the Devil”
  451. The Oppressed Peoples of Harshus in Extremeis Iron Fist Consumerists “Victory is Life, Life is the Party. Hail Victory!”
  452. The Jingoistic States of Patrioticus Imperialus Left-Leaning College State “Man cannot create Gods, that is true Blasphemy”
  453. The United States of Old People Liberal Democratic Socialists “Get out of the way you whippersnappers!”
  454. The Dictatorship of Brotherhood of nod Corporate Police State “Peace through Power”
  455. The Constitutional Monarchy of Francinium Capitalist Paradise “Never ever give up”
  456. The Republic of East Unibot Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “Paradise Found”
  457. The Republic of Kuronia Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “Beer is culture.”
  458. The Kingdom of II_Atlantis_II Corrupt Dictatorship “We are all part of god, We are all connected”
  459. The Empire of The Frozen Reaches Corporate Police State “WAAAGH!”
  460. The United States of Former Eastern America Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “Hand in hand, forever”
  461. The Most Serene Republic of Purpose Civil Rights Lovefest “Wheresoever you may throw it…”
  462. The Holy Empire of Lanancurasia Psychotic Dictatorship “Inequality is progress in its absolute form”
  463. The Federation of Dotcom Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “Peace through strength.”
  464. The Armed Republic of Thump Kingdom Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “Never Say Die”
  465. The Democratic Republic of TreyJac Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “For the good of the country”
  466. The People’s Grand Armed Union of Shakistan Scandinavian Liberal Paradise “Vinco Vici Victum”
  467. The Great Socialist Jamahiriya of Masentur Iron Fist Consumerists “If you glorify Allah, Allah will glorify you”
  468. The People’s Union of St Libro Iron Fist Consumerists “Fidem, Militum, Adfectio”
  469. The Armed Republic of Foroha Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “Here we prosper”
  470. The Community of Glasnost Left-wing Utopia “You can not ram RAM into RAM slot, OKAY?”
  471. The Sultanate of I hate America Corporate Police State “America pls go down”
  472. The Patriarchate of Greater Masuria Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “None as of yet”
  473. The Kingdom of Ragunthar Liberal Democratic Socialists “Working and ruling for God’s sake”
  474. The Most Serene Republic of Nurmsalu Liberal Democratic Socialists “Just love eachother”
  475. The Queendom of JPM Mother Knows Best State “Help us, to help you.”
  476. The Protectorate of Andorea Democratic Socialists “Peace without retribution is hollow”
  477. The Empire of Yuropeo Left-Leaning College State “Wait, what?”
  478. The Incorporated States of Quarantino Corporate Police State “Ex multa, morbo”
  479. The Colony of Yneri Iron Fist Consumerists “From chaos springs order.”
  480. The Rogue Nation of Veigar Land Corrupt Dictatorship “Your soul will come to serve me”
  481. The Empire of Laurenstopia Liberal Democratic Socialists “It’s all fun and games untill somebody gets nuked!”
  482. The Fnatic Loving People of FinWinland Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “VITTU PERKELE SAATANA”
  483. The United Kingdom of Adenn Corrupt Dictatorship “Mercy is for the Misguided!”
  484. The Dictatorship of Ukral Iron Fist Consumerists “Necessary Measures Always Implemented”
  485. The Allied States of Kullaberg Capitalist Paradise “There Is No I, In Team”
  486. The Beast Born Nation of DRJagon Father Knows Best State “Do wrong and be thrown to the beast.”
  487. The Commonwealth of State of Sanctimony Left-wing Utopia “You can’t win”
  488. The Empire of Pellai Father Knows Best State “Animis Opibusque Parati”
  489. The Rogue Nation of SonaNil Democratic Socialists “Nothing is True, Everything is permissable”
  490. The Empire of Eden-Osiris Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “As it harms none, do as thou will.”
  491. The Binational Solution of Pal-Israel Authoritarian Democracy “If you will it, it is not a dream!”
  492. The Kingdom of Athens Federation Corrupt Dictatorship “Knowledge is power, guard it well”
  493. The Rogue Nation of Alanja Democratic Socialists “Truth, Peace, Justice”
  494. The Republic of Oom Pah Pah Oom Pah Pah Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “Fair to middlin, mister.”
  495. The Commonwealth of Arcanadia Left-wing Utopia “We’re here for you, Nous sommes là pour vous”
  496. The General Union of Standard Industrial Combined States Compulsory Consumerist State “Death is only the beginning of your suffering”
  497. The Mythical Distant Lands of Further Away Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “Cry (Just A Little)”
  498. The Theocracy of JuWaLand Inoffensive Centrist Democracy “JuWaLand or Die”
  499. The Oppressed Peoples of Happybeam Scandinavian Liberal Paradise “Herpin’ Derpin’ all day”
  500. The Federal Republic of Temperion Liberal Democratic Socialists “Forward together, or not at all.”

Bai Lung is ranked 2,301st in the world and 86th in The East Pacific for Most Influential.

Bai Lung is ranked 2,226th in the world and 87th in The East Pacific for Most Influential.

Bai Lung is ranked 2,169th in the world and 86th in The East Pacific for Most Influential,

Bai Lung is ranked 2,182nd in the world and 85th in The East Pacific for Most Influential.