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The following is a transcript. The original audio was aired live on January 5th, 2023. The reporter was investigative journalist Rajiiya Zaman. Please enjoy.

Zaman: Welcome back to the Mukarras Speaker, the news station out of Mukarras that brings news about Aldaar to the people here and everywhere else. In breaking news, Mutadiit Yufraan Abd’ildarra has made the landmark decision to reopen the country to foreign interaction, a move hailed by Kauda Advisor Azniv Haviiz. Haviiz was a major foreign investor from Aldaar before the revolution, and she became the Kauda Advisor in a close election where she managed to barely eke out a win with 55% of the Kauda vote due to concerns about her potential past connections with Golden Oil International, the company that held the former Mukarras Republic in an economic, cultural, and in some cases martial stranglehold. Still, her knowledge of economics and ties with foreign governments were enough to earn her the win. In order to ensure everybody is aware of the impacts of the reopening of Aldaar, we invited Azniv Haviiz here to speak with us. Ms. Haviiz, how are you?
Haviiz: Doing quite well, thank you. And please, just call me Azniv.
Zaman: Noted. For our first question, what was the underlying thought process behind the decision to reopen Aldaar?
Haviiz: The modern world, in our global age, is based off of connections - who you know and how you know them. The goal of the Mutadiit is to grow Aldaar into a strong state that can defend all of the people of the Anabat, and in order to do that, we must build trust with other nations. Historically, we may have been extremely isolationist with everybody but Sayyed, but it is that isolationism that I believe - and the Mutadiit believes - led to our current situation.
Zaman: And what of your competitors’ arguments that opening Aldaar up will lead to our politics and culture being influenced by foreign actors?
Haviiz: Our state has always been influenced by foreign actors, whether they knew it or not. Every time they sent an exile to die in the wastes was a time that our culture shifted slightly. Aldaar is a nation of a thousand cultures, and instead of halting it, we should embrace it and use our position to create a space for all people. Aldaar is the state of change; there is no use clinging to the past.
Zaman: Thank you, Azniv. And last question: what is your response to those who call for your removal due to connections with G.O.I.?
Haviiz: I admit that for a time, I did work with our enemy. I could say I wanted to destroy them from the inside, but in truth, I was tired of poverty. But as soon as I heard of Yufraan’s revolution, I sabotaged their computer systems and left to join the march. I know I have done things in the past that have hurt some, maybe many, of our people. Which is why I’m here now, trying to correct my transgressions. I hope the people can find it in their heart to remember the Second Tenet and forgive me, so I can continue to serve them.
Zaman: A true story of Aldaari excellence. Well, the link to Aldaar’s official embassy site can be found below. We go now to more in politics: The oil issue. I’ve been Rajiiya Zaman, and this was the Mukarras Speaker.

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