The Official DEN History Book

Written by General Powell.


[Stumbles into club rolling a beer keg, a snorkel and the first-run edition of The Official DEN History Book. Sets tap on keg, strategically positions snorkel and begins reading aloud]

Because I have been asked this question [again,] I will post the answer for those concerned.

DEN began on February 27, 2004. The events leading to the formation of DEN are posted in the region of Minnesota II.

That, however, is only the public history of DEN. There is one player chiefly responsible for the creation of DEN as an organization back on February 27th. That player is ASGARN, formerly of raider organization Hades/Diablos.

During the Solarius-Hades/Diablos war back in 2003-2004, the nation of Shinkage Makoto was the field commander of the raider organization. Most, if not all of the older raiders are aware of this. What only a few players know, however, is that Asgarn was the true brains of the Hades/Diablos operation. He was, at that time, the most feared raider strategist in the game. We in Solarius know this, and had our intelligence organization (the SIS) work overtime infiltrating Hades/Diablos. We did this, in part, to learn how Asgarn was developing the successful tactics used by Hades/Diablos all over the NS globe. While the SIS was able to thrawt several Hades/Diablos raids, we were unable to prevent the takeover of Solarius’ central region of Solarius Prime. It was this event which led me to push for a more active, offensive role for the Army of Solarius, and to eventually violate Solarian law by engaging in stealth offensive operations in neutral regions. We did this to train the Army to go after Hades/Diablos aggressively.

The rest of the history you know. But for Asgarn’s successful tactical raid on Solarius Prime, DEN would never have been born [I would still very likely be a *cough* defender in the democratic region of Solarius, as this was my first home in NationStates.] That did not occur, of course, and I founded DEN after being rebuked by the Senate.

It is for this reason that I credit Asgarn as the principle player behind the creation of DEN. If you need more specifics, you may contact either of our nations for the details of the Solarius-Hades/Diablos war.

Greetings and best wishes for a happy and safe holiday season, old friend. This, of course, is General Powell. I wanted to contact you following our MSN Messenger conversation regarding the history of DEN that you requested. I apologize for the delay in getting this information to you.

DEN is the brainchild and inevitable development of what began as the Army of Solarius; a democratic region which at one time held an army of more than 200 UN-member soldiers. If it helps you any, both ODDinary and New Dnuoser (current DEN members) were officers in the Army of Solarius, and can confirm much of what I am about to tell you.

Solarius was once among the most powerful regions in NationStates. Through my principal nation of New Florence Marie (which served as Delegate to Solarius for a time,) Solarius grew from dying region of less than 20 nations to a powerhouse of more than 300. These nations were organized in a central region (Solarius Prime) of about 100 nations, and ten Solarian Army Camps containing approximately 25 troops each. Each of these Army Camps were commanded by a Solarian Colonel, and served under the command of a Solarian General and the Solarian Senate. This army was defensive in nature, and helped defend many regions throughout NS from invasions (check with Asgarn regarding Solarius’ war with invader region Hades/Diablos.)

After Solarius Prime fell to Diablos, I pushed to have the Army adopt a more offensive role in NS. My nation served to field, recruit and train the Army, and as a Senator I held a central role in discussing the formation of the Army (I planned and organized the Army Camp structure. You may contact the nation of New Hepzibah in the region of Phoenecia for more on this.) I secretly had two of the Army Camps conduct offensive operations in the region of Mount Arden. This action met with rather severe criticism in the Solarian Senate (as I did not receive prior approval for a mission which violated the Solarian Constitution.) After being rebuked by the Senate, I left Solarius and formed raider region DEN. This occurred on February 27, 2004.

Most of the history of DEN you know, old friend. I learned a great deal through my experience with the Army of Solarius, and by watching raider region Hades/Diablos during the war. DEN was organized in many ways to avoid the pitfalls of both the Army of Solarius and Hades/Diablos; the result being a system of rotating leadership of the commanding nation, sharing of leadership opportunities among platoon leaders, and the strategic use of media to promote the organization (thus the birth of what I believe has become the model for publicity in NS: DEN Media Affairs Department. Every major raider and defender organization now has a media department. Ironic, isn’t it?)

DEN’s first victory occurred in the region of 2 Miles Past Nowhere (not Furry, as has been widely reported. Furry was our second victory.) The responding defender organizations included the RRA and TITO. This operation was the beginning of the feud between DEN and 10K, in as much as TITO was highly-critical of our growing organization during the raid. The relationship between DEN and TITO has soured ever since, and became all-out war following Founder Grub’s deletion at the hands of GEN Martian City-States and the DEN Intelligence Service. 10K is DEN’s sworn enemy region, and will continue to be such in the foreseeable future.

DEN’s closet ally is the former region of A Better Colonial Ambition (now part of Invaders,) under the command of Southern States and General The Heights. Much of DEN’s early success is owing to the combined operations of DEN and ABCA. DEN and ABCA helped form and organize the Global Summit on Raiderplay and Defensive Operations during the summer of 2004, and helped to foster a more professional working relationship among raider organizations and defender groups (with the notable exception of TITO.) On a side not, Founder Grub’s latest “idea” regarding raiderplay is actually a derivative of an idea discussed during the Global Summit; and idea which TITO rejected (contact Steelerfan about this.)

Finally, DEN has gone through several leadership changes and movements through several operations bases (DEN, DEN II, The DEN and The DEN HQ.) This is consistent with the principle underlying DEN’s formation: A flexible raider organization capable of striking from any location under the command of several leader nations. So far, DEN has lived up to everything I envisioned since February 27, 2004. I honestly believe you guys will take DEN to even higher heights, and bring the prophecy in the WFE to life:

History will record the DEN as the most notorius, well-organized and well-disciplined raider army ever to grace the battlefield.

Best of continuing success, my dear friend. Remember to contact the nations I identified for more complete picture on DEN’s origin (New Hepzibah in the region of Phoenecia, ODDinary and New Dnusoer in The DEN HQ, and Asgarn in The DEN.) Please let me know (either here, or in MSN Messenger) if you need additional information.