The Organization

The Organization:

The Organization is a group of mad scientists and soldiers who suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Their goal seems to be to overthrow the nations of the world and established a new world order run by them, and one where science and technology are law. The Organization has decided to start with the East Pacific Region first. It is unknown why they have targeted the East Pacific, but it is known that their prescene will not be welcomed by the nations of the region. The Organization is well-funded and well-armed, thanks to its hundred of dummy corporations and companies that produce weapons and equipment. These weapons find their way into the hands of thugs and terrorists who then use them to wreck havoc and chaos on their targets. The Organization doesn’t care if people get hurt, they are only interested in seeing how their inventions perform, as well as getting money.

The Organization is run by the Command Board of Directors, who obey the Grand Senior Technologist. However, there is a rumor that someone else runs the Organization, and is only referred to as ‘That Commander.’

To learn more of the weapons and equipment of the Organization, check this site out:

Yep. I modeled a lot of their technology on the Replica Forces from the FEAR video game series.

The Organization’s soldiers are very intelligent and are extremely dangerous (think of a cross between Delta Force, SAS, and the Navy SEALs).

The Organization is highly disciplined.

One can usually spot members of the Organization by the fact that all members of the Organization wear helmets with glowing eyes, and these helmets are usually more than two, giving an Organization member an eerie and frightening appearance.