The President goes on a tour

Yes, basicly it is what the title says. One of you (unfortunately I don’t know who) tried this. I’m just basicly revive the idea.

The President of Lazlowia, Lazlow, will visit those countries, who apply here, exchangeing the usual polite nonsenses, and bringing some life into the Land of the Dead A.K.A. the RP Forum.

So who’s in?


If it’s not too late, the Lazlowian president can drop in for a visit as well.

Same thing for the Republic-Khanates of Dovakhan if you’re willing :stuck_out_tongue:

same here!

OK, then Dannistaan first, Dovakhan second and Welshlend third.

It’s already been established that the President wouldn’t see it feasible/a good move to give a visit to the newly established Warreic government.

He could visit Kandarin, but I can’t imagine why he’d want to.