The Red Star

15th September 2020
9:23 AM Arcutrian Standard Time
Location Unknown

“Isn’t it about high time we come out now? The Arcturian revolution can’t wait forever, others have already risen up.” A man asked, he was sitting at a table with four other men, one of which was Edward Fransisco, an infamous man in Rufuinan and Puntalian security, listed as the man who was most likely to have broken out the communist prisoners at the underground prison known as ‘facility two’.

“We still have to wait comrade, once we have our men in position in Western Puntalia we’ll need to lay low for a month or two, the Western Puntalia and their UCA overlords will be praying to what ever fictitious gods they pray to that we or anyone else would be using their… what did they call it?” Edward raised a brow after he finished speaking looking to his fellow communists in the room.

“The relocation act, it’s supposed to last for another few months at least, gives us ample time to smuggle in what we can.” A man leaning back on his seat with his arms crossed said toward Edward, seemingly in a more relaxed mood than his comrades.

“Of course… their ‘relocation act’, this sign of weakness shall be the means to incite revolution in Western Puntalia, smuggle in our people, our guns, our explosives, everything, they’ll pray we’ll make an obvious move under this ‘relocation act’, but they won’t even see us coming until it’s too late.” Edward said a grin developing on his face as he stood up to point at the map of the border between East and West Puntalia. “Glory shall come soon comrades, within this year I promise you such.”

“Mmhm… and what about Norgsveldt and Rufuina?” The man still leaning in his chair asked with a raised brow, seemingly a tad cynical of Edward’s staunch look on how successful their revolution shall be, this man was Terrance Carlton, a great organiser for the Red Star army and a supporter of communism world wide, however his fellow comrades have always looked to Carlton as a pessimist, whilst Terrance saw himself as a realist as he understood that a successful revolution didn’t just require only rhetoric and that many other factors were at play.

“What about them Terrance?” Edward asked his bravado and rhetoric in his usual confident manner changing to an almost challenging stare down with Carlton, the others in the conference room looking nervously to each other or simply observing this slowly building face off between the two communists.

“Well I don’t mean to stop your speeches I love a good speech but eh…” Terrance inhaled sharply and looked to the side for a moment as if to give off that he was despite Edward’s challenging mood still in control of himself by taking the situation rather casually. “Those two aren’t exactly just going to take this sitting down, kudos to you and finding all those prisoners but they won’t be worth much if we hurl them at the two Puntalia’s, Rufuina obviously isn’t going to allow a communist insurgency on their turf, and Norsgevdelt is going to want to put on a good show that they and their allied nations are determined to stop us.”

Edward smirked and gave a small scoff as he sat himself back down on the table. “I assure you I’m not taking a standard warfare look to this situation mister Carlton, what we’ll be needing, is to spread fear to our enemies and to win the admiration of the people with our soldiers, we will be the sword of the Puntalian people, we will carry out their cries and demands through any means we can as their liberation army.”

“Oh yeah?” Carlton said casually nodding to Edward as if he didn’t take what he said very seriously. “What’s your first aim in carrying out the ‘will of the people’?” He asked as he even then proceeded to place his boots upon the table and listened to what he had to say.

“We’ll be looking into it… but for now we need to put ourselves in a position to attack before we do anything, continue with proceeding with the current plan, get our people in to where they need to be, set up our networks, smuggle in the equipment we need and then we can talk about the means of attack.” Edward said firmly before standing up and walking and offering his hand to Carlton, Carlton raised a brow at the offered hand but he too after a small bit of consideration got up to shake Edward’s hand back.